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The internet is buzzing with temperature blanket ideas, because it’s this time of the year! If you don’t know what temperature blanket is, or if you want to start one, but need more guidance on the topic – just keep reading!

What is Temperature Blanket?

This kind of blanket is a representation of the temperatures throughout the year, thanks to color key created beforehand. Each row or module, depending on the style one chooses, represents one day or week of the year. Particular temperature ranges have distinct colors associated with them, so that you always know which color to use. The final arrangement of colors is unpredictable, and that’s why making it is so much fun!

Below you can see a lovely project by Burgundy and Blush, as well as color key with yarn swatches.

What do I need to start?

Decide on the style you want to go with – stripes, chevron, or blocks? There is a ton of inspiration later in the post!

Do I record highs, lows, or average?

High temperature is probably the best option, because it does show more fluctuation throughout the year than average. More changes means more colorful pattern for your blanket!

How to make the color key?

Think about the climate you’re living in, so that you can make the color-key accordingly. The more colors you want to use, the smaller increments you need to assign them to.
When choosing your palette, think about your interiors, and how you can make this blanket fit into your style.

Do I have to do the rainbow?

Of course not, although it is the most popular and traditional colorway for this project. You can choose whatever color palette you like, and I hope that the examples below will give you some inspiration.

Which stitch should I use?

There are many fantastic stitches you can use for this project, but they should be rather short. Depending on the width you are starting with, tall stitches like double crochet can make your blanket really long! It’s 365 rows in the end, so keep it in mind!
Moss stitch (linen stitch), granny stripe, simple single crochet rows or half double crochet rows will all be great. You can even try out wavy, or chevron designs, to spice things up.

I don’t want to track temperature, but I like the idea. What should I do?

As the name suggests, you should be tracking daily temperature, but keep in mind that there are many other options. You can track your mental states, the weather (is it sunny, windy, or rainy), or literally anything else you want.
It’s all about choosing simply measurable aspects of your daily life and assigning a color to each of them.

It’s already the new year and I haven’t got anything planned yet. Can I join anyway?

Yeah! Especially with temperature, you can find records of it available on the web at all times. You can even find daily record from the past years, so it’s possible to make a blanket that tells the story.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. To know more about one of the coolest stitches, check out this article about How to Crochet Alpine Stitch!

Yes! Take me to this tutorial! How to Crochet Alpine Stitch


Check out my Seven Wonders Crochet Scarf!

Yes! Take me to these free patterns!

crochet roundup!

Every year there are new exciting projects around this topic, sprouting like fresh leaves. Below I’ve found the most beautiful ones, which hopefully will make you inspired to try them. Most of them are based on free crochet patterns, so read carefully. Links to these patterns, as well as author’s pages are always linked under the photos.

Make it… Row by Row

2021 Temperature Blanket Colorway by Hobbydingen

Let’s start with a classic – granny stripe stitch and a lovely, extensive colorway planned by Ingrid & Marjan of Hobbydingen. With this variety of hues you can be sure that each day will look different, but the colors still need to complement each other. They are all going to be a part of the same project, after all, right?

colorful yarn and crochet swatch on grey background

Go to hobbydingen.com for more informations about this project. If you want, check out my free tutorial on how to crochet Granny Stripe Stitch, or check out my other post about this fantastic technique.

Muted Crochet Temperature Blanket by Burgundy and Blush

Crocheter behind Burgundy and Blush came up with the loveliest color palette, because it’s soft and lively at the same time. Warm and cold hues are nicely visible, but it’s not classic rainbow color scheme. Take a look at the photo below and see how versatile such moss stitch blanket can be.

linen stitch blanket in soft colors

Be sure to go to burgundyandblush.co.uk to read more about this beautiful project. If you want to learn moss stitch, which is visible in the photos, go to my article about it – Moss Stitch a.k.a Linen Stitch Crochet Ideas – free patterns are linked inside!

Havana Afghan CAL Version by RavenMeer

Author of this mesmerizing project proved that you can work with complicated patterns in unpredictable colorways, too. Interlocking of rows creates this magical structure, so you can be sure that it will be far from boring. Cold and warm colors are vivid and vibrant, and the final effect is rather ethnic – just take a look at the photos below!

vibrant mosaic crochet blanket

Crochet pattern for Havana Afghan CAL by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir is available to purchase directly from Ravelry. If you want to learn more about this style of crocheting, check out my article about Apache Tears – you will find free patterns inside.

Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket by Toni Lipsey

If you want to try something different, go for Tunisian Crochet, because it’s easy to learn and looks great. Knit-like structure is very cosy, and the pattern looks much more interesting than in classic “row by row” temperature blankets. As you can see below, Toni went for four long stripes for each quarter of the year, and joined them together at the end.

tunisian crochet blanket in vibrant pink colors

Find this free crochet pattern on tlycblog.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Make it… Tile by Tile

2020 Temperature Tile Blanket Version by loopysue

Don’t like the look of unevenly striped blankets? No pressure! You can easily go for tiles, if you want, just like Loopysue did with her fantastic project. Take a look below and see the array of ornamental tiles, each of which represents a week of 2020.

colorful tile blanket

This pattern combines 2020 Temperature Tile Blanket by Lynn Johnson with Terrazzo Afghan and HOPE by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir – all available on Ravelry.

2020 Temperature Blanket by sarag956

Why not use classic granny squares? If each of them will have seven rows in it, you can fit each day of the week into one granny square. Then make another, and another, so that you have 52 of them at the end of the year! Below you can see a rich color version by sarag956.

crochet squares in warm colors

To make similar blanket, you can use free pattern for Magic Pink Granny Square Blanket by Emma Connelly.

2020 Highs and Lows Temperature Blanket by apricotpolkadot

Now this is an explosion of colors, right? Just look at the photos! If you want something rich and playful, go for this pattern. Squared dots represent each day’s highest and lowest temperature, so that’s even more color combinations for you. Crocheter behind apricotpolkadot really created a showstopper!

colorful crochet blanket with dots

Make it… Block by Block

Thorofare Temperature Blanket by Wyldflower Crochet

After rows and tiles, it’s time to talk about hexagons! As you can see in the photos below, they are great for creating modern and unexpected patterns. Heather behind Wyldflower Crochet used an interesting yarn, too, so be sure to check out her blog post about it – I linked it below!

hexagon blanket in dark tones on rock

Heather’s blog post about this project is available on wyldflowercrochet.com. To make similar blanket, you can use free crochet pattern for #sharethecrochetloveflower by Samantha Dee, or any other basic hexagon pattern.

2020 Temperature Blanket by kaz_hall

Remember that you can incorporate two or more hues in one hexagon, like kaz_hall did! Just take a peek at the photo – doesn’t it look great? The final result is mindblowing, but shows the temperature fluctuations quite nicely. If you are a fan of statement pieces, this blanket will be right up your alley!

rainbow blanket with hexagons

If you are looking for a free pattern, Lockdown Blanket by Potter & Bloom has the same vibe!

2018 Mesmerize Hexagon Temperature Blanket by crochet-hello

If you are going for hexagons in your project, why not make it even more magical and choose the design with a flower motif? What you can see in the photos is a stunning blanket by crochet-hello, in which each tile is unique. Some look like flowers, some like snowflakes, but all look like a big colorful meadow!

violet and green crochet hexagons

  • photos by crochet-hello on Ravelry

This project is based on Mesmerize Hexagon Motif by Atty van Norel.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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