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Beautiful Bavarian Stitch Ideas

When researching the theme for my previous article titled Fantastic Harlequin Stitch Ideas, I’ve found this amazing stitch, which is called Bavarian Stitch. It’s known under this name, or associated with famous Wool-Eater Blanket pattern, as well as often confused with Catherine’s Wheel Stitch.
To see how it’s made, I went on a hunt for the best video tutorial, and I stumbled upon great one by Kristi Simpson for Its clear step-by-step instructions were enough for me to grasp the basics of this fantastic stitch, so I recommend you taking a look!

Bavarian Crochet Stitch Free Tutorial

fun to make and versatile

This technique creates beautiful structural surface on one side, and interesting pattern on the other. It’s mostly used to make baby blankets, dishcloths, pillows and other home accessories, but it definitely can be applied to many different projects.


You can use any kind of yarn and corresponding hook size for this project, because the gauge is not important here. Just remember that the thickness of the yarn will affect the size and density of your work.

Bavarian Crochet Stitch Free Tutorial

This easy to learn stitch is worked from the inside out. You start out with magic loop and proceed to work in rounds. This stitch includes chain stitches, slip stitch and other basic techniques. It’s mostly based on treble crochet stitches, which are increased and decreased to create these lovely clusters. In addition, using back post stitches create structural border for each rosette.

Check out full video tutorial here, or get a written pattern here.

talking about stitches…

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crochet roundup!

Today’s theme is Bavarian Stitch, and there is plenty of amazing work online, let me tell ya! Potholders, pillows, blankets… Many designs use this stitch in rows or rounds, so I gathered them for you to try. Explore these ideas to grab some free patterns and get inspired!

The Wool Eater Blanket Versions

The Wool Eater Blanket Version by Catherine Richardson

Crocheter and knitter Catherine found the fun in making colorful bavarian stitch squares, and I know why! Seeing them growing and changing the colors can be a true pleasure, especially if you plan on joining them together to make a stunning blanket! Take a look at the photos below to see how lovely these squares are.

This is a version of a free pattern called The Wool-Eater Blanket by Sarah London, available on and on

Tie-Dye Blanket / The Wool Eater Blanket Version by pjpcpa11

It’s totally up to you how to use colors with bavarian stitch, but remember that it can produce very different results! Take a look at the project by pjpcpa11 and notice that the colors create straight lines. See? That’s because you need two rows to create one “block”, so if you change the color in the middle, the line will be straight.

This is a version of a free pattern called The Wool-Eater Blanket by Sarah London, available on and on

Wool-Eater Square Throw by knotLGD

As I’ve recently mentioned in my article about choosing the right colors for projects, dividing the colors with white is a great idea. In this case, as you can see, it creates even more intersting effects, because the post stitches are different colors.

This is a version of a free pattern called The Wool-Eater Blanket by Sarah London, available on and on

Kaleidoscope Sunset / The Wool Eater Blanket Version by SamPixieDot

Now let’s talk about showpieces, because this one is definitely an eye-catcher! SampixieDot not only used a bavarian stitch to create large squares, but also planned the colors meticulously. As you can see in the photo, the flow from one dark corner to another is beautifully visible when blanket lays flat on the king-sized bed. Classy!

crochet bedspread in deep colors

This blanket is based on a free pattern for The Wool-Eater Blanket.

Lorelei Wool Eater Afghan / The Wool Eater Blanket Version by BreezyTree

Let’s dive deep into the ocean, shall we? Colors in this blanket flow as if someone threw a stone in the middle, rising foamy waves. Stark contrast between deep blue and white is beautifully balanced by the rest of the colors, which bridge the two perfectly. As you can see below, BreezyTree created a lovely unisex baby blanket.

blue and white crochet square

This blanket is based on a free pattern for The Wool-Eater Blanket.

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The Wool Eater Blanket Version by 7lilsheep

Good palette is half of the success, and you can see it in the work of crocheter behind 7lilsheep. Bavarian stitch blankets do not differ much in construction, as the stitch is very decorative itself, but there is a lot of room for experiments when it comes to colors. Green palettes seem quite hard to get right to me, so I’m very impressed by the blanket you can see in the photos.

green colors blanket on white background

This blanket is based on a free pattern for The Wool-Eater Blanket.

Ombre Wooleater / The Wool Eater Blanket Version by ashmacqueen

Several shades of pink, neutrals and blue create a very nice, graphic combination. These colors are timeless and go very well together, because you can achieve subtle color changes between them, as well as play with contrasts if you want to. Ashmacqueen did a great job, by creating layers of colors. Take a look at the photos and get inspired!

little pink square and yarns

This blanket is based on a free pattern for The Wool-Eater Blanket.

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The Wool Eater Blanket Version by Jo Avery

I’m a big fan of this bavarian stitch blanket by Jo Avery, because it’s playful and fun! Sometimes crocheters go overboard with their color palettes, but here all of the hues are on their right places. Darker accents make the pattern nicely visible, so that the construction plays a big role in final effect. See below how nicely these squares are joined together – with a stitch so similar to the main motif, it’s almost unrecognizable.

graphic blanket of squares

This blanket is based on a free pattern for The Wool-Eater Blanket.

Clare’s Wool Eater Blanket by thornberry

This lovely version by Thornberry, which you can see in the pictures, is a great example of subtle color flow. You can achieve it by using multicolored yarn, or by switching colors in every other row. It’s tricky, though, because you need to plan in advance in order to create such beautiful color palette.

 Clare's Wool Eater Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely colorful design is based on well-known free pattern for Wool-Eater Blanket pattern.

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Other Bavarian Stitch Blankets

Bavarian Buster Blanket by Esther Dijkstra
*free crochet pattern*

Esther is a master crocheter, so you can be sure that her patterns are of the highest quality. The one you see below features textured squares that are perfect for scrap busting, so if you’ve got yarn ends lying around, don’t waste any more time!

Find this free pattern on, or read more about it on

Bavarian Stitch Blanket by Tatiana Komarova

Now this is a true gem! I almost gasped when I’ve found this beautiful blanket by Tatiana Komarova, because I couldn’t believe that what I’m looking at is actually a bavarian stitch. This lacy beauty looks nothing like its worsted weight siblings, and it’s especially stunning in off-white. The secret lays in using the thread – just look at the top photo, how lightweight it is! Bottom photo features a variation with tiny bobbles – isn’t it cute, too?

white lacy crochet blanket

Bavarian Stitch Blanket by Yarn Blossom Boutique

If you like modern designs, you will like this colorway by Yarn Blossom Boutique, because it’s fun and plays with contrasts. Shades of blue and white are used interchangeably, which makes it look very interesting. This is a perfect project for a modern nursery, so take a look below and get inspired!

Bavarian Stitch Blanket by Yarn Blossom Boutique

To make such beautiful blanket, try one of many free tutorials, or head to Yarn Blossom Boutique’s Etsy shop for this pattern.

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Bavarian Stitch Blanket by Little Cosy Things

This project will bring a smile on everyone’s faces, because it’s sweet as a bag of rainbow candies! It’s a perfect idea for a cheerful baby blanket, so don’t wait and try it. Crocheter behind Little Cosy Things is a big fan of rainbows, so if you are too, be sure to check out her Instagram account for more crochet creations!

Bavarian Stitch Blanket by littlecosythings

Bavarian Stitch Squares

Bavarian Coasters & Trivet by Ana-Maria
*free crochet pattern*

This stitch is one of the best for hotpads, trivets, coasters, or dishcloths. That’s because it’s heavily textured, therefore keeps its shape and is thicker than other stitches. If you’re making kitchen accessories however, be sure to use natural yarns (such as cotton), so it doesn’t melt in the contact with hot objects.

Find this free pattern on, or read more about it on

Bavarian Stitch Potholders by Red Agape

If you need a quick, but effective project, go for these potholders, because they work up quickly! They will be amazing adornment of any kitchen and helpful everyday accessory. Fun colors like bright pink or green can work nicely, when combined with neutrals, so don’t be afraid of using them! Take a look below to see fantastic versions by Red Agape.

Bavarian Stitch Potholders Crochet Pattern

  • photo by Mandy O’Sullivan

This project is a part of Mandy’s book called “12 Months of Crochet with RedAgape” and you can read more about it on

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Bavarian Stitch Granny Version by crochigis

Crocheter behind crochigis followed Red Agape’s tutorial and created these lovely potholders, which you can see in the photos. Aren’t they lovely? Color scheme is romantic and delicate, so it will be a perfect fit in a classy kitchen. If you are looking for a last-minute gift idea, potholders are a fantastic one!

crochet square, magazine and thread

This project is based on one of the patterns from “12 Months of Crochet with Red Agape” book, which I featured in my Crochet Gift Guide 2020.

Bavarian Beauty by Annie Marisa

Why not try something different? Bavarian Stitch in these blocks creates beautiful center, so join them into an afghan or use as coasters. As you can see below, simple border makes this design looks really interesting, so be sure to keep this idea in your library – maybe you would use it in a blanket? Annie Marisa chose beautiful, classy color scheme for her project.

Bavarian Beauty Maggie Rose Free- Crochet Pattern

    • photos by Annie Marisa on here and here.

It’s based on free crochet pattern for Bavarian Beauty 12 Inch Block by Heather C Gibbs.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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