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How to Crochet Easy Puff Stitch | Video Tutorial + Written Pattern

Today I’m going to show you how to crochet easy puff stitch. It’s lightweight, lacy, and versatile, so you can use it in garments or accessories of any sort. In this article, you will find a video tutorial and written pattern 🙂 Hope you like it!


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This variation is very easy to make because it uses three kinds of stitches – chain stitch, double crochet, and puff stitch. If you’ve never tried making puff stitches, this is a great learning opportunity!

Prefer a video? Here you go!

Follow step-by-step instructions and work alongside the video:

This video tutorial is for left-handed crocheters:

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The stitch you’re about to learn was used in…

Sapphire Puff Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern

This stitch looks amazing in ombre yarn, which you will see soon in my upcoming free crochet pattern. You can be sure that I will link it here!

hands crocheting

Start out with just one color of yarn and practice your puffs, because the more fluent you are in making them, the nicer they will be.


LEVEL – beginner

TERMS – standard US



  • you can use any yarn and recommended hook size, but this stitch definitely likes soft yarn that’s a little bit more on a fine side.


  • diagram is a visual representation of the pattern, where symbols are used to represent stitches.
  • start with chaining multiple of 2 – the repetitive module consists of two stitches, which I indicated on the chart with colors pink and blue.
  • any additional stitches or those that vary from the repetitive module are marked green.
  • 3 chain stitches at the beginning of row 1 count as 1 additional double crochet to the overall number of stitches of the row, so your final row count should be an uneven number.
puff stitch chart



chain multiple 2. 

ROW 1:

chain 3, make 1 double crochet in each stitch.

ROW 2:

chain 4, skip one, *1 puff, 1 ch, skip one*, your last stitch should be 1 dc.

Repeat rows 1 and 2, keeping the overall count in each row the same. 


If your crocheting style is rather loose, it’s good to work double crochets IN the chain stitches between the puffs. If you struggle with inserting the hook in these chains, just work your dc’s in the chain space and don’t worry, because it will look fine, too.

You can see the difference it makes in the photo below:

crocheting style comparison

You are done!

Hey, it wasn’t hard, right? Use this stitch in whatever project you want.

If you want to learn more, check this out!

How to Crochet Alpine Stitch

How to Crochet Alpine Stitch

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