A crocheted blanket with pink flowers and a crochet hook.

The Best Floral Crochet Stitches – Free Patterns and Inspiration!

Crochet flower stitches are exactly what you need for the upcoming spring. They work fantastically in a variety of projects, because they can look fun, subtle, or lively – depending on the colors you choose.

If you are looking for a new crochet project, be sure to check out my recommendations in the second part of this article, because that’s where I gathered the most beautiful flower stitch projects.

Invite the spring!

Tulips, rosebuds, or flowers with many petals? You choose! As there are no boundaries to what nature can create, there are also no boundaries to what crocheters can come up with. Choose the style you like the most and make something beautiful today!

What can I use these stitches for?

Flower crochet stitches come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use them in various projects. Lacy stitches will look nice in feminine accessories, such as crochet shawls and blouses, but you can also turn them into tablecloths! Dense stitches will be perfect for blankets, baby blankets and winter accessories, as they are great with keeping you warm. Structural stitches add wow-factor to the projects, so if you are looking for a showstopper – try one of these!

What materials do I use for it?

You can most certainly use ANY yarn and corresponding hook you want, because most of the stitches don’t require special kind of materials. That said, remember that yarn weight and yarn type will greatly influence the final look of your project!

Is it hard to crochet?

You can certainly find stitches for all levels, but there are many that are fantastic for beginners. Lacy ones, or tulip stitch, for example, uses only basic stitches! Structural stitches most definitely require more patience and skill, but it’s definitely worth trying.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. If you need more inspiration, check out my article on Puff Flower Crochet Ideas!

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Explore the article I wrote about African Flower Ideas, because it’s full of free resources!

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crochet roundup!

Below I’ve compiled the most beautiful crochet projects featuring flowery stitches. I hope that they will give you inspiration, because they are created by the most talented crocheters out there! Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Lacy Flower Crochet Stitch Ideas

Crochet Flowers by Trudes Ouzman

Well, I know that these flowers are meant to be enclosed in granny squares, but don’t they look amazing so close to each other? I can easily see them being joined together to create this lovely meadow effect. Trudes Ouzman chose the most beautiful palette for them, too – just take a look below and see for yourself!

crochet flowers on a table

If you want to make similar flowers, try free crochet pattern for 6 Petals Flower by Anabelia Handmade, available on anabeliahandmade.blogspot.com.

Crochet Flower Stitch by MyPicot

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, lacy stitches work great in summer accessories and home decor, because they are lightweight and ornamental. MyPicot’s website is full of stunning crochet designs, so I couldn’t resist posting them here. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself – which colorway do you prefer?

lacy crochet piece with flower pattern

You can access this free crochet pattern by clicking the link under the picture.

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Structural Crochet Flower Stitch by MyPicot

Another fantastic design from MyPicot is full of lovely five-petal flowers, but don’t be fooled! This stitch is not at all hard to make! In fact, you make these flowers as you go, so there’s no sewing or joining included. Cool, right? As you can see in the pictures below, you have a lot of ways to play with colors here.

striped crochet piece with structural flowers

You can access this free crochet pattern by clicking the link under the picture.

Floreal Dreams Version by Maryfairy

I’m totally in love with this stitch, because it’s a dream come true for all flower lovers! Original pattern was designed by Deanne, but this cutie in the photos is a product of Maryfairy. She used shades of pink and white to make a sweet palette! Learn more about how to choose colors for crochet in my article.

This project was based on paid pattern called Floreal Dreams by Deanne Ramsay, which is available to purchase on ravelry.com. To see more about the version pictured click the link below the photo.

Crochet Tulip Stitch Ideas

Field of Flowers Crochet Stitch by Hannah Cross

There was a moment in which I thought that all tulip stitches look the same, but then I found Hannah’s field of flowers. This variation on the classic creates arches around individual flowers, which is so creative and unexpected! As you can see, it looks amazing in many color combos, but can also work great as a decorative edging.

You’ll find free crochet tutorial for this stitch on hanjancrochet.com.

Tulip Bouquet Tote Bag by Kaila Osborn

Floral stitches work great in many different projects, but this bag by Kaila is beyond cool! I love the stitch, because it combines openwork with structure. Plump buds and lacy stems create a perfect balance, so use it in your own projects – will it be a bag, or something else?

Find this free crochet pattern on springintofall.design.blog, or read more about it on ravelry.com.

Tulip Stitch Blanket by Inas Craft

Tulip stitches are definitely one of my favorites, because they are so simple! Simplicity doesn’t have to mean that something is boring, though, and the project you see below is a great example of that. Flowery pattern emerges from clever color combination – crocheter behind Inas Craft went for classic pink for the flowers, green for the stems, and white as a background.

white and pink flower blanket

To make your own tulip stitch blanket, follow free crochet pattern by Hopeful Honey, available on hopefulhoney.com.

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Tulip Stitch Baby Blanket by Lovely Little Crochet by Ella

If you want your tulip blanket to be more colorful, follow Ella’s example and introduce a new color for every tulip bulb in your pattern! Make them all look natural by using green yarn for the stems, and don’t overthink the color in between them. As you can see in the photos, white is a beautiful choice for the background, because it makes the tulips sing!

colorful rows of tulip stitch in a blanket

To make similar project, you can use the tutorial I linked in the previous project.

Structural Flower Crochet Stitch Ideas

Tulip Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

If you want the tulips to be more accentuated, make them with bobble stitch! Master crocheter behind Mummys_Crochet_Boutique created a fantastic baby blanket with just this technique. As you can see in the photos below, she created a beautiful color palette by using different shades of pink for every row. You can use ombre yarn for it as well!

baby blanket with stripes of tulip stitches

If you want to make similar blanket, check out free crochet pattern for Tulip Stitch Wash Cloth by Jaded Crafts & Creations, available on jadedcraftsandcreations.com.

Crochet Rosebud Stitch by MyPicot

I fell in love with this stitch as soon as I saw it, because it reminds me of little rosebuds my mother used to sew onto my clothing as a kid. Believe it or not, but these roses are made as you go! It’s a game changer, right? No-fuss crochet stitch like this is a must-save, so do it immediately. Take a look at the pictures below to see the two colorways created by MyPicot – which one do you prefer?

stripy stitch with three dimensional rosebuds

You can access this free crochet pattern by clicking the link under the picture.

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Tulip Pillow by Elizabeth Ann Smith

Staying in the theme of structural stitches, just take a peek at the lovely cushion in the photographs below. Elizabeth created a classic, vintage-looking design, which will look cute in many different interiors. What’s more, these flowers are made as you go – at this point you can probably say that it’s a big plus for me!

white pillow with colorful structural flowers

You can access this free crochet pattern by clicking the links under the picture.

3D Flower Stitch by KnitCroAddict

If you’re not into adding applique to your projects, you’ll love this one, because the flowers bloom as you go! Yes, these three-dimensional five petal blooms are worked while crocheting the row – isn’t it cool? Take a look at the photos and compare the two color versions.

Find this free crochet pattern on knitcroaddict.com.

Flower Power Blanket by Yarnspirations Design Studio

Not only do these flowers bloom in rows, but they also have leaves! Designers behind Yarnspirations came up with this adorable blanket pattern that is perfect for spring and summer. You can g for different colors every row, such as in the photos, or make them uniform. It’s up to you!

  • photos by Yarnspirations Design Studio from ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more about it on ravelry.com.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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