A collage of different colors of yarn.

Wattle Stitch Crochet Ideas

Wattle stitch caught my eye when I was researching some other crochet techniques, because it’s simple, repetitive and very cute! Delicate texture it creates reminds...
Crochet afghan patterns - crochet afghan patterns - crochet afghan patterns - crochet afghan patterns.

Spectacular Larksfoot Stitch Ideas

Hello there! Today I’m on a mission to inspire you, because we truly should make the most of our time during lockdown. Don’t let yourself...
A woman's hands holding a ball of yarn and a blanket.

Crochet Terms and Abbreviations

Today I created for you a list of crochet terms and crochet abbreviations, which will hopefully make your life easier, so be sure to check...
A series of photos showing different types of crocheted blankets.

Celtic Weave Stitch Ideas

If you are a fan of texture, I’m sure you will love crochet celtic weave stitch! It’s one of the most decorative geometric stitches, but...
A collage of different colored yarns and a piece of art.

The Art of Freeform Crochet

Have you ever heard about freeform crochet? It’s so much fun because there are absolutely no rules to how you should do it. Whether you...
Crocheted blankets, crocheted hats, crocheted shawls, crocheted blankets, crocheted.

Bean Stitch and Elizabeth Stitch (Mini Bean Stitch) Crochet Ideas

Welcome, crocheters – today’s post is all about bean stitch, which happens to have its mini sibling called elizabeth stitch, or mini bean stitch. I’ve...

Video Tutorials

Follow my step-by-step video tutorials to learn crochet with ease!

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