The term “knitwear” is used to describe the products of crochet, knitting, knooking, and other techniques that result in creating this kind of textile. It’s made specifically by creating loops on one piece of yarn, that are interwoven with each other, in contrast to i.e. weaving, which uses many strings of yarn that are interlocked diagonally and vertically.

Knitwear is a textile product made by interweaving one piece of yarn in such a way that it creates rows of stitches connected to each other.

Thanks to this type of construction, knitwear is characterized by a high degree of elasticity and stretchability in all directions. The thickness of the yarn used, along with the density of the stitches, determine the thermal properties, structure and aesthetic appearance of a given product. Depending on the material and techniques used, one may produce a rigid and dense three-dimensional shape (i.e. a basket), or knitwear of a very delicate lace-like structure which is soft and flexible in form (i.e. a doily). Knitwear produced with the aid of crochet hook is less stretchable and thicker than that made with knitting needles.

For crocheting, special yarn with mercerized cotton is used, which is denser, smoother and of a smaller diameter than standard yarn.

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