How to Crochet a Granny Square [Pattern + Videos for Beginners]

Learn how to crochet granny square with my beginner-friendly tutorials! This project is perfect for beginners, as it requires only basic stitches. You don’t have to worry about complex techniques – it will soon become your favorite crochet project!

In this article, you will find a free crochet pattern and step-by-step tutorial in the video format. You can use any type of yarn and hook for the granny square project. 

What is a Granny Square?

This square is a classic crochet motif worked in the round from the central point. It uses double crochet stitches in clusters. Each cluster consists of three double crochets, and the clusters are worked in each chain space. 

It’s made in a square shape and can be joined with other squares to create larger projects like a granny square blanket, home decor, or garments. 

How to Crochet Granny Square

Basic granny square pattern is worked in the round and create the square piece. You can then use it to make afghans, home decor, clothes, and more. To start, use a solid color of yarn and a worsted weight yarn – you’ll be able to easily see what you’re doing. Crocheting a classic granny square is very easy to learn, so it’s fantastic for beginners. 

Step-by-step Video Tutorials

Learn alongside step-by-step video tutorials. Stop, rewind and replay whenever you want.

Video tutorial for right-handed crocheters

Video tutorial for left-handed crocheters

Important notes

  • We work grannies in the round, and we close each round with a slip stitch.
  • You can use any yarn with a corresponding hook size.
  • The first 3 chains in the beginning of the round are a turning chain for double crochet and count as a stitch.
  • Techniques used and abbreviations:
how to crochet granny square

Crochet Granny Square Pattern

This section contains easy to follow written instructions. You can use any yarn and a crochet hook size you want to make a granny square. 


Make a chain of 4 and form a loop. Make a slip stitch in the first chain to close it. 

NOTE: You’ve made a chain loop. Alternatively, you could use a magic ring technique, to close up the hole in the center, but in my experience, a chain loop works better. The center of the square is sturdy and looks good. 


Chain 3, 2 dc into the loop. *2 ch, make 3 dc into the loop* repeat it 3 times so that you have 4 double crochet clusters (sets of three double crochets). Join with a sl st: insert your hook in the third chain you began with, grab the yarn, and pull through all loops on the hook. First round is done!


5 ch (3 chains are a turning chain, so they work as a double crochet, and 2 chains create a chain space). *Work 3 dc into the nearest chain space, 2 ch, 3 dc into the same ch-sp, ch 1 * repeat 3 times. Work 2 dc into the last chain space and close the round with a sl st (into the 3rd chain stitch).


1 sl st into the nearest chain space. 3 ch, 2 dc into the loop. 1 ch,

CORNER: *3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc* all in one corner space.
SIDE OF THE SQUARE: 1 ch, 3 dc in the nearest ch-sp, 1 ch.

Repeat both CORNER and SIDE until you reach your first cluster. Close the round with a sl st (into the 3rd chain stitch).

ROUND 4 and further

Continue as in round 3, but repeat the instructions for the side of the square as many times as you need to fill the chain spaces. You will have more chain spaces on the sides with each row, so keep track which ones are of the sides and which of the corners. The right placement of stitches in the corners will create the square shape.

You can go on making as many rounds as you want.

Crochet Granny Square Diagram

If you prefer a visual representation of stitches, check this diagram and learn how to read the symbols with my mini-guide!

As you can see, this project uses only three types of stitches:

  • double crochet (T-shape with a bar)
  • chain stitch (oval)
  • slip stitch (dot)
granny square crochet diagram

Granny Square Variations

You can make grannies in all shapes and sizes, still using only basic stitches. Learning how to make different types of squares will make your projects more exciting. 

Classic Granny Square

As we already know, grannies feature clusters of 3 double crochet stitches. It usually has an open, lacy appearance and is one of the simplest and most recognizable square patterns. A free pattern and video tutorials are available above.

Solid Crochet Square

A solid crochet square is a variation of the classic granny square but without the gaps between clusters. It uses continuous rounds of dc stitches, creating a denser and more solid fabric that’s perfect for a granny square afghan or a sturdy bag.

Flower Granny Square

A flower square incorporates floral motifs into the traditional square design. The center often features a flower created with various stitch techniques, surrounded by rounds of double crochets to form a square shape. This type adds a decorative and intricate touch to projects.

crocheting granny squares

Are Granny Squares Hard to Make?

These squares are generally easy to make, making them ideal for beginners. The repetitive nature of the pattern helps new crocheters practice and improve their skills. More complex variations, like flower squares, might be more challenging but are still manageable with some practice.

Are Granny Squares in Fashion?

Yes, these squares are in fashion. They have seen a comeback due to their versatility and vintage charm. Modern designs incorporate crochet squares into stylish clothing, accessories, and home décor.


What is the easiest granny square to crochet?

The easiest type to crochet is the basic granny. It uses basic crochet stitches like chains and clusters of double crochets, and the pattern is repetitive, making it easy to remember and follow for beginners.

How long does it take a beginner to crochet a granny square?

It typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour to crochet, depending on the size and complexity of the square as well as the individual’s pace.

What is the best stitch for granny squares?

The best stitch is the double crochet. It forms the main body of the square and is easy to learn and work with.

How do you finish a granny square neatly?

To finish a square neatly, slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain, fasten off the yarn, and weave in the ends with a yarn needle. This ensures that the square is secure and the ends are hidden.

Do I need to block my granny square?

Blocking is optional but recommended. It helps to even out the stitches and ensures the square lies flat, giving your finished project a more polished and professional look.

crochet granny square tutorial

Can you iron granny squares?

You should avoid directly ironing crochet squares, especially if they are made from synthetic fibers. Instead, steam block them by hovering a steam iron over the squares or use a damp cloth between the iron and the crochet piece to prevent damage.

Should I wash granny squares?

Yes, you should wash them, especially if the yarn used is washable. Washing them can soften the yarn, remove any dirt or oils, and help to set the stitches before joining them into a larger project.

Should you flip granny squares?

Flipping squares while crocheting is a matter of preference. Some crocheters flip their squares after each round to keep the tension even and prevent the square from twisting, but it is not strictly necessary.

Why is my crochet square wavy?

Your crochet square may be wavy due to inconsistent tension, too many stitches, or the yarn type.

How many granny squares do I need?

The number of squares needed depends on the size of the final project. For example, a small baby blanket might need around 25 squares, while a larger afghan could require 80 or more. Calculate based on the dimensions of your squares and the desired finished size.


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