A crocheted doily with yarn next to it.

How is crochet knitwear made?

In order to create crochet knitwear, you need:

  • a crochet hook
  • yarn (wool yarn, thread, rope or some other product)
  • scissors
  • optionally: other accessories, such as yarn needle, stitch markers or stitch counter

Every piece of crochet begins with a foundation loop, also called slip knot (in the case of a ring shape, this can be replaced by a magic ring), as well as a foundation chain. Its length depends on the number of stitches which are necessary to create the base for the first row of stitches. The height of the rows depends on the height of the chosen stitch. Each row ends with the crochet piece being turned over, unless we are creating a three-dimensional shape, or a two-dimensional one in which the rows of stitches form into a spiral shape or concentric to the shape they’re making (e.g. circle, square, rectangle, hexagon etc.). In the case of making a concentric shape, it is necessary to have mastered increasing the number of stitches while crocheting (widening the crochet piece).

While changing colors or finishing a completed piece of crochet, it is essential to hide all loose ends.

A piece of crochet may be made in one piece or put together from several or many smaller pieces which are joined together with the aid of a variety of joining techniques. A finished crochet piece may be decorated with a decorative edge.

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  1. Thank you for having charts on this website. I find charts easier to read and follow over patterns that are written out. I look forward to more stitch patterns in the future.

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