Crochet hook


Crochet hook

The crochet hook is a tool for making crochet knitwear by hand. It’s long and narrows towards one end where there is a hook which draws the yarn through loops.

Crochet hooks are divided into:

  • Classic (short and straight)
  • Tunisian (long, similar to a knitting needle, ending with a nub or a bend to prevent stitches slipping off)

Although modern crochet hooks are most often made of metal (especially light metals), bamboo, teflon and plastic are also used in their manufacture. The most important factor is the finish of the tool which should be very smooth so as not to catch the yarn we are working with. Crochet hooks with an inbuilt light are also available, along with those with a grip.

The size of a crochet hook is determined by the size (thickness) of the hook itself, usually expressed in millimeters (there a differences among producers).

We may differentiate the following types of hook:

  • Metric – which get progressively thicker in line with the nominal size
  • Non-metric – which get progressively heavier, with size 0 corresponding to a thickness of 3.25 mm

The choice of the right size of hook depends on the thickness of the yarn with which we want to use in making our crochet project. The lighter the yarn, the thinner the crochet hook we use – its thickness influences the size of the stitches. There’s no limit on the thickness of the tools or yarn you can crochet with. Recent years have seen super chunky yarn become popular and people making blankets from it, even using arm knitting. The fashion for ever thicker and softer crochet knitwear is growing, a fashion accompanied by ever bigger and larger crochet tools.

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