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How to Increase in Crochet | Videos + Guide for Beginners

If you want to learn how to increase in crochet, you are in the right place. In this article, I will teach you everything you need to know about adding stitches. You can even crochet alongside the video tutorial to turn theory into practice.

How to Increase in Crochet Step-by-Step

Crochet alongside the video to get the best results.

Video Tutorial for Right-Handed Crocheters

This tutorial will show you how to increase in crochet.

Video Tutorial for Left-Handed Crocheters

This tutorial will show you how to increase in crochet if you are left-handed.

Written Pattern

Learn more in the article I wrote for YourCrochet.com.

What does an increase mean in crochet?

You may be wondering: what does it mean to increase a stitch?

In short, increasing means adding stitches, usually making two stitches in one. When two stitches are joined at the bottom, the overall number of stitches in the row increases.

Usually, an increase means two stitches in one, but we can also find three or more stitches worked together. The designers often include the specifics in the pattern notes or abbreviation sections.

Abbreviations in Crochet Patterns

In both US and UK terms you can find these abbreviations:

  • inc
  • 2 *name of stitch* in the same stitch (for example, 2 dc in the same st)
  • *name of the stitch* increase (for example, dc increase, or dc inc)

Remember, that the same basic stitches are called differently in US and UK – see the table for reference.

The word ‘increase’ in crochet patterns often indicates precisely two stitches worked in one. If the author wants you to make three, four or more, he/she uses the phrase “3 *name of stitch* in the same st” (for example: 3 dc in the same st).

You can encounter two types of increase:

  • where you simply crochet two stitches in the same stitch, like in amigurumi.
  • where your two stitches are separated with chain stitches, which you can find for example in the corners of flat crochet pieces, worked from the center out.

Where do we use increases?

You will find increases in many crochet patterns because it’s one of the most basic techniques. Increases and decreases appear in three-dimensional projects, such as amigurumi or ornaments.

All of the flat circular forms, or those which we work from the center out, also require the use of increase.

Of course, we can increase with single crochetdouble crochettrebledouble treble or multiple stitches. You can also increase with decorative stitches, such as puff stitch, or other.


How to increase a crochet pattern?

To increase in a crochet pattern means to make two or more stitches in one. If you are following specific pattern instructions, they will tell you exactly how many stitches, which ones, and where to add.

How much is an increase in crochet?

Usually, this term means two stitches worked in one. However, the pattern may specify, if you should make three, four, or a combination of stitches to increase.

How to increase a stitch?

Make two stitches in one – then your overall stitch count in a row will be bigger by one. Always check with the pattern what type of stitch you should use to make an increase.

How to increase in single crochet?

Work two single crochets in one stitch, that’s all. Now you will never have to ask: how to sc inc in crochet? How to do sc increase? It’s super easy.

How to increase in crochet amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a special type of crochet, in which we use mostly single crochet stitches. They are great for creating tight, three-dimensional structures, but they also require a lot of increasing and decreasing. Adding stitches works the same way as in other projects, but it’s with single crochet stitches.

How to invisible increase crochet?

To make the increases or decreases less visible, they should be placed regularly, but not next to each other. Such placement of increases often creates visible lines or distortions.

How to increase 3 in crochet?

If we’re talking about “sc 3 in one st”, then simply work three stitches in one. This version is the most plausible.

If we mean “increase BY THREE”, it means to make three additional stitches. To do that, we have to make four stitches in one.

How to double crochet increase?

Crochet two double crochets in one stitch, as simple as that.


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