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Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Crochet Ideas

To honor and celebrate this year’s Earth Day, I’ve got a bunch of tips on how to use eco-friendly crochet ideas in our life.

In the first part I will list some of the things you can do to reduce your footprint and maximize your potential for eco-friendly changes in your crafty life. In the second part you will find the best free patterns for sustainable crochet items – because we all love a good handmade market bag, right?

Let’s go!

What can I do to be more sustainable?

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This well-known slogan has definitely found its way to our brains already, but do we truly keep in mind what it says? Let’s see what actionable steps we can take!

Reduce: Don’t buy more yarn than you need – and I know that this statement is highly controversial! It’s simple, though – just always ask yourself before buying anything: do I need this? Don’t I already own something like it? Can I use materials I already have?

Reuse: Frog whatever project you don’t like or need, and reclaim the yarn. Have a lot of swatches laying around? Maybe it’s time to join them together in a blanket!

Recycle: Use your creativity to create something new out of things you already have, so that nothing goes to waste! Maybe you could transform this old sock into a hand puppet, or this old big sweater into a brand new dress?

2. Use natural materials

There are many kinds of yarn you can use in your projects – it’s good to know their types, because they have different qualities and looks. Some of them are also much better for the environment than others, so choose natural yarns as often as you can!

To learn more about it, check out my articles: Types of Yarn, or get straight to it and read about Animal Fiber-Based Yarns, Plant Fiber-Based Yarns and Synthetic and Novelty Yarns.

3. Don’t throw out your yarn ends

If you crochet a lot, you know what I’m talking about, because there’s always a ton of smaller and bigger yarn pieces that you don’t know what to do with. But before you throw them out, check out if you wouldn’t…

  • use them up in a scrap blanket
  • make an amigurumi toy with it
  • make an applique
  • stuff your amigurumi with it

Yarn ends are great for adding little details, so check out this article for more inspiration: Crochet in Details – Easy Way to Level Up Your Home Decor.

4. Make your own yarn

As I mentioned before, in most cases you can reclaim the yarn from your old projects, but did you know that you can make your own yarn, too?

  • Plarn – this word is a combination of plastic + yarn, clever! You can obtain it by cutting up disposable market bags, or other malleable plastic materials. Plarn is strong and waterproof, so you can use it in many different projects, such as baskets!
  • T-shirt yarn – cut up your old t-shirts and make your own yarn! There’s a ton of fantastic patterns you can use with it, so you won’t run out of ideas.
  • Dye your own yarn! It’s a bit messy and time consuming process, but it’s totally worth it. You can come up with your own colorways, and you make sure that your yarn is processed without bad chemicals.

5. Swap disposables for reusables

Think about any disposable items you use in your home, and consider if you can swap them for something reusable.

Bathroom and kitchen are the places where we use disposable items the most, so if you are ready to make a green upgrade, go straight to the next section! I’ll meet you there!

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Eco-friendly Crochet Ideas

1. For Everyday Errands

Crochet Market Bag Patterns

Who doesn’t love a good lightweight market bag? They are great for everyday errands, because they stretch easily to fit all your groceries. In the picture below you can see three lovely bags by Sarah and how beautiful they look in natural colors.

For more ideas check out this post: The Best Crochet Market Bags.

three crochet market bags

You can purchase crochet pattern for these lovely bags on ravelry.com – it’s called Cinch Top Market Tote by Emily Marie Davies.

If you are looking for free crochet patterns, check out these ones:

2. For The Kitchen

Crochet Produce Bag Patterns

Do you ever take small plastic disposable bags in the supermarket, or do you have an alternative? Crocheting a bunch of small produce bags will help you avoid plastic, wherever you go, because you can put inside all kinds of fruit or veggies. It comes in handy especially if you need to weigh them all in one batch, so be sure to have some with you!

They are very easy to make, so take a look at the photo below and admire the simplicity of lacy produce bag by Cosmaudi.

natural lacy produce bag among fruits

Looks like this Holi Produce Bag pattern by Cosmaudi is no longer available, but you can find lots of fantastic free patterns online.

If you are looking for free crochet patterns, check out these ones:

Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

There’s no need to buy textile dishcloths, or even disposable ones, when you can make such lovely crochet pieces with your own hands. Designers behind Hobbydingen decided to celebrate Earth Day with new colorful dishcloths, which you can see below, so maybe you would do it too?

For more ideas check out this post: Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns.

colorful crochet dishcloths

Crocheters behind Hobbydingen designed these lovely dishcloths especially for Earth Day 2021 – you can purchase them for a small fee on ravelry.com, or read more about it on hobbydingen.com.

If you are looking for free crochet patterns, check out these ones:

Crochet Hot Pad and Potholder Patterns

I love potholders, hot pads, and all kinds of thick cotton accessories, because they are essentials in the kitchen. In the picture below you can see how easy and beautiful can they be – Danie used assorted colors of brown and neutrals to make her rainbow-shaped hot pads.

rainbow-shaped hotpads

You can purchase crochet pattern for this hot pad on ravelry.com – it’s called Archway Trivet by Christina Smith.

If you are looking for free crochet patterns, check out these ones:

3. For The Bathroom

Crochet Soap Saver Patterns

Just insert your soap bar inside, and voila! Half of the soap foam you would otherwise drain in your sink will stay in the cotton cover, so add it to your list of eco-friendly ideas.

Crocheter behind Chompa Handmade decided to create a whole set of these beauties and sell them online, but you can consider them a fantastic gift idea, too. Take a look at the photo and see how cute they are!

soap saver crochet bag

If you are looking for free crochet patterns, check out these ones:

Crochet Face Scrubby Patterns

These cotton beauties are very useful in any bathroom, because they will help you with your beauty routine! Remove your make up or moisturize your face, and forget about disposable cotton pads.

In the picture below you can see how nice they look in neutral colors, so keep in mind this lovely version by Ines from Elderberry Farm Crafts.

circular crochet face scrubbies

To make this project, use free crochet pattern for Stitched Up Make Up Scrubbies by Kylie Moleta, which you can download directly from its page on ravelry.com. You may also like these free patterns:

Crochet Shower Sponge (Bath Pouf) Patterns

Pamper yourself with this amazing handmade bath pouf, or give it to someone you love along with face scrubbies and a soap saver. A set like this will be a proper celebration of eco-friendly home, because it’s much more durable than items made with soft, thin plastic.

  • photo by Caitie Moore (Thoresby Cottage) on ravelry.com

To make this project, use free crochet pattern for Cotton Shower Sponge by Caitie Moore (Thoresby Cottage), which you can find on thoresbycottage.com.

You may also like these free patterns:

4. For Home Cleaning

Crochet Swifter Swiffer Cover Patterns

Sweeping time! If you’re a proud owner of Swifter Swiffer (or any kind of such sweeper, really), you can easily make a bunch of reusable covers for it. It’s quick to make and beginner-friendly, so don’t be afraid to try it. This way you’ll have stylish and durable set of covers for everyday sweeping!

Both of these covers above are versions of the free crochet pattern for The Swifter Swiffer Cover by Knots of Rainbows, which you can download directly from ravelry.com. You may also like these free patterns:

Crochet Sponge Scrubby Patterns

Why buy scrubby sponges, if you can make some yourself? This project requires working with scratchy yarn, but that’s what makes it so useful in the kitchen. You can use it for cleaning, or gently scrub root vegetables.

To make this project, use free crochet pattern for Handy Palm Scrubby by Randy Cavaliere, available on yarnspirations.com, or ravelry.com. You may also like these free patterns:

Like what you see? Take a look at my free crochet pattern for Easy Drawstring Bag!

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