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20+ Ukrainian Crochet Designers You Can Support Right Now

I’ve decided to make a list of Ukrainian Designers specializing in crochet, because buying their patterns is the easiest way in which we can help them directly. After russian aggression on Ukraine most people fled the country, but not all had this opportunity. Some of them stayed to help those who fight, or because they simply couldn’t leave.

How can I help Ukraine?

  • First of all, buy digital products offered by Ukrainian designers (crochet patterns, courses, e-books, pdfs, etc.) to help them directly.
  • Secondly, donate to non-profit organizations that help on the site.
  • Join a protest in your city, so that the anti-war voice is louder.
  • Send supplies through humanitarian organizations, but don’t forget about helping people directly as well.
  • Host and/or hire Ukrainians if you can, because they need to rebuild their lives from scratch!
  • Lastly, volunteer!

Support Ukrainian Designers

Crocheting has always been very popular in Eastern-European countries, so there are many fantastic designers from Ukraine among us. Majority of the artists I feature in this post focus on amigurumi, but there are also designers that create fantastic home decor, shawls, and clothes.

Ukrainian Amigurumi Artists

Below you will find a list of crochet designers from Ukraine, which I selected from Ravelry, so bookmark it if you want. Please note that I don’t know if they are living in Ukraine or not, but I’m sure that their friends and families do need help.

Natalia Erkhova

Natalia loves travels, reading, and hiking, but it’s crocheting and knitting she loves the most. In her pattern shop you’ll find adorable amigurumi toys and dreamy home decor, so click the link below the photo.

Visit Natalia’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Batterfly on ravelry.com.

Nelly Handmade

Nelly specializes in adorable amigurumi toys, so in her shop you’ll find rabbits, bears, otters and other cute animals. These two bunnies represent vintage style I love the most, because it’s so fairytale-like!

Visit Nelly’s blog on nellyhandmade.blogspot.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Bunny Morty on ravelry.com, so that some kid can love it!

Yevheniia Romanchuk

Yevheniia creates beautifully detailed amigurumi, so check out her designs if you love all things magical. She loves her family, dancing and crocheting, of course!

Visit Yevheniia’s Etsy shop on etsy.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Coral the Mermaid on ravelry.com, or choose another underwater creature.

Maria Zhyrakova

Maria’s amigurumi designs are very unique, and this bunny in a pot is a great example! She makes unusual toys, which are often very funny, so check out her shop linked below.

Explore Maria’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Easter Bunny in a Pot of Carnations on ravelry.com.

Viktoriia Petakh

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift, visit Viktoriia’s website, because you’ll find adorable amigurumi pieces and rattles there. Many of her designs are easy to make, so take a look if you are a beginner!

Visit Viktoriia’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Frog Toy on ravelry.com.

Tatiana Kucherovska

I chose this project by Tatiana, because it features Ukrainian colors – blue and yellow. Her shop is filled with amazing patterns for babies, such as amigurumi toys, rattles, or cute picture frames.

Visit Tatiana’s page on facebook.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Download free crochet pattern for Jellyfish on ravelry.com.

Olka Novytska

Now this is a top-notch amigurumi design, because it’s perfect in every detail. Can you see the happy bunch in the photo? Great, because you’ll find a lot more stunning patterns in Olka’s shop.

Visit Olka’s page on fb.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Kawaii Ocean Minis on ravelry.com and support Ukrainian designers!

Yulia Mozhaiska

If you need adorable lovey pattern, check Yulia’s shop, because it’s full of cuteness. What’s more, these days she transfers all money earned from Ravelry sales to support Ukrainian military forces.

Visit Yulia’s Instagram page on instagram.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Leticia the Lovey Llama on ravelry.com and make a unique gift.

Antonina Borysiuk

Antonina is an example of how the love for small toys can transform from childhood excitement into a creative hobby. Visit her shop called ToysikiShop if you’re looking for adorable keychains, because it’s full of them!

Visit Antonina’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Little Cute Bunnies on ravelry.com.

Lucia Dolgopolova

Have you ever heard of micro crochet and extreme miniature crochet, because that’s what Lucia does best! I cannot believe how tiny this bear is, and you’ll find a lot more little creations in her shop.

Visit Lucia’s Etsy shop on etsy.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Micro Amigurumi Teddy Bear on ravelry.com, but better use magnifying glass!

Svitlana Yakobets

Svitlana’s love for crochet sparked when she got pregnant, and she continues to come up with amazing amigurumi and home decor ideas. You’ll be happy to browse her shop, but especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter.

Visit Svitlana’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Owl Hedwig Keychain on ravelry.com.

Tatiana Saienko

Sometimes, after trying a lot of professions, it occurs to us that what we really want to do is beautifully designed amigurumi toys. That’s Tatiana’s story, so support her by buying one of her amazing patterns!

Visit Tatiana’s website planet-piu.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Spring Pig on ravelry.com and feel its cuteness!

Anna Shatilova

Say hi to these two little rascals, or see more long-legged toys in Anna’s shop! She came up with this idea and it’s the most popular set of patterns she sells, so check it out!

Visit Anna’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Tiger with Long Legs on ravelry.com.

Accessory and Home Decor Ukrainian Designers

Anna Kuznietsova

In Anna’s shop you’ll find cute bags, backpacks and home decor, so be sure to check it out. I’m a big fan of her designs, because they are so versatile!

Explore Anna’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Round Bag with Tshirt Yarn on ravelry.com.

Olena Palamarenko

Olena’s shop is filled with amazing crochet patterns for blankets, cushions, shawls and accessories. Her monochromatic designs feature interesting textures, like the one in the photo!

Explore Olena’s Ravelry library, or purchase the pattern for Comet Blanket on ravelry.com.

Oksana Volytska

Make yourself a pair of stunning crochet earrings with a little help from Oksana, because her projects are timeless and classy. I can’t stop but imagine these flower ones in blue and yellow as a statement piece!

Visit Oksana’s Etsy shop on etsy.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Blue Flower Earrings on ravelry.com, so you stand out from the crowd.

Kate Veselunka

Kate’s shop is full of colors, so be sure to check it out if you like this kind of projects! She designs scarves, earwarmers and adorable lacy hats.

Visit Kate’s Etsy shop on etsy.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Blossom Scarf on ravelry.com, and get lost in the stitches!

Yulia Tkachenko

Yulia’s love for all things handmade runs in the family, so it was inevitable that she herself picked up the hobby one day. She specializes in crochet shawls, which feature stunning colors and beautiful combinations of stitches.

Visit Yulia’s blog semklita.blogspot.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Berry Whirl Shawl on ravelry.com, but remember to choose nice colors.

Anna Meier

If you are in need of classic neck warmers, ponchos, scarves and tops, you’ve come to the right place, because Anna has it all. Aren’t these pieces works of art – the pictured one, for instance?

Visit Anna’s Etsy shop on etsy.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Celestial Cowl on ravelry.com and make the classiest winter accessory.

Elena Bojkova

I can crochet, but Elena’s doilies are on another level! Intricate, detailed and stunningly precise designs are challenging to make, so visit her shop for more!

Visit Elena’s Instagram page on instagram.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Victoria Doily on ravelry.com and try to make it!

Crochet Clothing Designers from Ukraine

Marina Tsareva

These crochet tops will be perfect for summer, but it’s not the only piece of clothing in Marina’s shop. Explore her world of lacy garments and be sure to choose something for yourself!

Visit Marina’s Etsy shop on etsy.com, or explore her Ravelry library. Purchase the pattern for Maynila Top on ravelry.com and get ready for summer.


That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see, because supporting Ukrainian designers is important!

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