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How to Crochet Safely

Safe crocheting is one of the most important things when you work a lot with your hands. Crocheting can have a great positive impact, especially on our mental health. It benefits us in a lot of ways, but we must keep in mind the rules for healthy approach.

If we don’t, not only can we be unable to continue with our hobby, but also loose our health.

Long-term crocheting may cause certain ailments related with repetitive movements and sedentary working practices. We must remember that our hobby can’t have a negative impact on our health. Keep in mind the rules by which crocheting will become a pleasant and healthy pastime.

Rules for safe crocheting

  • Work in a comfortable, straight position.
  • Work in a well-lit place.
  • Take frequent breaks, during which you move, loosen up your hands, wrists and neck.
  • Look through a window, so as to relax the eyes.
  • If you notice symptoms of an allergy while being in contact with a material or tool, find an alternative made from another material.

Health ailments related with crocheting

Back and neck pain

Long-term work in a bent position leads to excess tension on the neck muscles and pressure on the spine. You should remember to maintain straight posture while working and to take regular breaks. It’s worth to use this time for exercise.

Pain in the hands, fingers and wrists

Intense work with a crochet hook and squeezing your fingers against it may lead to joint fatigue. You must remember to take regular breaks and move our hands, along with loosening our joints, if safe crocheting is important for you.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The characteristic position of placing your hand while crocheting and repetitive movements may lead to problems similar to those related with intensive use of a computer mouse. The symptoms of which include: pain, thumb problems, stiffness or swelling of the joints. Although at the initial stages it’s enough to immobilize the hand, in advanced cases an operation is necessary.

Tennis elbow

This is an ailment displayed by elbow pain while moving one’s wrist; treatment includes physiotherapy and, in serious cases, steroids. Sounds awful, right? That’s why safe crocheting is so important.

Worsening eyesight

Long-term eye concentration on a crochet piece and working in a poorly-lit room produce long-lasting negative health effects. We should take care to crochet in a well-lit room, best next to a lamp. We should also rest our eyes by looking into the distance, for example, through a window, and use eye drops in order to moisturize them.


Working with yarn may be problematic for those suffering from allergies; people allergic to wool may feel breathless while working with it, while those allergic to aluminum will be forced to change their crochet hook to one made from natural materials, such as bamboo.


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