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Moss stitch, linen stitch, granite stitch… There are many names under which this lovely technique appears, but the essence is the same. It’s a lovely stitch that can be very versatile, works up fast and is VERY easy to learn. Beginners, you have no excuses – this one is for you!

Moss Stitch Linen Stitch Crochet Tutorial by B-Hooked Crochet

unbelievably easy!

Moss stitch creates quite light and soft structure, so it’s great for accessories, such as shawls, cowls or slouchy beanies. It works up great in blankets, too – especially baby blankets.


Crocheter of B.Hooked Crochet used Lion Brand Heartland yarn, which is 100% acrylic and 5.00 mm crochet hook.

Moss Stitch Linen Stitch Crochet Tutorial by B-Hooked Crochet2

This stitch is really simple, because it’s made entirely of basic stitches. It uses chain stitches and single crochet stitches respectively, creating base for the next row. Each row you work single crochets in chain spaces between single crochets of the row below. This way you create characteristic “v” pattern!

For more info check out full video tutorial here, or check out written pattern if you prefer.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. Check out my Sleepy Bunny Lovey!

Yes! Take me to this free pattern! Sleepy Bunny Lovey - Free Crochet Pattern


Make an adorable Valentine’s day gift with free crochet pattern for Rose Bunny Amigurumi!

Yes! Take me to this free pattern! Rose Bunny Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern


crochet roundup!

Today’s theme is Moss Stitch a.k.a Linen Stitch! Since both those names are very popular, be sure to search for both of these terms during your own explorations. I’ve found the most beautiful projects that use this easy technique, so sit comfortably and dive in!

Be sure to read the post carefully for free patterns and tutorials.

Delicate Moss Stitch Colorways

Mood Blanket by Holly Woodward Designs

If you are a fan of temperature blankets, this project by Holly Woodward Designs will be right up your alley! This mood blanket is a diary of her mental states throughout the entire 2020, so not only is it a great reminder of this crazy year, but also a nice home decor item. She was crocheting one line per day, following this color key: Pink for a good day, Blue for a bad day and White for an okay day.

soft colors moss stitch blanket

Mood blanket is a similar concept to temperature blanket, so click on the link to learn more about it!

Moss Stitch by Daisy Farm Crafts

You can really play with patterns with this technique. If you like experiments, try out different colors and combinations. Let these lovely creations by Daisy Farm Crafts be an inspiration!

Moss Stitch by Daisy Farm Crafts

Check out their free pattern for Modern Moss Stitch Blanket to grasp the basics.

Ombre Moss Stitch Blanket by Gilbert Crochet

Crocheter behind Gilbert Crochet made one of the most beautiful ombre blankets I’ve seen recently. 15 mini skeins from monthly yarn club allowed for this beautiful color scheme to emerge. If you take a look at the photos, you will see slight differences in the colors, as if they were painted with watercolors – that’s the beauty of artisan yarn. This particular kind comes from @vickibrowndesigns.

colorful ombre crochet work

Colorful Moss Stitch Projects

Moss Stitch by Hook One Purl One

Colorful scrapghan will be a great idea to use up a bunch of leftovers from your other projects. Moss stitch works up really quickly and you can leave the ends as a fun fringe. Visit Heather’s Instagram and follow her for more juicy designs!

Moss Stitch by Hook One Purl One

Use one of the tutorials for moss stitch in rows provided at the beginning of an article, so you can make your own version.

Moss Stitch Shawl by Steph Lewis

Multicolored artisan yarns are sooo beautiful! Simple stitch like moss is perfect to showcase the stunning nature of this material. Steph Lewis created simple but stunning accessory that will add spice to everyday adventures. Check out her Instagram!

Moss Stitch Shawl by Steph Lewis

Steph has made this shawl on the bias, but if you are in need of a similar free pattern, be sure to check out triangular Moss Stitch Shawl by Sarah Zimmerman.

Moss Stitch by Citybrightknits by Christina

Moss stitch looks great in contrasting colors, so why not go for something cheerful? This modern combination of electric orange, deep blue and charcoal is very eye-catching. Christina from Citybrightknits refers to her color choices as autumnal, but I can see the vibrant hues of tropical flowers here, too!

moss stitch in contrasting colors

Moss Stitch Blankets by The Loopy Yarn

Three colors are absolutely enough to create fantastic home decor. The way you use the colors is crucial, so make a lot of swatches to find out your way! More lovely creations on The Loopy Yarn’s Instagram available under the link.

Moss Stitch Blanket by The Loopy Yarn2

Moss Stitch Blanket by The Loopy Yarn

Border of the blanket is almost as important as the main thing, so be sure to check out this free pattern for Moss Stitch Border by Polly Plum.

Striped Moss Stitch Blankets by Kerry and The Boys

Colors and bold patterns are always on trends, especially if you want to create amazing gifts for kids! Clever ideas can make baby blankets interesting and fun, so use moss stitch as corner-to-corner and don’t forget to add nice border!

Striped Moss Stitch Blanket by Kerry and The Boys

Moss Stitch Blanket by Kerry and The Boys

To use this technique in C2C version, check out free pattern for C2C Moss Stitch Washcloth by Erin Sharp. With simple tweak you can use it to make bigger projects, like blankets.

Moss Stitch in a Square

Moss Stitch by Emily O’Kelley

There are many crocheters, who like to go back to moss stitch every once in a while, and Emily is no exception. In the top photo you can see a simple version featuring white and blue, as well as other colors waiting to be incorporated. In the bottom photo she combined neutrals to create cosy everyday afghan.

white and neutral moss stitch and colorful yarn balls

Blanket that you can see in the bottom photo is a version of free crochet pattern Bradley Afghan by @tlyarncrafts, and the yarn is Caron One Pound.

Square Moss Stitch Blanket by Katherine Louise of happysherbet

This sweet blanket, which you can see in the pictures below, use two clever techniques. First of all, it’s created in a square, so color changes are nicely visible, and the overall look is very original! Secondly, multicolored yarn cake makes it so easy to work with, because you don’t have to change the colors. Katherine Louise decided to go with “Sunny Day” colorway from Yarnspirations, and I must admit that it looks beautiful!

white and cream crochet blanket

This blanket uses free crochet pattern for Moss Stitch in a Square Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me.

Scrap Buster Moss Stitch Square Blanket by Katherine Louise of happysherbet

Another project by Katherine Louise can be an inspiration for those of you, who are looking for a perfect scrap buster blanket. As you can see below, it’s worked in a square, but it uses different color for every row. You can use up all of the half-finished balls and skeins of yarn you have lying around, so be sure to try it!

dark hues scrap blanket in moss stitch

Make similar blanket using free crochet pattern for Moss Stitch in a Square Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me.

Linen Stitch Manghan by Dedri Uys

This amazing “manghan” has amazing masculine vibe to it, hence the name! If you want more vibrant colors, though, don’t be afraid to introduce some. Squares from this project are fun to make and can work as coasters as well!

Linen Stitch Manghan by Dedri Uys

Try free pattern for this project here.

Other Ideas

Moss Stitch Blanket by 1977ozlem

Wow, this romantic baby blanket looks really beautiful, right? who would have thought that it’s made with one of the most basic stitches? Crochet squares on both ends and beautiful lacy edging are to die for! Experiment with basic tutorials for moss stitch and free crochet patterns for squares of your choice.

Moss Stitch Blanket by 1977ozlem

If you want to make a lovely baby blanket, try out this free pattern for Moss Stitch in a Square Blanket by Sarah Zimmerman. It’s made from the center out, but it can be a great starting point for beginners.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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  1. I am interested in the Moss Stitch Blanket by 1977ozlem. It is the beautiful romantic looking blanket with the squares and edging on each end. I looks like a baby blanket to me. I don’t see the pattern. It refers to the moss stitch square blanket but that is not the one I want to make.

    Could you please email it to me? Or tell me specifically where I can find it, please?

    Thank you!!


    • hi Rhonda! unfortunately, there’s no pattern for this particular blanket, and that’s why there’s a link to the moss stitch only. My articles don’t always include patterns for the blankets pictured. It’s meant to be mainly inspirational, but if you can, you will achieve similar effect by mixing the patterns for moss stitch, crochet squares and edgings.


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