A crocheted piece of fabric with a crochet hook.

Turning chain

Turning chain

The turning chain takes the place of the first stitch in a row. We make it in order to secure the right height of the row which we are starting off. So if we want to make a row of double crochet stitches, we must first crochet three chain stitches so that first stitches we crochet ‘stand straight.’


The number of turning stitches depends on the type of stitch we want to crochet, or actually the kind of first stitch in a row.

The following table should be of help:

The turning chain is usually counted as the first stitch of the row, with the exception of single crochet rows.

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  1. Hi, I was hoping you would talk about using a stacked single crochet as a turn stitch for double crochet high rows. I heard of it once in a video but the creator didn’t really explain how it works or why it was preferred to a regular turning chain.


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