Puff stitch

Puff Stitch Crochet

Puff stitch

Also known as the bead stitch

This is usually marked by a symbol similar to a flower bulb in which the number of curves signifies the number loops yarned over the hook.

The puff stitch is NOT the same as the popcorn stitch or bobble stitch.

This is a very decorative stitch, usually used in projects using wool, thanks to which we get a soft, raised shape in reminded one of an elongated leaf, a flower bulb or a ball, depending on the number of loops wound around the hook and the height of the stitches. We may make from as many loops as we like. It’s wrongly categorized as an advanced crochet stitch – in fact, it’s very easy to make.


We start by winding the yarn over the hook just as when making a double crochet stitch. We insert the hook through a stitch we’ve chosen on the previous row and crochet, pulling the yarn to the desired height (usually the puffs are about 1-1.5 cm). We yarn over and insert it through the same stitch. We crochet and once again pull it to the desired height. We do it once again, inserting the hook through the same stitch, and pulling the yarn to the desired height. We can do it three, four or five times – the more times, the bulkier the stitch. We then yarn over and draw it through all of the loops we have on the hook. We make 1 chain stitch which closes the puff. We now have a puff stitch.

If we plan to continue making puffs in a row, we need to separate them with at least two chain stitches for the row to be even.


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