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Granny Square Crochet Ideas

Is there more known and beloved crochet technique than granny square? When I was a beginner crocheter, I was a little bit confused at first, because it looked like everyone is using this name very loosely. For example, simple squares made with double crochet or mixed stitch squares would be called granny. Now I know that many of you like to use this term to indicate little crochet squares in general, but today I will be showing you PROPER granny squares 😉

Which one is proper granny square? Let’s find out!

granny square crochet ideas

Classic beginner technique

As I mentioned, term ‘granny square’ can be quite widely, so let me show you what it can mean. Classic granny square is the one that use granny stitch – you know, the one with double crochet clusters.

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One of the coolest things about granny square is the fact, that you can work it round after round to achieve the square as big as you want.

How do I start?

To make your own granny square, you can use any type of yarn and corresponding hook you want. Remember, that the finer yarn, the smaller your square will be.
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Below you can see simplified process of making granny square, as shown by Just Be Crafty in their video tutorial.

video tutorial

  • stills from YouTube video by Just Be Crafty – source
We can start in two different ways, so you choose which one you prefer. You can use magic ring to achieve tight center, or go for couple of chain stitches closed in a loop with slip stitch. The latter will result in little hole in the middle.
Rows consist of double crochet clusters worked in between each other, and addition of chain stitches in the corners to keep the square… well, square.

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See the full video by Just Be Crafty on YouTube here, or check out written pattern in the post on justbcrafty.com.

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crochet roundup!

You might have thought that something as simple as granny square wouldn’t be very interesting, but actually the opposite is true! I’ve managed to find so many beautiful versions of this theme, that it was very hard to choose the best ones. Let me show you the most stunning realizations and color combinations, so that you can get inspired and make your own beautiful crochet projects.

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Pastel Stories

Granny Square by Sew Happy Creative

Crocheter behind Sew Happy Creative always amazes me with her use of artisan yarn, because it’s very thoughtful and always on point. Her interpretation of granny square theme, which you can see below, employs light beige with hints of yellow and blue. Isn’t it stunning?

Granny Square in Neutral Colors

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Square by Sew Happy Creative.

Granny Square Garden Cushion by Sew Happy Creative

If you like, you can continue on with your granny square to achieve the desired size, for example – the size of your cushion! Crocheter behind Sew Happy Creative chose lovely pastel palette of cream, pastel blue and pinks, so that accent of denim yarn really stands out.

Big Granny Squares

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Square Love by Sew Happy Creative.

Granny Square Cushion by RedAgape (Mandy O’Sullivan)

Cushions made with granny squares are great, because they are easy to make and look really lovely! If you don’t have that much yarn to go for continuous granny, or you just like patchwork style, go for small squares. By using the same color for the outermost row, you will achieve nice and polished look. Check out beautiful cushion by Mandy in the photos below.

Granny Square Cushion

You can find this project as a free crochet patternGranny Square Cushion by Mandy O’Sullivan.

Granny Square Blanket by Mamlik

Pastels doesn’t have to be girly, so if you need more gender-neutral palette, go for creams and blues. This cute baby blanket by Mamlik is finished with contrasting join and scalloped edging. It looks delicate, but will be suitable both for little boys and girls – take a look below!

Granny Square Blanket

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternHarmony Blanket by Lucy of Attic 24. More info on Ravelry here.

Granny Square Pouch by Sew Happy Creativ

Did you know that two little rounds of granny square is enough to create a lovely pattern? Take a look below at adorable colorful diamonds created by talented crocheter behind Sew Happy Creative, because it’s a simple and stunning solution.

colorful dots granny square pouch

Pastel Solid Granny Square Blanket by Little Duck Crochet

Arrangement of squares in a blanket is a crucial part of creating a design, so be sure you have this part thought over! Crocheter behind Little Duck Crochet decided to change the colors in diagonal rows and attach them to each other with neutral white joining. Look at the picture closely, because you will also see a lovely rainbow border!

colorful square blanket

Basic Granny Square by Crafty Little Cottontail

Do you have a lot of yarn ends lying around? Use them up to make a lovely colorful blanket, because it’s much better option than to throw them away. In the pictures below you can see a classic cheerful color scheme and it looks just beautiful! Wouldn’t you like to add such accessory to your home, or gift it to a friend? I bet you would!

colofrul granny squares and yarns

Color Explosion

Big and Small Granny Squares by Little Duck Crochet

What about bold contrasts? Don’t be afraid of them, because they bring the best out of granny designs. Thanks to these juxtapositions the pattern is nicely visible, and little squares look super interesting. Just take a peek below and see for yourself – isn’t combining big and small grannies a great idea?

navy and red granny squares

Granny Squares by Fatma

Granny squares are just perfect for stash-busting projects, because you need very little yarn to make one! As you can see below, Fatma combined a lot of colors in a very energetic palette, but it’s very well balanced. What would you make with this colorful bunch?

Colorful Granny Squares

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Squares by Purl Soho. More info on Ravelry here.

Granny Square Blanket by Natalie

You can anchor your color story on one hue, so that every next color you add is complementing it or adding something new. This cheerful blanket by Natalie, which you can see in the photos, looks like a zesty explosion, right? It will bring fun into any room.

Multicolor Granny Square Blanket

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Squares by Purl Soho. More info on Ravelry here.

Granny Square Blanket by RedAgape (Mandy O’Sullivan)

Mandy is known for her beautiful color combinations, and simple granny blanket is no exception. What I like most in her designs are bold contrasts, because it’s not easy to combine vibrant hues with each other. Take a look below and remember how great pinks look with yellows!

Colorful Granny Squares

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Pocket by Mandy O’Sullivan.

Granny Squares by Kate Rowell

Colorful designs doesn’t have to always shout, so take a look below and see how Kate mixed and matched many different hues into working palette. When you have a lot of yarn scraps, and you want to use them together, go for similar saturation. This way your project will be balanced.

Multicolor Granny Squares

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Square by The Patchwork Heart.

Cheerful Rainbows

Bright Rainbow Granny by Little Duck Crochet

Granny squares have one big advantage – you can go on continuously and make them as big as you want! That’s exactly what makes this classic design so versatile, and that’s definitely why so many crocheters choose it. In the pictures you can see a cheerful rainbow blanket made by Little Duck Crochet, so take a close look and get inspired!

rainbow colorful blanket

Granny Squares by Kerry and the Boys

Rainbows always work, so when in doubt, go for it. Below you can see a great example of how the arrangement of colors makes the difference, because Kerry decided to make it two ways. In one version, violets are in the middle, and in the other – they are in the outermost rows. Which one looks better?

Rainbow Granny Squares

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Square by The Patchwork Heart.

Rainbow Granny Squares by Kerry and the Boys

In this project Kerry again decided to go for two kinds of rainbows, so that one starts with red, and the other one with violet. This time, though, she added contrasting cream join, as well as lovely pom pom edging – just look below how great does it work!

Rainbow Granny Squares

You can find a similar project as a free crochet patternGranny Square by The Patchwork Heart.

Summer Granny by Katie (by the seashore)

Colors of the rainbow doesn’t always have to be arranged in the same way. As you can see in the photo below, Katie used rainbow colors in a very loose way. She created a bunch of violet-themed squares, blue ones, red ones, and then assembled them in a way that creates lovely and smooth color flow.

Colorful Granny Squares

  • photos by Katie (by the seashore) from Ravelry

You can find this free crochet pattern here: Harmony Blanket by Lucy of Attic 24. More info on Ravelry here.

Graphic Experiments

Reinvented Granny Square by Crafty CC

Reinventing something so popular as granny square can seem impossible, especially because we feel like we’ve seen it all. That said, this lovely experiment by Crafty CC made me rethink it, because it’s so modern and refreshing! In a very easy way you can incorporate two, four or more colors. Join them together and make a blanket!

granny squares with many bright colors

You can find free tutorial on Crafty CC’s website here: craftycc.com

Heart Granny Squares by Kate Rowell

There’s a lot you can do “inside” a granny square, and this project by Kate is a great example of that! By clever use of colors in particular double crochet clusters, she created a heart on a white background. This pattern is perfect for those of you, who like experimenting with granny!

Colorful Heart Granny Squares

You can find this project as a free crochet patternHeart Granny Squares by Kate Rowell.

Granny Cross Blanket by Jess (Hello Miss Maker)

Another way to turn simple grannies into more complex graphic design, is to use one square as if it was one pixel. In the project you can see below, Jess decided to make colorful plus signs that fit together like a puzzle pieces – and all of them are made with simple granny squares!

Colorful Granny Square Blanket

You can find information about this project on Ravelry here: Granny Cross Blanket by Hello Miss Maker.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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  1. The Granny Square Pouch by Sew Crochet Creativ uses an interesting method for doing the white “background” section but I can’t find the ‘how to’ info to do this by this blog. Can you please provide the article URL for this project? It’s so beautiful & I’m sure many would like to try & do this particular project.

    1. hi Linda! I haven’t seen a tutorial for this, but I guess it’s fairly simple – these squares have just two rounds. One is color and the second is off-white. When the squares are joined with the off-white yarn, it creates the background. Hope it helps!

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