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Suzette Stitch Ideas – Resources, Colorways and Inspiration!

It’s time for another stitch analysis, so sit back, relax and learn more about Suzette Stitch!

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This lovely crochet technique is great for blankets, accessories and home decor, because it’s dense and structural. Are you ready to learn more about it? Let’s go!

Grab your hook and chill

Suzette stitch is beginner-friendly, so don’t be intimidated by its wiggly structure! This dense technique uses only single crochet and double crochet in an interesting combination. Chill out and let yourself relax with this cute stitch!


You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you want, but remember that yarn weight will highly impact the final effect. You can find these informations on the yarn label, so be sure that you know how to find them! To make sure the stitch looks exactly like you want it to, I recommend you making a crochet swatch first.

crochet bag pattern by make and do crew

How to make Suzette Stitch?

To learn how to make it, check out Make and Do Crew’s free pattern for Easy + Modern Bag in Suzette Stitch on, or read more about this project on You can also go straight to YouTube and see how it’s done in motion! Video tutorial is available here.

On top of that, check out my Crochet Roundup section to find more patterns under the pictures! I’m always linking to free and paid resources you can use on your crochet journey.

talking about stitches…

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Yes! Take me to this article!

crochet roundup!

As usual, I tried to find the most beautiful version for you, and I find that I fulfilled your wishes 😉 What I love the most about these projects are fantastic colorways, because they inspire me the most!

Read closely to find free crochet patterns and other useful resources, and don’t forget to check out and follow talented crocheters I featured today.

So Rosy!

Rosy Suzette Blanket by Pam Lambert

Rosy hues and neutrals is one of the most beloved palettes for baby blankets, because it’s a classic baby girl theme. Pam decided to make the stripes irregular, but what catches my eye is the lovely border. Take a look at the photos and get inspired!

To make similar blanket, use free crochet pattern for Sweet Suzette Dishcloth by Jessica Underwood, available on, or read more about it on

Suzette Stitch by Desert Blossom Crafts

As you can see below, rich fuchsia is a great color to go for, because it’s versatile and fun! It will look elegant in classic interiors, but can also be playful when paired with more colorful decor. Rachel from Desert Blossom Crafts chose this fantastic yarn for her stitch tutorial, which I linked under the photo. Be sure to check it out!

red crochet swatch and hands

Find free crochet tutorial on

Suzette Stitch by By Little Blue

Self-striping yarn is a perfect choice for all of you, who don’t like weaving in ends, but love colorful designs. Unicorn colorway of Lion Brand Mandala yarn is a lovely choice for many different projects. As you can see in the photos, it goes from hues of pink to greenish blues – making this blanket a great idea for a baby shower gift.

pink and grey crochet stitch

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Suzette Stitch Blanket by The Crochet Attic

You can achieve delicate color changes by choosing different hues of the same color together, just like in the blanket below. Crocheter behind The Crochet Attic decided to go for rosy waves, going from fuchsia to white again and again. These colors combined with suzette stitch create the loveliest structural pattern. Isn’t it beautiful?

To make similar blanket, check out free crochet pattern for Suzette’s Chunky Afghan
by Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots, available on

Rose Suzette Stitch Blanket by Kaidalys

Rosy tones work great with warm yellowish creams, so check out the colorway Kaidalys chose for her project! You can see it in the pictures below. Wide stripes of colors help the structural suzette stitch sing, so choose it if you are looking for a simple and easy to make technique.

To make similar project, you can use free crochet pattern for Suzette Blanket by Sharon Hansen, available from

Colorful and Fun

Suzette Stitch Blanket by Amy Perry

Irregular rainbow stripes are such a good idea! Bright colors one by one can be a little bit too much for some of us, but I’m a big fan of Amy’s work. Take a look at the top photo, too – as you can see, she uses clothespins for her yarn swatches, so that choosing color palettes is easier!

Learn how to crochet suzette stitch by following the free tutorial by Rose Hudd, available on

Color Block Suzette Stitch Blanket by The Crocheted Cabin

Bold color blocking with primary colors is definitely a statement! Medium-width stripes look great here, and moss stitch border adds even more playfulness to the project. Take a look below and see, how black and white break up the colors here and bring the Mondrian-inspired look!

To make similar blanket, check out free crochet pattern for Suzette’s Chunky Afghan
by Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots, available on

Suzette Stitch Blanket by The Crochet Attic by Nikki

What a great colorway, don’t you agree? It’s a little bit retro, but with this amount of colors you have the control over which ones will play the main roles. Irregular stripes make the pattern look effortless, and Nikki’s choice of simple edging beautifully finishes it off.

Suzette Stitch and Hdc Blanket by Kaidalys

If you want to add a wow factor to your project, combine this stitch with simple rainbow stripes, just like Kaidalys did! Take a look below and see for yourself, how interesting it looks. It’s very simple, too – just add a couple of rows of solid half double crochet stitches.

If you are looking for more fun ways to apply this stitch, be sure to check out Suzette Hook Pouch by Sweet Bee Crochet, because it’s available as free crochet pattern on

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Sugar Strands Blanket by Little Duck Crochet

Divide colorful stripes with simple white rows, so that every color has a place to shine! Ultra-talented crocheter behind Little Duck Crochet knows what works best, so be sure to check out her other creations. Go for colorful palette, like the one in the pictures, or choose your own favorite hues.

You can purchase this beautiful crochet pattern through

Textured Stripe Baby Blanket – Juicy Version by Sophie Stitches

Do you like tropical fruits? If so, make this juicy blanket and keep the summery feeling at hand at all times! Vibrant yellows, pinks and oranges look great with greens, so be sure to balance your palette out. This stitch doesn’t need any additional decorations, because it creates a nice surface and is eye-catching on its own.

You can purchase this pattern through, or through

Delicate and Sweet

Pastel Rainbow Suzette Blanket by The Crochet Attic by Nikki

Pastel rainbow palette appears every time I write about a new crochet stitch, because it looks in all of them! Nikki’s blanket is so delicate and sweet, I can’t stop looking at it. Take notice how uniform her stitches are, and keep practicing to master it, too!

Suzette Stitch Blanket by Ros Jackson

Nautical theme is a fantastic choice for a baby blanket, because it’s simply timeless! Ros chose three shades of blue, beige and white, and went for regular wide stripes. As you can see, suzette stitch adds lovely texture to this project, but the blanket remains soft and squishy.

Ros used free video tutorial for Suzette Baby Blanket by Amanda Crochets, available on

Textured Stripe Baby Blanket by Sophie Stitches

Neutral greys, beiges and whites can be the base for any project, just like in the stunning piece below, made by Sophie. The only thing you need to do is add a color, for example baby blue, or pale pink! Author of this blanket went for simple crab stitch as the border, and I must admit that it looks lovely!

You can purchase this pattern through, or through

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Suzette Stitch by Salomé Pires

Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly blocked crochet stitch swatch? This beauty by Salome is almost ready to become a crochet dishcloth, or a placemat! Dense, but textured nature of suzette stitch makes it perfect for home accessories. Are you sure you don’t need new set of crochet dishcloths for your kitchen? 😉

To make crochet dishcloths with this stitch, check out free crochet pattern for Suzette Stitch Spa Washcloth by Katie Clary, which is available on

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