Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

Lake Sunset Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern

Don’t you just wish to spend all summer lying on the pier at the lake, reading books and eating fruits? I have insatiable hunger for such times! Sunsets are amazing out there, painted with pinks, yellows and dancing on the deep blue water. This easy shawl was inspired by this longing – permanent, because no holiday is ever long enough. I wanted to create something very simple, with few details, to showcase the beauty of this amazing color flow.



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This crocheted triangle shawl is perfect for beginners, because it uses only basic stitches. Ombre yarns are perfect for this kind of design, because it doesn’t need more decoration. Essentially, there are two types of rows – solid, made of double crochet stitches, and the one with holes, which works as and interesting detail. The pattern below shows exactly how this particular shawl is made, but feel free to alternate rows as you want, to create your own combination!

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

This shawl is a no brainer. After several rows you will be making it automatically, without any help from the pattern. It definitely speeds up the time spent on making it, but still – 1000 meters cake is not so quick to eat up! Finished piece measures about 185 cm wide, but it all depends on your tension, hook size and amount of yarn you have in your cake – some of them have less or more than 1000 meters. This shawl is big enough to cover your whole upper body, and wraps just beautifully!

Choosing the right yarn is crucial part for this project, because the color flow is very much the hero here. There are so many beautiful yarns available these days, that you shouldn’t have any problems with finding something for yourself. The only problem would be too many options to choose from ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern


LEVEL – upper beginner

TERMS – standard US


  • chain (ch)
  • single crochet (sc)
  • double crochet (dc)
  • treble (tr)
  • back loop only (blo) = stitches are worked through the back loop only, leaving horizontal “line” at the front.
  • 1 increase = 2 double crochets in the same stitch (1 inc = 2 dc in same st)
  • chain space = space under 2 chain stitches dividing 2 treble crochets.


  • yarn: one cake (1000 m) of YarnArt Flowers col. 262
  • crochet hook 3mm
  • scissors

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

before you start

Before you start, a couple of important things:

  • we start from the top center of the shawl.
  • we are turning the work over after each row.
  • the shawl is double-sided, which means that it doesn’t have right and wrong side. the line created by making BLO DCs will appear on both sides of the work.
  • increase at the edges and in the middle is always the same – instructions in the row 2.
  • all increase is made with double crochet stitches.

Let’s begin!

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

START: make 5 chain stitches, slip stitch in the first chain stitch (to create a loop).

ROW 1: 3 chains, 5 double crochets, 2 chains, 5 double crochets.

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Patternstart of the work and first rows

We proceed to make double crochets in the BACK LOOP ONLY.


3 chains, 1 increase, 1 double crochet in each next stitch until you reach chain space;ย 

middle part of the row: all stitches worked in the chain space: *1 double crochet, 1 treble crochet, 2 chains, 1 treble crochet, 1 double crochet* this part is always the same in each row!

1 double crochet in each next stitch, until you reach the last two stitches, which are: 1 increase and 1 double crochet.

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

BLO DOUBLE CROCHETS – the line appears on both sides of the shawl


continued as row 2 – we achieve a triangular shape by adding always the same amount of stitches on the edges and in the middle, while the number of double crochets in the row will rise accordingly.ย 

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Patternvisible system of adding stitches in the middle – the same in every row!


3 chains, 1 increase, *1 chain, skip one stitch, 1 double crochet* repeat until you reach the middle part of the row, which is the same in every row: all stitches worked in the chain space *1 double crochet, 1 treble crochet, 2 chains, 1 treble crochet, 1 double crochet*, then continue as earlier symmetrically: 1 double crochet, *1 chain, skip one stitch, 1 double crochet* repeat until you reach the last two stitches of the row, which are: 1 increase, 1 double crochet.

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

row of HOLES and DCS OVER THE HOLES (bottom, because we work top to bottom)


proceed as in row 2, but without BLO, and be sure to work double crochets in each stitch AND chain stitches – itโ€™s very important to keep the overall amount of stitches even.ย 


proceed as in row 2


proceed as in row 33


proceed as in row 34


proceed as in row 2


proceed as in row 33


proceed as in row 34


proceed as in row 2


proceed as in row 33


proceed as in row 34


proceed as in row 2


last row – single crochet in each stitch, fasten off.

Lake Sunset Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern

edge of the shawl – a row of single crochet stitches

you are done!

Hey, it wasn’t so hard, right? Now you can wear your shawl with pride or gift it to someone you love! Feel free to add a decorative border if you want, it will add even more elegance to this design. This project will definitely need blocking to achieve a nice regular shape.


While I work hard to make sure the projects I publish are of the highest quality, this pattern is untested and may contain errors. If you notice one, please let me know – I’m going to revise it and correct it as soon as possible.

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If you happen to make this project, I would love to see it, so don’t hesitate to contact me! Please feel free to share the results with us in the comments or on social media. Of course, if you find any mistakes in the pattern or find it hard to understand, please let me know, so I can learn and improve!

Sharing is caring, so if you liked this project, be sure to share it with your friends and spread the word, because I really appreciate it! For more free tutorials, patterns, and interesting articles – follow my social media pages and allow notifications to get a pop-up whenever a new post is published.



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  1. I Love your shawl it is really beautiful. The coloring of the yarn is lovely. I can’t seem to find any information on what size yarn it is, and it seems very expensive. I’d like to substitute another. Can you help? I also have a question about other patterns you may have created if there is another way to message you.

    1. Hi Praty!
      Thank you for kind words. The yarn used in this project is YarnArt Flowers, its weight is specified as Fingering (14 wpi), and the cake is 1000m (1094 yards). It’s a cotton/acrylic combo. I would recommend searching for same yarn weight and yardage, if you don’t want to use multiple skeins. Ombre yarns are pricey because of the dyeing and big yardage, but you can achieve similar effect with differently colored skeins of your own choosing (of course, the color flow may not be as smooth as with ombre).
      I will post more patterns here, so stay updated and follow my Ravelry page
      Hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello ! It took me a while but I finally made this shawl and I absolutely love it. This is the first one I’ve ever made and I finished it with picots. Love how the pattern is explained and as a non-english speaker I could easily follow it. I am planning to do Rose Bunny Amigurumi as well, we’ll see. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Marta, thank you very much! So glad you liked it. I’m sure it looks beautiful with picot edge <3

  3. Hi Kate I have started making this shawl but not sure if I’m doing it correctly as my shawl is sloping down from the centre and not going horizontal at the top.maybe the yarn is too fine Katie concept silk?

    1. Hi Jacqui, sloping down can occur and you shouldn’t be bothered by it if you are following the instructions properly. Especially fine yarn can look very uneven while working with it. Just remember to block finished piece to give it nice regular shape ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ื”ืื ื™ืฉ ืชืจืฉื™ื ืœืฆืขื™ืฃ ื–ื”?

  5. Hello! I was hoping you could help with stitch counts for the end of each row? It would really help me know if I’m on the right track.


  6. Hi! Your shawl is so beautiful! I would love to give a try. I’m not sure what the 1 increase consists of. What makes up the increase? I’m a beginner.

    1. Hi Candy! Thanks for these kind words. The definition of increase is in the Pattern Notes section: it means that you need to crochet 2 double crochet stitches in one stitch. Hope it helps! Keep me updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sunset is one of my favorite times for sitting on the beach. I absolutely love the colors in your shawl. But I have never heard of YarnArt Flowers. Can you supply information where I can purchase this yarn and the color name/number for this color way. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dottie! I’ve found it on Amazon: here but you are right, it’s not easy to find. The color number is provided in the pattern notes. Remember that you can always substitute for another brand of yarn with similar qualities ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hi Reece! I’m very glad to hear it ๐Ÿ™‚ in row 33 double crochets are worked normally – not in the back loop.

  8. Hi! For the incr and the dc on the last two stitches, should they last one by in the chain? It looks funny to me to end it on the last actual dc.

    1. Yes! Turning chain (3 ch) counts as one dc, so your last stitch is always worked in the top of the turning chain.

  9. Hi,

    I love this shawl and can’t wait to complete it, however, I’m stuck at the beginning. I’m struggling with the 1st step and 1st row. It says 5 chains then a slip stitch. Slip stitch where? Is it a circle? and you slip stitch in the 1st chain? Help!!

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