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Mosaic Crochet Made Easy: Patterns for Every Level

For a long time, colorwork was mostly a domain of knitters, but mosaic crochet changed everything. Explore the world of intricate patterns and contrasting colors in eye-catching crochet projects. In this article, I will lead you through the intricacies of mosaic crochet techniques. They don’t require any special stitches, so are quite easy to learn.

What is Mosaic Crochet

Mosaic crochet is a colorwork technique that produces geometric patterns. We distinguish two main types of mosaic – interlocking and overlay crochet.

What Projects can I make with Mosaic Crochet?

This technique allows you to make all kinds of crochet projects, such as a mosaic blanket, a scarf, or a sturdy bag.

Many mosaic patterns provide graphs instead of written instructions or video tutorials, but it’s not a problem. Once you learn to follow graphic schemas, you can make the project in any mosaic technique. What once was a blanket pattern, may become a placemat, or a scarf.

This image below comes from the PDF shared by Yarn Geek in the video description. See the original video on YouTube, or learn more about Yarn Hookers on their website The video about the differences between interlocking, mosaic, and tapestry crochet was a great help in creating this article.

the differences between mosaic, interlocking and tapestry crochet

Overlay Crochet

In this type of mosaic crochet, every row is worked with a different color. The colorwork emerges by working single crochets in the back loop and double crochets in the stitches of the row below. This crochet technique creates a tightly packed set of stitches with little stretch and stripy wrong side.

To learn this technique, check out a fantastic tutorial for beginners by Sixel Design on

Interlocking Crochet

As the name suggests, this technique uses two filet meshes in different colors and interlocks them together. The parts of one mesh are brought to the front strategically, creating geometric patterns.

This type of crochet creates a reversible fabric with a different pattern on each side. The piece is more lightweight and stretchy.

Learn this technique with a great tutorial from The Crochet Crowd, available on YouTube.

Brioche Crochet

Brioche crochet is a way to go if you are looking for texture. In this technique, we use post stitches to showcase color changes. Raised stitches not only create eye-catching patterns but also a fantastic tactile experience.

Practice the basics of brioche crochet with Tatsiana’s free pillow pattern, or purchase her masterclass course.

Tapestry Crochet

In this type of crochet, we work two or more colors throughout each row, while hiding the unused strands inside the stitches. The colorwork pattern is a bit rugged compared to other techniques, but the fabric is dense and sturdy.

I explored the topic of tapestry crochet in this article.

Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns

In this section, I share stunning free crochet mosaic patterns from top crochet designers.

Mosaic Fire Flower by Crochet Hooks and Magic

Ambitious beginners will love this project because it works up fast while you practice mosaic crochet. Choose your favorite set of colors, or go for a multicolored yarn. Whether you use ombre for the background or the motif, you will surely create a stunning square.

Mosaic Fire Flower free crochet pattern

photos by Crochet Hooks and Magic on

Find this free crochet pattern at, or

Brioche Infinity Pillow by Tatsiana

This free crochet pattern from Tatsiana is a real treat because it has detailed step-by-step instructions. It can be your first guide into the realm of brioche crochet, even if you’ve never tried this technique before.

Brioche Infinity Pillow free crochet pattern

photos by Tatsiana on

Find this free crochet pattern at, or

A Very Rainbow Blanket Version by trixie777

Trixie’s version of Tatsiana’s free pattern celebrates colors and contrasts. If weaving in ends stops you from trying such colorful designs, don’t worry. Go to Trixie’s Ravelry page and read her project notes because she recommends a fantastic solution to this problem.

colorful crochet blanket with stripy pattern

photos by trixie777 on

Find the original free crochet pattern by Tatsiana at, or read more on Click the link below the photo to read more about this particular version.

Mosaics by BebaBlanket

Practice overlay mosaic crochet in the round with this great free pattern from BebaBlanket. The geometric pattern grows out from a single point in the middle, so you have two options to choose from. Make smaller squares, which you then combine, or go for a full-sized blanket right away.

crochet square with geometric pattern

photos by BebaBlanket on

Find this free crochet pattern on

Booming Mosaic by BebaBlanket

Beba’s textural take on the mosaic pattern looks as good in pinks as in multicolored yarn. Learn the overlay crochet technique and create an accessory that you will cherish for years to come. What’s more, the back of this blanket looks interesting as well.

mosaic crochet blanket in pink hues

photos by BebaBlanket on

Find this free crochet pattern on

Heart Dishcloth Version by lellaloops

Small projects have a certain appeal, especially if you are a beginner. Try this lovely crochet pattern from Iti, but let Lella’s version inspire you. The classic combination of blue and dusty pink makes the heart motif pop.

pink mosaic crochet dishcloth with heart motif

photos by lellaloops on

Find the original free crochet pattern by Iti Hamberg-Brons on

Premium Mosaic Crochet Patterns

These crochet patterns are paid, but they are worth a try.

Dovetail Blooms by Robin Parent

When you have a few mosaic projects under your belt, it may be time to try something more complex. Robin’s blanket celebrates blooming flowers and puts them in the center of attention. A painterly tile becomes a building block of this beautifully designed piece.

flower tile block blanket

photos by Robin Parent on

You can purchase this pattern on

Blomma Square Version by The Laughing Lamb

Tatsiana is a master of brioche crochet, so I’m always excited to see her newest projects. The Blomma Square quickly became an instant classic, with dozens of stunning versions from talented crocheters. Its appeal is in the design because you can stop whenever you want and end up with a beautiful piece.

brioche crochet pillow with floral motif

photos by @thelaughinglamb on Instagram: top, bottom

Buy the original pattern by Tatsiana on, or read more about it on

Two-Sided Mosaic Pillow by The Laughing Lamb

If you can’t decide which pattern you like more, go for both. The crocheter behind The Laughing Lamb used two designs to create one pillow. What ties them together is the color scheme. A spectacular combination of deep blue and an ombre of red and yellow hues is worth a second look.

mosaic crochet pillow with contrasting pattern and popcorn edging

photos by @thelaughinglamb on Instagram: top and bottom, middle

Buy the top pattern by Tinna Thórudóttir on The second pattern is by Sixel Design (, but I could not find this project on the website.

Endless Peaks Pillow by Created by Carolien

Those of you, who prefer simpler geometric designs, may get excited about Carolien’s pillow pattern. Yes, it uses mosaic crochet, but in a lovely peaks and valleys pattern. Choose just two colors and relax while watching the pattern come to life.

chevron mosaic blanket in blue and cream

photos by @createdbycarolien on Instagram: top, bottom

Purchase the original pattern on

Rubik Blanket Version by Mel White

A mitered square pattern in a retro colorway is right up my alley, but there’s more. Look at the photos below and notice the color changes. The stripes make the pattern look so much more interesting, don’t you agree?

mitered square mosaic blanket

photos by @melwhite76 on Instagram: top, bottom

Buy the top pattern by Tinna Thórudóttir on Click the links below the photo to learn more about Mel’s version,


That’s all for today, and I hope you know more about mosaic crochet now. Remember that these techniques need practice and patience to master. Start with simple projects, such as dishcloths and squares. Then, move up to mosaic crochet blankets and more advanced techniques.

Let me know in the comments which project is your favorite, and which you would like to try. Good luck!


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