Crocheted afghans and blankets in different colors.

Catherine Wheel Stitch Ideas

Some time ago I wrote two articles – one was about Harlequin Stitch, and the second explored Bavarian Stitch. I thought back then that these two are so similar to each other! Until I’ve found Catherine’s Wheel…

Sometimes stitches are so alike, that it causes confusion among crocheters. Techniques differ in details and it’s often hard to know which one’s which. Well, here I come, diffusing any confusion on the topic! 🙂 Today’s hero is easy, sweet and creates lovely circular motifs, in which one row fits perfectly into the next.

Looking good? Great, let’s start our explorations!

Catherine Wheel Stitch Ideas Free Resources (2)

Fun and versatile

This lovely stitch is perfect for baby blankets, because of the fun pattern it creates, but it will look nice in bigger projects, too. Try it for afghans, throws or crochet bedspreads. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful winter accessories, such as cowls, scarves or beanies using this technique, so it’s worth consideration. In addition, many designers come up with their own variations.


Author is using Caron Simply Soft in two soft colors – peachy and off-white. She uses an 5.00 mm hook. Of course, you can use any yarn and corresponding crochet hook for your project.

Catherine Wheel Stitch Tutorial by Daisy Farm Crafts

You start by chaining multiple of 10 + 6, and add one more chain stitch, which will be your turning chain. The whole pattern uses only basic stitches, such as chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet, so it’s great for ambitious beginners.
Check out Daisy Farm Crafts’ Catherine’s Wheel Stitch Tutorial for full instructions. If you prefer visual learning, be sure to try their video tutorial, which can be found here.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. On top of that, my list of Stitch Series is still growing! For example, check out my article on Fantastic Harlequin Stitch Ideas!

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Yes! Take me to this article! Elegant Jasmine Stitch Ideas Free Patterns


crochet roundup!

Research for today’s theme was a true pleasure. I think I’ve managed to find really beautiful realizations for you, so I hope that you will be inspired just as much as I am.

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Classic Catherine Wheel Stitch Projects

Classic Crochet Catherine’s Wheel Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts

Always start with classics, especially if you are a beginner. After you’ve made a swatch or two, choose your colors and make a proper Catherine’s Wheel Blanket! It will look stunning in modern nursery.

Catherine Wheel Stitch Ideas Free Resources (2)

Free crochet pattern is available on

Catherine Wheel Baby Blanket Version by Genina

Delicate and whimsical – that’s what I think of when I look at Genina’s baby blanket. Subtle texture of catherine’s wheel stitch reminds me of tiny flowers, so it’s perfect for baby girl. The choice of colors is simply spot on, because light pink, dusty blue and cream evoke softness and calmness.

Free crochet pattern is available on

Classic Catherine’s Wheel Version by mellynne79

Add a pop of vibrant color to make your colorway more lively! Mel Lynne decided to spice up her otherwise calm palette with some yellow. Regular sections of repeating colors create nice rythm. Catherine wheel stitch is dense and structural, but still got the drape.

Free crochet pattern is available on

Catherine Wheel Stitch by Emily of creating_crochet_

This set of colors is especially caught my eye immediately, because it’s delicate, yet earthly. It reminds me both of autumn and spring – it’s light and faded at the same time. If you like such combinations, be sure to save it for later, because Emily did a fantastic job here! Just take a look at the photos below and admire her lovely palette.

white and nude colors crochet blanket

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Catherine Wheel Stitch Tutorial by Hopeful Honey

If you are looking for a good video tutorial, check this one by Olivia from Hopeful Honey, because she is great at what she does! Her stitch series are very informative and easy to learn. For this particular swatch, as you can see below, she chose stark contrast of white and blue. It’s eye-catching, but also nicely shows which row is which.

white and blue crochet stitch swatch

Check out this free crochet tutorial on

Dark Shades

Catherine Wheel Stitch Baby Blanket by Forget Me Knot

Go for contrasting colors to truly showcase the beauty of this stitch, just like the crocheter behind Forget Me Knot did here. In the photos you can see a stunning combination of various blues and cream. Such baby blanket will fit any gender and nursery style, so it’s a fantastic idea for a baby shower gift.

Free crochet pattern is available on

Catherine Wheel Stitch in the Round by Alisa

Artisan yarn comes in all shapes and sizes, but the one Alisa used for her project is truly spectacular. Take a look below and notice all the shades of the Earth woven into this yarn – it’s mindblowing! Although the stitch isn’t the most visible with this colorway, it creates natural shapes that resemble rocks on the beach.

You can follow B.Hooked Crochet’s video tutorial for this stitch on

Licorice Allsorts Blanket by Granny Maud’s Girl

The author of this blanket went for deep blues and I love the final effect. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself how nicely these shades of blue work with each other. If you look closely, you can see clever color technique – mirroring. It works wonders, so keep it in mind for future projects.

This project is based on free crochet pattern called Greenway by Donna Yacino, which is available on and

Baby Wheels Blanket by CherryHeart

Sandra is a master crocheter, so I’m always very excited to look at and share her beautiful creations. Her version of the Catherine’s Wheel stitch is no exception, because the palette she chose is just lovely. Deep burgundy, dusty blues and grey go great together, and the bright accent of cream ties it all together. Check it in the photos below!

dark colored crochet blanket

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Catherine’s Wheel Blanket by Dear To My Art Creations

Go for bolder colors if you don’t like candy-sweet designs, because it’s your crochet work and your rules! This palette will look perfect in boys’ room, as a rug or incorporated in winter accessories.

Catherine's Wheel Blanket by Dear To My Art Creations

If you would like to make a nice accessory using this technique, try this free crochet pattern for Catherine’s Wheel Envelope Purse by Gootie (Agat Rottman).

Catherine Wheel Blanket by Joanne Johncey

Colors of the ocean always work, so go for this palette if you are not sure about your choices. Simple border will finish it up beautifully.

Catherine Wheel Blanket by Joanne Johncey

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

Rainbows and Vibrant Colorways

Rainbow Catherine Wheel Blanket by Kirsten Ballering

Kirsten’s designs always make me smile, but this blanket is totally off the charts. You can see the beauty of this stitch radiating in rainbow colors. As you can see below, using white in between the colors makes the pattern really pop. Combine the colors yourself to create a perfect rainbow, or simply go for multicolored yarn 🙂

Find this free crochet pattern on, or read more about it on

Catherine’s Wheel Blanket by Sunshineyalex

Vibrant and juicy colors bring back memories of summer days. Keep them forever with this lovely blanket. It works perfectly well as a stash buster, because you can make each row of circles from another color!

Catherine's Wheel Blanket by Sunshineyalex

Catherine’s Wheel Stitch by Saturdayquilter and Julescrochettreasures

Combination of two-three colors and simple white is a great idea, if you don’t like overly vibrant pieces. Just a little bit of color is enough to elevate a design from plain to cute.

Catherine's Wheel Stitch by Julescrochettreasures and Saturdayquilter

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Catherine’s Wheel Stitch by SewHappyCreative

Introducing multicolored artisan yarn can be an experiment worth a try! Pair it with neutrals and see how the rainbow unfolds. Stunning!

Catherine's Wheel Stitch by SewHappyCreative

Looking for a gift idea? Try fun home decor incorporating this stitch – free crochet pattern for Catherine Wheel Tissue Box Cover by Kool Stitch will be a great choice.

Unusual Versions of Catherine Wheel Stitch

Modified Catherine’s Wheel Stitch Baby Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts

As I mentioned earlier, some designers modify classic stitches and come up with fresh designs. This is a great example of such process, and look how stunning it is! The wheels are now separated by wavy stripes of double crochet stitches.

Modified Catherine’s Wheel Stitch Baby Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts

Check out this free crochet pattern on

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Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket Version by Nicole

Nicole’s version of this beautiful pattern is all about the roses! Five shades of pink might seem a bit much, but it’s exactly what makes this blanket look so interesting. Wavy stripes create a rythm that soothes the eye, and tiny stripes of white make each of them nicely visible. Take a look below and get inspired!

This project is based on a free crochet pattern called Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts, available on

Catherine Wheel Blanket by mummys_crochet_boutique

Now look at this beauty! Isn’t this baby blanket just perfect? This palette is definitely gender-neutral, so go for it if you don’t know yet if you are making it for a girl, or a boy. Thin white wavy lines that divide the colors are great for the eye, because they make the design lighter. It’s a fantastic trick, if you are not sure if your colors look good side by side.

colorful crochet blanket with yarns

This is a further modified version of Daisy Farm Crafts’ Modified Catherine Wheel Blanket – you can see the original linked in the project above!

Modified Catherine’s Wheel Blanket Versions by Athomewithhayley and Hayley.stinelogie.crafts

Pink and purple is a lovely combo, especially when paired with white. This color scheme typically remind us of little baby girls, so if you are not eager to try bold combinations, just go for a classic.

Modified Catherine’s Wheel Blanket by Athomewithhayley and Hayley.stinelogie.crafts

This blanket is a version of Modified Catherine’s Wheel Stitch Baby Blanket mentioned above.

Crochet Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts

Let me show you another beautiful version that uses Catherine’s Wheel Stitch, because this time circles are divided by even more wavy rows. You can plan another color to pop up there, just like white is breaking up peachy hues in this blanket.

Crochet Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts Free Crochet Pattern

This particular stitch combo is available as free crochet pattern here.

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Crochet Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket Version by Craft Confessions

Deep blues and white go hand in hand. One more thing that is fantastic here is a stunning border. Have you seen these corners? Mindblowing!

Crochet Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket by Craft Confessions

This blanket is a version of Catherine’s Wheel Waves Blanket mentioned above.

Catherine Wheel Stitch by Schweri

This version of our hero stitch is a bit unusual, because its author Schweri added two tweaks to her creation. One is a hole in the wheel center, and the other is using the back loop only method, which adds three-dimensional effect. Just take a look at the picture below and tell me – doesn’t it look like waves coming and going?

cream and violet catherine wheel crochet

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Catherine’s Wave Stitch Blanket by Failicha

Well, this blanket is not a classic Catherine’s Wheel Stitch, but nonetheless I decided to show it to you, because it uses the basic premise. It’s made with half-circles flowing from one row to another and creating beautiful pattern. And this border is to die for!

Catherine’s Wave Stitch Blanket by Failicha

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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  1. I just love your designs and color combinations. I always have trouble putting colors together so I really appreciate your creations, they are absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I’m very happy that you like my selection, but one thing needs clarification – these are not my designs! Please take a look at other fantastic creations of these talented makers. Each project is credited and links to their websites and Instagram pages are given – check them out!

  2. I have a question….I had a stroke and loss use of my left arm. I love to crochet but can not figure out how to do it one handed. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance

  3. I would love to have this pattern. If you could send it so that I can save it to my computer I would appreciate it. I use to know how to do that but now I can’t remember how. Darn it. N

    1. Hi Nancy, unfortunately I don’t have any PDF files with this stitch, but you can ask the authors of the tutorials I linked.
      You can always bookmark the page you like, or right click the web page and save it as a “.html” document, so that you have access to it when offline (it doesn’t save the pictures, though).

  4. Hi,

    What brand is the gold/green/blue/cranberry yarn in the blanket Catherine’s Wheel Stitch by SewHappyCreative????

    1. Hi Tina! I’m not sure, but it looks like some hand-dyed yarn. I linked author’s page under the picture, so you can ask them directly!

  5. Can you please tell me if you have the pattern for Catherine’s Wave Stitch Blanket by Failicha? I am not on facebook or instagram.
    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Donna, there’s no pattern for this project. My articles are meant to be inspirational, so I sometimes share projects that don’t have patterns.

  6. Catherine Wheel Stitch in the Round by Alisa
    Please tell me what yarn is used for this or how I can get the information.
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