How To Crochet Granny Stripe Stitch

How To Crochet Granny Stripe Stitch

Granny stitch is one of the most popular ones among crocheters and every beginner eventually tries it, most often sooner than later. This stitch is what everyday people associate with crochet the most, thinking about colorful bedspreads and cushions. Today I want to show you classic granny stripe, which you can use in many ways, making garments and home accessories. It’s so versatile, the sky is the limit!


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This is a great stitch for beginners, so if you are just starting out, be sure to master it. You make it with triads of double crochets, which create fun bead-like shapes. You can change the colors every row, or go for a uniform palette. Make it from squishy cotton blend and you can easily crochet a beautiful baby blanket!


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How To Crochet Granny Stripe Stitch

To practice, start out with one color of yarn. You need to make a basis for your stitch, so that it’s nice and even. A row of single crochet stitches is enough to create an elegant edge. Of course, if you are making a blanket, you can later add decorative border to it.


LEVEL – beginner

TERMS – standard US

  • you can use any yarn and recommended hook size
  • for the sample I used YarnArt Jeans and 3 mm hook

How To Crochet Granny Stripe Stitch


  • diagram is a visual representation of the pattern, where symbols are used to represent stitches.
  • start with chaining multiple of 3 + 2 – as you can see, starting chain has the “+2” colored yellow.
  • in the first row of 3 double crochet clusters turning chain is 3 chains, but in the next rows it’s only 2 chains. It’s because double crochets worked in the stitch are taller than those worked in chain spaces.

How To Crochet Granny Stripe Stitch

Written Pattern


chain multiple of 3 + 2. For this sample I chose 29 = 27 + 2 (the last one is your turning chain for single crochet)

ROW 1:

entire row of single crochet stitches – in my sample it will be 28 sc

ROW 2:

3 ch, 1 dc in the same stitch, *skip 2, 3 dc in the next st* repeat to the end of the row, 2 dc in the last st of the row. 

ROW 3:

2 ch, 3 dc in the nearest chain space, *3 dc in each space between the clusters*, 1 dc in the last stitch (top stitch of the last turning chain)

ROW 4:

2 ch, 1 dc in the same stitch, *3 dc in each space between the clusters* repeat to the end of the row, 2 dc in the last st of the row. 

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until desired size.

you are done!

Hey, it wasn’t hard, right? Use this stitch in whatever project you want.

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  1. Your written pattern doesn’t match the chart? You say to repeat rows 3 and 4, but one of those rows is going into stitches while the other is in the spaces. According to your photo and the chart, after the set up row ALL rows are in the spaces? Am I seeing this right?

    • Hi Helen, thanks for reaching out. Yes, you are right, there was a little mistake in the row 4. My bad! Of course, after the set up row all dc clusters go in chain spaces.

  2. Hey Kate
    I have bought beautiful yarn and I was thinking of making a sweater out of it. I never have make anything like a sweater before but I love you’re pattern but I’m not sure how to turn it into a sweater any tips for me how to start?

    • Hi Anne! thanks for your comment and sorry for the late response. Granny stitch is extremely popular, so I would recommend you searching for free (or paid!) patterns available online. Go to Ravelry and type in ‘granny sweater’, I bet that you will find a lot of resources there!

  3. I’m making a little swatch now and thinking about making a baby blanket using 4 colors. what kind of border would you recommend for a blanket?

    • hi, I don’t really know which row you have in mind, but you always work your double crochet stitches in chain space, or – like in row 1 – in one stitch (single crochet)

  4. Row 2 doesn’t indicate any ch spaces but row 3 has each cluster being crocheted into chain spaces. In row 2 am I suppose to chain between each cluster?

    • Hi Mary! of course, I meant spaces between the clusters – it’s now corrected in the pattern. You do not add any chain stitches between them.

  5. Hi. I have just started with crochet after many many years. I wanted something easy, but beautiful and I think this is fantastic for me. I think that your esplation, chart, photoes are really what I need. I bought a crochet magazine in Italy, but you are better, I understand better. Thank you very very much!!!


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