Skeins of yarn arranged on a marble surface.

What can we use crochet for?

What can we use crochet for?

Creating garments, toys and home accessories is definitely the most popular, but not the only way to use crochet hook.

During the Second World War group crocheting was a popular activity aimed at making clothes and accessories to be later donated to soldiers.

Today, people also crochet for noble causes, passing on their work to hospitals and offering them to patients or newborns.

Thanks to the internet, crochet campaigns for a particular charitable purpose have become popular, such as in October people crochet pink hats and scarves, the proceeds from the sale of which go to fighting breast cancer. Knots of Love, Crochet for Cancer and Soldier’s Angels are just some of the organizations which connect crochet with helping the needy.

In 1997, the mathematician Daina Taimina used crochet to illustrate hyperbolic planes – the creation of such a model has proved impossible with all other materials. Thanks to a three-dimensional, durable model which could be turned over and bent, the concept of a hyperbolic plane was displayed in a very accessible manner.

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