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Unlocking the Potential of Half Double Crochet: Your Ultimate Guide [+Video]

If you are on the way to learning all basic crochet stitches, this article is for you! The half double crochet is one of the fundamental techniques for every ambitious crocheter. It’s one of my favorites because it provides a perfect balance of height, texture, and speed.

Join me as we delve into the intricacies of this essential stitch: how to make it, what to use it for, and how to fix common mistakes.

What is Half Double Crochet Stitch?

This stitch is one of the basic techniques every crocheter learns at the beginning of their creative journey. It’s taller than a single crochet and shorter than a double crochet stitch.

It’s called Half Double Crochet (hdc) in US terms, and Half Treble (htr) in UK terms. Remember to check the differences in the table.

In crochet diagrams, it’s usually marked by a T-shaped symbol.

How to Make a Half Double Crochet Stitch Step-by-Step

To make a half double crochet stitch, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with two chains (turning chain), or work into the third stitch from the hook.
  2. Yarn over, that is wrap the yarn on the hook back to front.
  3. Insert the hook in the stitch.
  4. Pull up a loop, so that you have three loops on the hook.
  5. Grab the yarn and pull through all three.

Repeat these steps for each stitch across the row, turning your work at the end of each row to continue.

Video Tutorial for Right-Handed Crocheters

This tutorial will show you slowly how to make a half double crochet.

Video Tutorial for Left-Handed Crocheters

This tutorial will show you slowly how to make a half double crochet if you are left-handed.


Learn more on how to make a half double crochet in the article I wrote for YourCrochet.com.

How to work Increases and Decreases with Half Double Crochet

Shaping crochet pieces is crucial if you work with accessories and garments.

How to 2 hdc in one st (Increase)

If you want to increase with half double crochet, make two of these stitches in the same stitch.

How to hdc2tog (Decrease)

To decrease, follow these steps:

  1. Start as if you were making a regular half double, but don’t pull through; you should have three loops on the hook.
  2. Yarn over once and insert your hook in the next stitch.
  3. Pull up a loop – you now should have five loops on the hook.
  4. Grab the yarn and pull through all of them.

Tips for Beginners

Incorporate these tips into your crochet practice and see how quickly you become proficient in the half double crochet stitch.

Choose the right supplies

Begin your journey with a smooth, medium-weight yarn and an appropriately sized crochet hook. It will ensure balanced tension and visible, well-defined stitches.

Practice consistent tension

Mastering the tension can take a while, but it will make your projects look professional and polished. When your stitches are too loose, go for a heavier yarn or a smaller crochet hook. Conversely, if your stitches are too tight, change up to a lighter yarn or a bigger hook size.

Don’t forget to count

Count your stitches every row, twice. It’s the best way to ensure you actually know where to place them. When in doubt, use stitch markers.

Take your time

Go slowly and be patient. Mastering crochet is a long-term commitment, as is every new endeavor. Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to frog your work!

Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Making errors is a natural process, so don’t get discouraged – investigate and fix them!

Uneven Tension

This problem is very common – it looks like lumps, holes, or distorted rows. Practicing is the only way to ensure uniform tension, but you can also check if your hook size and yarn weight match.

Miscounted, Skipped, or Extra Stitches

If you catch yourself skipping or adding stitches by accident, consider these:

  • Is your hook too small? If so, choose a bigger one.
  • Do you use novelty yarn? If your yarn is furry, nuppy, or otherwise hard to manage, you may want to change it up for a smoother one.
  • Are you sure how stitches are built and what they look like? Study them to always know where to insert your hook.

Crooked Rows

The differences in row edges may occur if you have problems with counting stitches or with turning chains. Make sure you know how many to add and that you always turn the work in the same direction. Use stitch markers for counting.

Difficulty Identifying Stitches

Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of a half double crochet and practice identifying it, especially at the beginning and end of a row.


What makes the half double crochet stitch unique compared to other basic crochet stitches?

This stitch combines the height and density, placing it right between the single crochet and the double crochet. The fabric is both drapey and stable, which makes it a versatile stitch for a variety of projects.

How do I adjust the size of my half double crochet stitches for different projects?

You can adjust it by changing your yarn weight and/or hook size.

Can I use the half double crochet stitch for making garments and accessories?

Of course, you can use this stitch for all kinds of projects. Make sweaters, hats, scarves, bags and shawls with it. Combine it with other stitches to make eye-catching combinations.

Can I use the half double crochet stitch for working in the round?

Sure, it can easily be used for working in the round and creating such projects as hats, cowls or amigurumi. Join the round with a slip stitch or continue spirally.

You can make this stitch with any type of yarn and hook. Remember to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the yarn label, or consult the crochet pattern you’re following.


As you can see, mastering the half double crochet stitch opens up a world of creative possibilities. Use it for a wide range of projects, from stylish accessories to comfy clothes and cozy blankets. Discover the unique blend of height, texture, and speed of making, and this stitch will quickly become your favorite.

Learn with my tutorials and practice consistently – I guarantee you that you’ll be soon able to bring your artistic visions to life.


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