Fun Bobble Stitch Ideas


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Bobble stitch is one of the most popular basic techniques, so you must have seen it before. It’s often confused with popcorn or puff, but let me assure you – they are three different stitches! Bobbles are very versatile, and, as you can see in the post, can be modified in a lot of ways 🙂

You can use them to make an interesting structure or sprinkle them here and there to enhance other stitches and colors. If you haven’t tried it, be sure to do it ASAP, but if you know bobble stitches well, maybe this post will inspire you to try something new?

Let’s dive in!

Bobble Blanket Tutorial by Sirin's Crochet

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fun and easy!

There are so many ways you can work with bobble stitch, it’s absolutely crazy! Baby blankets and throws are probably on top of the list, but you will find many, many different items with these little cuties.


Sirin used Vogue With Love yarn, which is a combination of acrylic and wool. She chose 5.0mm crochet hook to go with it. In addition, tapestry needle comes in handy if you want to weave in yarn ends. Of course, you can go with any weight of yarn and corresponding crochet hook to make bobble stitches.

Bobble Blanket Tutorial by Sirin's Crochet

As always, you need a slip knot and a starting chain. First row is your base, so it can be made with single crochet stitches or double crochet. Bobble stitch is done by making five unfinished double crochets in one stitch, and then closing them all together.

For more info check out full video tutorial here, or check out written pattern if you prefer this way of learning.

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crochet roundup!

As I’ve mentioned before, there are A LOT of projects that feature bobble stitch, so in today’s roundup I decided to focus on blankets and throws. They really beautifully showcase the full range of possibilities when it comes to this technique. Hopefully the collection of inspirations below will be enough for you to try something new!

Be sure to read the post carefully for free patterns and tutorials.

Bobbles Galore! Dense Structural Blankets

Pale Pink Bobble Baby Blanket by May’s Handmade Crochet

May is a master crocheter who specializes in baby blankets and accessories, so head to her Instagram page for more inspo, if that’s your jam! Pink beauty you see below is delicate and suitable for a little princess. As you can see, she hasn’t followed any particular order of colors, and I must admit that this unexpected pattern looks stunning!

Blackberry Salad Blanket Version by Vanny Cheung Crochet

Who said that baby blankets should be delicate and full of pastel colors? Nobody! Take a look at this lovely creation by Vanny and see for yourself that darker color palettes work here as well. Addition of white makes this blanket even more playful, because it serves as a nice juxtaposition for dark grey and deep red.

This blanket is based on a free pattern called Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly.

Bobble Stripe Blanket by Vanny Cheung Crochet

Simple, repeatable patterns can seem boring after a while, but don’t be fooled! It’s all about colors, it really is. If you take a closer look at Vanny’s project in the photos below, you will see how important it is to choose the right color palette. Isn’t this combination fresh and unexpected? That’s what we want to see!

This blanket is based on a free pattern called Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly.

Blackberry Salad Blanket by Little Duck Crochet

Pattern for this blanket is one of the beloved designs in the world of crochet, because its simplicity gives so much room for experiments and uniqueness! Below you can see a fantastic colorway created by talented Little Duck Crochet, whose craftsmanship and eye for detail is to die for.

This blanket is based on a free pattern called Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly.

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Blackberry Salad Blanket by Kerry and The Boys

Kerry is the ultimate queen of rainbow, that’s for sure! Her colorful designs never fail to bring a smile on my face, such as the one visible in the pictures below. Something as simple as a bobble stitch blanket can look very different, depending on a yarn you choose, so be sure to plan it in advance!

Blackberry Salad Blanket by Kerry and The Boys

This amazing design is based on a free pattern called Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly.

Bobble Blanket by Wooly Wonka’s Crochet Factory

Pastel rainbow will be a perfect colorway for little girls, and this one by Melanie is just breathtaking. It’s made with 13 different colors of yarn and you can tell that it’s exactly what makes it look so good. Look closely at the photo – simple moss stitch border creates a beautiful finishing touch.

Bobble Blanket by Wooly Wonka's Crochet Factory

This stunning rainbow design can be easily made with this free pattern for Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly.

Bobble Blankets by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

Blues and mustard go very well together! The colorway you see in the photos is great for modern nurseries, because it’s gender-neutral and will be great for passing on from one generation to another. Crocheter behind Mummys Crochet Boutique used another clever trick here and added bold mustard to the outermost row of the border.

Striped Bobble Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

Use one of the tutorials I’ve mentioned to create similar blanket, or try out slightly different approach with free crochet patterns like Bobble Lines Baby Blanket or Polka Dot Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts.

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Loosely Sprinkled Bobbles? Yes, please!

Bobble Baby Blanket by Milly’s Makes

If you prefer lighter designs, introduce bobbles only in some rows, such as in the Milly’s project visible in the photos. Simple white blanket is brighten up by colorful bobbles, but it’s not overwhelmed by them. It’s a great choice for all of you who want classic, but still playful addition to a nursery.

Skittle Blanket by Milly’s Makes

Milly named this project after popular candy, and it’s easy to see why! Dots in basic colors look yummy on this plain grey background. As you can see in the pictures, the simplest the background, the more prominent the bobble stitch – especially if you use contrasting vibrant colors to make them.

Jayla Blanket by Wild Little Acorn Crochet

In this design by Linda bobble stitches aren’t densely packed, but they still play the main role. Lightweight baby blanket in ocean colors can be a great handmade gift, especially if you make it by yourself. Little kids and babies love tactile items, and bobbles will most definitely make an interesting detail for their little fingers. Below you can see how amazing this colorway looks!

Jayla Blanket pattern is available for purchase on

Spots & Stripes Baby Blanket by Helen Louise Smith

How many combinations of bobbles and stripes can you think of? Well, the minds of crochet designers are as deep as the deepest wells, so you can be sure that they will always come up with something new. As you can see in the photos, Helen found out how to balance dots and stripes perfectly.

Purchase the pattern for Spots & Stripes Baby Blanket by Helen Louise Smith on or

Bobble Stripe Baby Blanket by Alex DellAringa

Stripy designs can be a bit boring, but not when bobbles are involved! Alex came up with very fun design, which is totally free for you to use. What catches my eye instantly, though, is the fun border – you can see it in the top photo. Don’t worry beginners, this project is great for all of you there, just starting out.

This beautiful project is available as free crochet pattern on

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Bobble Stitches in Chevron Patterns

Chevron Bobble Blanket by Little Duck Crochet

You will agree that chevron is timeless and always looks good, right? Whether you are making baby blanket or try to create stunning accessory for your own living room, chevron is a modern way to go. Alongside solid colors, Sarah introduced marled yarn, too – you can see it in the top photo. I think it looks fantastic, but what do YOU think?

Chevron Bobble Blanket by Little Duck Crochet

If you prefer blankets worked from the center out, The Bakewell Blanket by Jollijenni & Chlola is a free pattern and uses bobbles in a very interesting way.

Chevron Party Blanket by Gilbert Crochet

What can I say? I looooove this colorway! It’s rich and evokes the most beautiful lake sunset vibes. Bobble stitch creates lovely detailing on this otherwise simple blanket and goes perfectly well with basic stitches. As you can see in the bottom photo, Anna decided to go with very simple border, and I must admit that it looks great.

Chevron Party Blanket by Gilbert Crochet

This amazing project is actually based on Chevron Party Blanket by Eleri Schofield, which you can purchase through Ravelry.

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Chevron Bobble Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

Author tweaked an existing pattern to come up with this design, and you must admit – it’s stunning! Solid rows of chevron bobbles are just perfect, so take a look at the photos below and be inspired. One of the coolest things in this project is fringe, because it was nicely trimmed to repeat zig-zaggy pattern.

If you are looking for more patterns in this style, check out my article about Chevron Stitch Ideas, because it’s full of free resources and inspo!

Chevron Bobble Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

For similar effect, I would try following chevron design, such as free pattern for Hugs & Kisses Baby Blanket by Jeanne Steinhilber, but instead of the whole sequence, I would work only bobble row again and again.

Hugs & Kisses Baby Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

Oh how I love this classic pattern! In fact, I wrote a whole article about it, so be sure to check it out for more inspiration – it’s called Hugs and Kisses Blanket Ideas!

Crocheter behind Mummys Crochet Boutique never disappoints, and you can see another fantastic design of hers in the photos below. Classic ratio of two neutral colors (cream and grey) plus two bolder colors (pink and mustard) always works, so be sure to keep it in mind when building your own palette.

Hugs And Kisses Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

This lovely blanket is based on one the most cherished designs out there, free pattern called Hugs & Kisses Baby Blanket by Jeanne Steinhilber. Choose your colors and give it a try!

Painting, Drawing and Writing with Bobbles

Bobble Heart Blanket by Gemini Crochet

Bobble hearts are absolutely the cutest, don’t you agree? This design by Gemini Crochet combines hearts with letters to make it even more personal, so that little receiver will have a true sentimental piece to cherish for life!

Bobble Heart Blanket by Gemini Crochet

Check out similar design with free pattern for Rainbow Bobble Heart Square by Lisa Hooper. If you like this effect, explore patterns by Jody Pyott, who truly mastered this technique!

Heart Bobble Baby Blanket by Kaidalys

Did you know that you can ‘paint’ shapes with bobble stitch? It’s one of the cutest way in which designers work with this stitch, and Nicky created a true masterpiece. Pastel rainbow and lovely hearts are the ultimate girly baby blanket recipe – just take a look at the photos!

Heart Bobble Baby Blanket by kaidalys

If you would like to make similar blanket, you can purchase a pattern for Heart Motifs Baby Blanket by Peach. Unicorn, or learn how to strategically place bobbles with free pattern for Diamond Berry Stitch Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts. Both of these designs are great starting points for making your own bobble shapes.

Bobble Garden Cushion by Little Golden Nook

Ok, so now you know that you can arrange bobble stitch in many different ways, creating letters, symbols or fun patterns. But did you know that you can paint with them, too? Designer behind Little Golden Nook created amazing colorful cushion, in which colorful bobbles are the ones that “paint” the shapes on the surface. Take a look below and see for yourself!

You can purchase this pattern on

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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