Crocheted afghans with different colors of yarn.

Mile a Minute Crochet Pattern Ideas

Hey, you! Have you heard about Mile a Minute Crochet before? The name may sound familiar, because of the classic blanket pattern, beloved by crocheters around the world. But is there more to the topic? Let’s find out together!

Unusual approach to crochet

What is Mile a Minute Crochet?

It’s a technique where you make long strips of crochet fabric, which are then joined to create a bigger piece, such as a blanket. Crocheters often add a small border to the initial strips, such as in Joy’s photo below:

As you can see, Joy created long strips of color and added white border to each of them. These elements will be joined together and will create stripy blanket.

To make your own mile-a-minute project, you can use any type of yarn with a corresponding crochet hook, but remember that yarn weight will highly affect the size and feel of your work.

Is this method for me?

If you get bored by classic row-by-row method, mile-a-minute crochet pattern will be definitely more fun to make. Another good thing is that you don’t have to decide on the order of colors until you’ve got all the strips ready.

Can I use this technique only for blankets?

Of course not! In the Roundup section I’ve included a free pattern for mile-a-minute scarf, but I’ve seen baby clothes, tops and bags made with this method. That said, there are mostly blanket patterns available online, but hey – the sky is the limit once you grasp the basics!

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. 

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crochet roundup!

This part is definitely my favorite, because I absolutely looove writing about colors. The more I research, the more beautiful creations I find, and this time was no different.

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Classic Mile-a-Minute Blanket Crochet Patterns

Mile-a-minute Blanket Version by DoodlesCraftyCorner
*free crochet pattern*

When in doubt, go for simple color palettes, such as this one – three colors are enough! As you can see in the photo below, Donna combined pink, violet and white to make this sweet girly blanket. Look closely at the top photo to notice how cute is this scalloped edge!

To make this blanket you can use classic free crochet pattern called Mile A Minute Baby Afghan by Caron Design Team, which is now archived and accessible through WayBack Machine website:

Pastel Mile-a-Minute Blanket by Skittlebowcrochet
*free crochet pattern*

If you’re drowning in leftover yarn ends, I’ve got a solution for you! Yes, you guessed it – mile-a-minute blanket will be a perfect choice, because individual stripes require little yarn to make. When you look at Skittlebowcrochet’s work in the photos, you’ll see that white ties all the colors together beautifully, so keep it in mind.

To make similar project, use free video tutorial called Easy Breezy Mile A Minute Baby Blanket by Christa Lynn available on, or purchase written pattern on

Rainbow Mile-a-Minute Blanket Version by Skittlebowcrochet
*free crochet pattern*

Are there any fans of rainbow? Because my roundup wouldn’t be ready without a rainbow-themed project! Crocheter behind Skittlebowcrochet decided to use vibrant colors to create long and narrow chair throw. I must admit it fits perfectly and adds a lot of character to her craft studio!

To make similar project, use free video tutorial called Mile A Minute Chairback Cover by Christa Lynn available on

Ombre Mile-a-Minute Blanket Ideas

Pastel Mile a Minute Afghan by Karen Jumeaux
*free crochet pattern*

I simply love Karen’s version of this pattern, because it shows how important is the yarn we choose. Her choice of multicolored pastel yarn resulted in the most magnificent color changes – just take a look at the photo! She bordered each stripe with white, which is a great choice, because it ties it all together without making it look busy.

To make similar project, use free crochet pattern called Mile a Minute Blanket by Crochet with Clare available on, or read more about it on

Mile a Minute Afghan Version by Karen Jumeaux
*free crochet pattern*

If you are not sure about your own color choices, multicolored yarn is a way to go! Just sit back, relax, and look how the colors flow. Karen’s blanket features all range of colors – from pinks and reds, through yellows, to blues and greens. White creates a delicate background and works with almost any color, so keep it in mind.

To make this blanket you can use classic free crochet pattern called Mile A Minute Baby Afghan by Caron Design Team, which is now archived and accessible through WayBack Machine website:

Unusual Crochet Mile-a-Minute Blanket Patterns

Mighty Mile-a-Minute Crochet Calendar Blanket 2021 by Crochet by Sam
*free video tutorials*

If you are a fan of year-long projects and CALs, this one will be right up your alley, because each stripe represents one month. Original pattern by Jayda InStitches features twelve different stripe designs bright colors, but Sam’s version is much more muted and moody. I think it’s perfect for the autumn-winter season, but it’s all a matter of taste, right?

This project is available as free playlist of video tutorials available on

Daisies for Baby Version by Luvinloops

I love seeing how crocheters modify classic techniques and create something truly remarkable! Daisies for Baby Blanket uses basic premise of mile-a-minute crochet, but incorporates lovely flower stitches and elegant border. Take a look at Luvinloops’ version in the photo below and see how cute it is!

This project is based on the pattern called Daisies for Baby by Terry Kimbrough, which is available to purchase on To learn more about it visit, or see this particular version also on

Mile-a-Minute Accessories

Crochet Puff Stitch Mile A Minute Scarf by Hooked by Robin
*free crochet pattern*

Did I mention that mile-a-minute project can feature basically any stitch or combination of stitches? Then I’m saying it now and I’ve got a perfect example to prove it! If you look at the photos, you’ll see Robin’s stunning puffy v-stitch scarf, but I can easily imagine it turned into a blanket.

This free crochet pattern is available on

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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