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Hello there! Today I’m on a mission to inspire you, because we truly should make the most of our time during lockdown. Don’t let yourself to become a couch potato, unless you have a crochet hook in your hand!

Lark’s foot is a very popular (and very simple) knot, and you can see it immediately in this pattern. Once you get it, you can go on with your eyes closed.

Ready? Grab your favorite yarns and crochet hook!

Colorful larksfoot stitch blankets

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Although it may not look like it, this stitch is actually quite easy, as it uses basic stitches. The only trick here is working one of the double crochet stitches much lower than the other. This way you can create this characteristic “spike”. It’s perfect for baby blankets.


Author of this tutorial used Lion Brand Color Made Easy Yarn, which is 100% acrylic, in three fantastic colors – Huckleberry, Turmeric and Alabaster.
PSST! If you want to know more about yarn ball types, check out my article!
She chose 6.5 mm crochet hook for this yarn, but you can use any yarn and corresponding hook size.

Larksfoot Stitch Tutorial by B.Hooked Crochet

We start with slip knot and foundation chain of multiplies of 4 + 1. Next you proceed with double crochet stitches and chain stitches to make a “gap”. To create cool larksfoot pattern, you need to work one of your double crochet strategically two rows below.
It’s not hard to do, but requires some practice in keeping the right tension, so you take a look at my article on how to work with crochet hook.
See the full video by B.Hooked Crochet here. If you prefer written instructions, you can find them here.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. If you want to know more about crochet, read my articles on different topics, for example – what are Crochet Swatches

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Try out my free crochet pattern for the amazing Spike Stitch Baby Blanket!

Yes! Take me to this free pattern!


crochet roundup!

As always, crochet roundup is one my favorite sections to research, because there are so many beautiful creations. Today’s designs show how many different color combinations you can employ for this cool stitch. Which one you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Cheerful Rainbow Blankets

Weeping Rainbows Blanket Version by RedAgape (Mandy O’Sullivan)

Need a cheerful project? Go for this one! I absolutely adore this combination of colors, because it’s using many colors, but not in a straightforward rainbow-y way. You just can’t not smile when you see it, right?

rainbow crochet blanket in larksfoot stitch

This project is also based on paid pattern for Weeping Rainbows Blanket by Little Cosy Things, but if you need a free pattern, use The Larksfoot Blanket by Hannah Cross.

Rainbow Larksfoot Stitch Blanket by Kerryandtheboys

Rainbow queen Kerry tried larksfoot stitch as well, among many many other projects. It’s a stunning piece, don’t you agree? Addition of a very simple border in bold color is a lovely finishing touch on this baby blanket.

Rainbow Larksfoot Stitch Blanket

Need a free pattern? Try this one – Simple Larksfoot Stitch Pattern by Devon Tremblay.

Rainbow Larksfoot Stitch Blanket by Rainbows_and_I

Until we can see the array of colorful flowers on the meadows, crochet blankets can bring a little bit of spring to our home! Just look at these juicy colors! They will work fantastically in kids’ room.

Rainbow Larksfoot Stitch Blanket

Don’t need a baby blanket? No worries. Try using free crochet pattern for Big Larksfoot Rainbow Blanket by Kirsten Ballering to make a similar piece in bigger size!

Little Larksfoot Rainbow Blanket by Kirsten Ballering

The kind of yarn you choose heavily affects the final product of your crochet endeavors, so educate yourself in this matter. In this amazing blanket made with Scheepjes Stone Washed, the ‘washed’ effect is clearly visible. It gives a lot of character, so try it!

Little Larksfoot Rainbow Blanket

This project is available as a free crochet pattern – Little Larksfoot Rainbow Blanket by Kirsten Ballering.

Weeping Rainbows Blanket Version by Kate Rowell

I must admit that Kate is one of my favorite crocheters, and the blanket you can see in the photos below is among her most eye-catching projects! This lovely rich color scheme has such nice flow, that it’s almost hard to see the larksfoot pattern – the spikes play the main role, definitely! This colorway makes the project interesting and unusual.

crochet piece with hook and yarn on white background

This project is also based on paid pattern for Weeping Rainbows Blanket by Little Cosy Things.

Pastel Beauties

Weeping Rainbows Blanket Version by YarnBae

Isn’t this sherbet blanket the sweetest? Combination of white, yellows, peach and pinks is light and reminds me of summer. The overall effect is even sweeter thanks to very simple, but cleverly made edging. You can see more of this project here.

larksfoot crochet blanket in rosy colors

This particular project is based on paid pattern for Weeping Rainbows Blanket by Little Cosy Things, but you can use any free tutorial (for example the one I linked earlier!) to make similar blanket.

Melting Rainbows Blanket Version by Crochet Shaz

Classic pastels work great in baby blankets, so this amazing version by Crochet Shaz is no exception. Take a look at the photos below and see delicate color changes between each module, and how nicely they interlock. Looks like a perfect project for a lazy afternoon, huh? Grab your hook and get to work!

pastel colors blanket on wood and coffee

This project is based on paid pattern called Melting Rainbows Blanket by Kerry Jayne Designs, which you can purchase on Etsy.

Larksfoot Stitch Baby Blanket by orgu_hazinesi_42

Gee, I can almost feel the squishiness and softness of this blanket, but it’s not the only thing I’m drooling over – just look at this color palette! Crocheter behind Instagram account orgu_hazinesi_42 is a true master, because their feed is full of fantastic designs like the one you see below. If you are looking for a girly, sweet color scheme, this one is the cutest.

pastel colors blanket with flowers and crochet hook

Elegant and Feminine Colorways

Weeping Rainbows Blanket Version by Carla Brown

Do you like lilacs? Me too! This beautiful color palette is a bit subdued, calm, but very refined. Baby blanket like this will look amazing in any interior, introducing very delicate style. It fits both boys and girls, so go for it if you’re stuck with your baby shower gift ideas!

larksfoot crochet blanket

This project is based on paid pattern for Weeping Rainbows Blanket by Little Cosy Things, but you can easily try free crochet pattern for Larksfoot Blanket by Allison Murray.

Larksfoot Stitch Blanket by Toyah Radbourne

If you are looking for something more mysterious, try using lilacs, blues and mint together. This color combo creates a petrol-like visual effect, which will be perfect for mermaid-loving girls or adult that’s into crystals and magic.

Larksfoot Stitch Blanket in purples

Tales of Blue and Green

Larksfoot Stitch Afghan by ElinElla

If you are not a fan of colorful blankets, and you are looking for something calmer, go for this sophisticated palette. Shades of blue and white accent reminds me of a deep ocean. It’s a great idea for those of you, who consider using larksfoot stitch for a bedspread.

Larksfoot Stitch Afghan in blue

Start by using free pattern for Larksfoot Blanket (Aran) by Bernat Design Studio.

Larksfoot Stitch Blanket by Crochet Creations by Hanan

Neat and even stitches are an effect of months and months of practice, and this beautiful baby blanket is a fantastic example. Moreover, this tension is impeccable! Juicy greens cannot be more springy, right?

Larksfoot Stitch Blanket in green

Want to try something different? Maybe make it in bulky yarn? If you would like to try, check out this free pattern for Larksfoot Blanket (Super Bulky) by Bernat Design Studio.

Unexpected Colorways and Ideas

Larksfoot Stitch Blanket by holly_pips

I’ve said it many times, but I will say it again – yellow and grey is the perfect combo! It just never goes out of style, so go for it whenever you need! It fits girls, as well as boys, so don’t worry about any faux pas here.

Larksfoot Stitch Blanket in yellow

Weeping Rainbows Blanket Version by stitchedupcraft

This section is all about clever and unique ideas for larksfoot stitch, and this version is definitely fitting here! Crocheter behind stitchedupcraft decided to make her rainbow a little bit more interesting. As you can see in the photos, she introduced white in between rainbow stripes, creating eye-catching contrasting pattern. Clever!

crochet blanket with fringe on white background and colorful skeins of yarn

Jagged Waves Blanket by Eleri Schofield

Now this one is a real treat, so… larksfoot chevron, anyone? Eleri came up with a brilliant idea to make the spikes go up and down in zig-zags, and it looks amazing! Just take a look at the photos below to see how clever and easy it is, but be sure to choose the right colorway before you start. This stitch variation is a great alternative to classic granny ripple!

colorful zig-zag blanket

Below you can see a different colorway by Eleri, but could you ever choose which one is your favorite? Rich and bold colors look nice together, so don’t be afraid to use them.

zig-zag blanket on wood with yarn skeins

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry here – it’s called Jagged Waves Blanket by Eleri Schofield.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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