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Crochet Magic Ring The EASIEST Way | Video Tutorials

If you want to learn crocheting in the round, mastering crochet magic ring is a must! Whether you’re an amigurumi enthusiast or would like to make a stunning snowflake ornament, this technique will help you achieve a neat starting point for your rounds or spirals.

Magic ring is usually marked with the abbreviation MR, and is also known as magic circle or adjustable loop. When following a crochet diagram (chart), magic ring is usually marked by a large closed circle or a spiral. 

The Easiest Method

Here is the easiest method I know to make a magic ring, and I call it a double loop method. See me making it here:

…and here’s the tutorial for left-handed crocheters:

The magic loop is one of the methods for starting off a crochet project in the shape of a circle. This technique allows us to create an attractive center for the piece without leaving an unsightly hole. In contrast to a ring created by chain stitches, with a magic ring we can draw it tight and close the center. This is very important in projects such as hats or toys, in which the accuracy of the stitch is crucial.

Take a close look at each step here:

  • 1. Grab the yarn in such a way that your working yarn is on the left, and yarn end is on the right.
  • 2. Make the simplest knot, but don’t tighten it yet.
  • 3. Insert the yarn end once again through the loop.
  • 4. Find the first “loop” counting from the working yarn.

  • 5. Insert your crochet hook front to back through this loop.
  • 6. Grab the working yarn with your hook and make a stitch. Now you can proceed with the rest of the stitches.
  • 7. Work the stitches through the big loop, paying attention to the yarn end – we don’t want it to unravel. Make as many stitches as your pattern suggests.
  • 8. Grab the yarn end and pull it, so that the loop closes. You can close the round by working a slip stitch, or proceed working spirally.

That’s it! I firmly believe that this foolproof method is the easiest one out there, because it’s impossible to forget it. Let me know in the comments if you agree!

My Free Patterns that include Magic Ring

If you want to learn more, read my articles, check out my Recommendation Series, or try my Free Crochet Patterns and Stitch Tutorials!

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    1. hi Maria! unfortunately it’s not yet possible to buy my patterns in PDF format, but I have it in my plans. For now, free patterns are only available on my website.

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