A crocheted bunny with a flower on his head.

Striped Bunny Baby Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern

If you are even a little bit like me, you have a soft spot for cute crochet toys, such as baby lovey. Recently I published my first version of the ‘baggy’ kind of security blanket, which I called Sleepy Baggy Lovey. It has an interesting shape, especially in comparison with classic loveys, such as my Puppy Baby Lovey.

This striped pal came to life almost exactly after the Spike Stitch Baby Blanket, and these two complement each other perfectly, so if you are looking for a baby shower gift, this duo will be great!


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This easy toy is a nice challenge for beginners, because it uses basic amigurumi techniques and stitches. This version, although it’s extremely similar to Sleepy Baggy Lovey, uses many different colors. If you want to learn more about it first, please read my article on How to Change Colors in Crochet.

graphic with 2 photos of colorful bunny

Need a set for a baby? I’ve got you covered!

If you like this toy, be sure to try out my other patterns, because they are great for beginners, too! For example, Spike Stitch Baby Blanket will work perfectly with this baby lovey, and it’s available for free!

Yes! Take me to this free pattern!

Get to work!

This is a project for upper beginners, who have some experience in crochet, but want to hone their skills and make something cute. You will need to know some basic amigurumi techniques, such as increase and decrease, as well as working in the round and putting all of the pieces together.

Don’t waste another minute – let’s start!

colorful bunny sleeping on a striped blanket


This bunny is a variation of my pattern for Sleepy Baggy Lovey, so many parts are identical as in my previous project. In this pattern you will find notes and tips on how to adapt the original, as well as how to make ears and collar that are unique for this project.

LEVEL – upper beginner

TERMS – standard US



  • yarn: assorted colors of Yarn Art Jeans = around 75-100 g in total (240-320 m = 2 skeins)
  • filling
  • crochet hook 2,5 mm
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • stitch marker (optional)
  • sewing needle and a little bit of grey thread or yarn for embroidery


  • this lovey amigurumi is about 27 cm tall (10,5 inches), but it will be smaller or bigger depending on the yarn weight you choose to work with.

Remember, that your crocheting style can affect the final size of this toy.

sleepy bunny on white background

before you start

Before you start, a couple of important things:

  • this lovey amigurumi has 9 parts: 2 ears (each one made with two separate pieces), 2 upper paws, 2 bottom paws, a head and a body.
  • paws are attached as you go, but other parts must be sewed on.

Let’s begin!


Make 2 of each! 

Pattern for paws is exactly the same as in Sleepy Baggy Lovey, so head there for the instructions! I used Cream color for all four paws.

sleepy bunny on a striped blanket


Pattern for the head is exactly the same as in Sleepy Baggy Baby Lovey, so go there for the instructions! I used Cream color for it.

sleepy bunny on white background


Pattern for the body is exactly the same as in Sleepy Baggy Lovey, so head there for the instructions!

Below you can find color order I used in this version, so numbers indicate particular rows, and colors indicate… well, colors 😉

  • 1-2: coffee
  • 3: baby blue
  • 4: cream
  • 5: red
  • 6: violet
  • 7: green
  • 8-9: navy
  • 10: bright red
  • 11-12: violet
  • 13: dark red
  • 14: baby blue
  • 15: mustard yellow
  • 16: red
  • 17: navy
  • 18: coffee
  • 19-20: violet
  • 21: baby blue
  • 22: mustard yellow
  • 23-24: red
  • 25-26: navy
  • 27: green
  • 28-29: violet
  • 30-32: dark red

bottom view of crochet toy


Make 2. We are working spirally, as well as increasing and decreasing with single crochet stitches. Of course, you don’t have to follow color order, it’s just my proposition for this baby lovey.

You may find it useful:

click for more info: How to Change Colors in Crochet


START: magic ring

Yarn Color: Baby Blue / ROW 1: 8 sc into the ring (8)

Baby Blue / ROW 2: *1 sc inc* x 8 (16)

Baby Blue / ROW 3: *1 sc, 1 sc inc* x 8 (24)

Mustard Yellow / ROW 4: 1 sc in each st (24)

Violet / ROWS 5-6: 1 sc in each st (24)

Violet / ROW 7: 1 sc dec, 1 sc in each st (23)

Green / ROW 8: 1 sc dec, 1 sc in each st (22)

Bright Red / ROWS 9-11: 1 sc dec, 1 sc in each st (21, 20, 19)

Navy / ROWS 12-14: 1 sc dec, 1 sc in each st (18, 17, 16)

Mustard Yellow / ROW 15: 1 sc dec, 1 sc in each st (15)

Baby Blue / ROWS 16-19: 1 sc dec, 1 sc in each st (14, 13, 12, 11)

Cream / ROWS 20-23: 1 sc in each st (11)

Cream / ROW 24: Close the gap with 5 sc, by working through two sides of the ear at once. Be sure that it’s folded in such a way, that makes the “decrease line” hide in the inner crease, because that’s what makes it look nice.

Fasten off and secure the thread.

striped ear close-up

top view of the ear – make two!

Sew the ears onto the head of this lovey amigurumi, so that the “nice” side is on the outside, and the “decrease line” is hidden on the other side – it also adds a cute shape to the ear, which is naturally folding inwards.


START: chain 12

Cream / ROW 1: chain 1, 1 sc inc in each st (12)

Cream / ROW 2: chain 1, 1 sc inc in each st (24)

Baby Blue / ROW 3: chain 2, 1 dc inc in each st (36)

Mustard Yellow / ROW 4: 1 sc in each st (36)

Fasten off and secure the thread. 


I recommend starting with all of the loose parts of this baby lovey, so that paws, head, ears and collar are ready at the beginning. You need paws ready when working on the body, because they are crocheted in as you go. Assembling this lovey amigurumi isn’t hard, but it’s important to be careful and keep the symmetry.

I like to embroider the head when it’s not attached yet, but it’s your choice. Sew the ears onto the head before sewing the head onto the body – that’s for sure. 

you are done!


While I work hard to make sure the projects I publish are the highest quality, this pattern is untested and may contain errors. If you notice one, please let me know – I’m going to revise it and correct as soon as possible.

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If you happen to make this project, I would love to see it, so don’t hesitate to contact me! Please feel free to share the results with us in the comments or on social media. Of course, if you find any mistakes in the pattern or find it hard to understand, please let me know, so I can learn and improve!

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