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Easy Heart Stitch Ideas

Today’s post is all about crochet heart stitch! Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so are you ready to feel the love? No matter if you are going to spend this day alone, with friends or have romantic plans with your other half – you absolutely need to find some time for crocheting! And what better theme to undertake than hearts, right?

I knew that there will come the time when I write about one of Olivia‘s tutorials, because they’re just so beautiful. Often the easiest techniques create the loveliest patterns, so you will find a lot of ideas for beginners, as usual.

Grab your crochet hook and let’s dive in!

How To Crochet The Heart Stitch Free Tutorial by Hopeful Honey

not only for valentine’s day

This romantic stitch is dense but cute, so use it for kitchen accessories, cowls, cushion covers or baby blankets. Once you learn the basics of this stitch, you will go on without even looking. It’s a perfect idea for a weekend project.


Olivia used Willow & Lark Ramble Yarn, which is 100% wool, in two lovely colorways: Snowdrop and Rhubarb Pink. She decided to use 3.75mm (F/5) crochet hook with it. I bet scissors and yarn needle for weaving ends will come in handy, too.

How To Crochet The Heart Stitch Free Tutorial by Hopeful Honey2

We start by making starting chain in multiples of 6 + 3. First row consists of double crochet stitches, next one of single crochets. Third row is when we introduce pink yarn. To achieve these cute heart shapes, we need to make double crochet clusters, which next are separated by background color.

For better instructions check out full video tutorial here, or written pattern if you prefer this way of learning.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. On top of that, my list of Stitch Series is still growing! For example, check out my article on Moss Stitch aka Linen Stitch Crochet Ideas!

Yes! Take me to this article! Moss Stitch aka Linen Stitch Crochet Ideas


Explore the article I wrote about Waffle Stitch Ideas, because it’s full of free resources!

15 Minute Heart Free Crochet Pattern + Video

crochet roundup!

I loved exploring today’s theme, because there are as many ideas as there are crocheters. Finally, I chose for you the cutest color combinations and ideas for this special technique. Remember that heart stitch blanket or accessory can be a stunning gift for someone you love!

Be sure to read the post carefully for free patterns and tutorials.

Hearts and Bobbles

Hearts and Hugs Blanket Version by Crochet for Squish

Puffy hearts and puffy dots combined in one pattern – that’s what BabyCloudCrochetCo’s design offers. As you can see in Crochet for Squish’s version, delicate cream is the perfect background for colorful elements. Rows of textural hearts, as well as panels of dense dots both create the comfy look we’re all looking for in crochet blankets.

This project was based on Hearts and Hugs Blanket pattern by BabyCloudCrochetCo, which you can purchase on

To work on puffy hearts, try Sonya Blackstone’s free crochet pattern called Puffy Hearts Blanket, which is available on, or on

Rainbow Bobble Heart Blanket Version by Anna

Bobble hearts have already appeared on my website, because it’s one of the cutest motifs one can think of! As you can see, in this project Melanie decided to organize the hearts in rows, and I love the fact that they point in both directions. This way the blanket has no top or bottom and always looks fine – clever!

You can purchase the pattern for Rainbow Bobble Heart Blanket by Melanie Poulter on, or

To see how to crochet bobble hearts, see free crochet pattern called Heart Bobble Square by Amy Lehman, which is available on, or on

Atria Heart Bobble blanket by Melanie Poulter

I mainly focus on heart motifs, but why not make the whole blanket in the shape of a heart? Melanie modified simple in-the-round pattern and created one big heart blanket. In the photos below you can see how nice it looks when you choose different color for each section.

You can purchase this pattern on

Heart Stitch Pillow by Helena Miranda
*free crochet pattern*

Hearts are quite universal motif, so it’s a good idea to use them in a gift project. This lovely cushion in the photos below was designed by Helena and features little puffy hearts in rows. Both heart stitch and pastel colors make it a perfect fit for a girly bedroom, but remember that changing the background colors can make it more elegant and sophisticated.

Find this free pattern on or

Simple Reversible Heart Stitch Ideas

I Love Scraps Afghan Version by djaya

This classic blanket pattern has many versions, but this one by djaya is one of my favorites. It features delicate colors and stunning lacy edging, which – to be frank – elevates it to the next level. Such baby blanket will be something to cherish for years and generations to come, that I’m sure of.

This is a version of free crochet pattern called I Love Scraps Afghan by Mary Ann Frits, which is available on, with more info on

Braided Hearts Crochet Blanket by Alison

If you’ve got heart stitch under your belt and want to experiment with it, simply combine it with basic stitches, because it looks awesome! Alison’s blanket which you can see below is exactly that – rows of double crochets (probably) and rows of heart stitch. Take a closer look and notice how the colors go with each other, because this palette is to die for!

You can purchase this particular pattern on, or crochet similar blanket by combining elements of free crochet pattern called Heart Stripe Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations Design Studio with basic crochet stitches. You can find this pattern on, or on

Heart Blanket by Marina Nikolaidou

Creating the perfect shape of the heart in heart stitch can be a challenge, but Marina’s blanket seems to absolutely nail it. As you can see, her hearts are plump and beautifully defined, so be sure to check out her pattern. Both pinks and blues look amazing, but play with the colors however you like and achieve the effects you want.

You can purchase the pattern for this project on or

Crochet similar blanket with the use of free crochet pattern called Heart Warmer Blanket
by Premier Yarns Design Team, which is available on, or on

Heart Blanket Vol.2 by Marina Nikolaidou

Marina decided to make yet another version of her stunning heart blanket and came up with this adorable design. Here the hearts play a different role, because panels of colorful motifs frame the bottom and the top of the piece. In between we can see something resembling shell stitch, but to be sure you must buy Marina’s crochet pattern 🙂

You can purchase the pattern for this project on or

I Love Scraps Afghan Version by Anomaliya

Cute little hearts on the simple cream background will look great in most color combinations, but lilac-inspired one is just stunning. Take a look below at Anomaliya’s blanket, which features wide flat border with thin stripes and crab stitch edging.

This is a version of free crochet pattern called I Love Scraps Afghan by Mary Ann Frits, which is available on, with more info on

I Love Scraps Baby Blanket Version by Alex Roosje

Spice up the heart pattern with vibrant colors, such as mustard yellow, pink and deep blue. Alex went a step further and decided to combine white and light grey in the background. The stripes are delicate, but they create an interesting aspect to this otherwise simple blanket – just take a look at the photo!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called I Love Scraps Afghan by Mary Ann Frits, which is available on, with more info on

Crochet Lovey by Elin Werner

It’s mostly about blankets here at my place, but it’s important to keep the flexible and open mind. As you can see in the pictures, Elin chose this cute heart stitch as a base for her crochet lovey. It’s a sleepy gnome hugging a tiny blanket – isn’t it just adorable?

This project can be made using tutorial from the beginning of this article. If you are looking for free lovey patterns, check out some of mine: Puppy Baby Lovey, Sleepy Bunny Lovey, or Striped Bunny Baby Lovey.

Heart Stitch by hellomissmaker

Bold colors go very well together and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Make a pouch, blanket or a lovely dishcloth with this amazing heart stitch. Check out more inspiring crochet projects by hellomissmaker on her Instagram!

Heart Stitch by hellomissmaker

This project can be made using tutorial from the beginning of this article.

Rainbow Heart Blanket by holly_pips

If you don’t know what color scheme to choose, go for foolproof solution – rainbow! Use little hearts as a detail or main motif against simple background. It looks great with basic crochet stitches! Take a look at holly_pips’ Instagram under the link above!

Rainbow Heart Blanket by holly_pips

To make similar project, use free pattern for Heart Stripe Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations Design Studio, available on

Heart Stitch Blanket by Wendi Chong

Cream and pink is a match made in heaven, and producers of candy know it very well. If you need an inspiration for a very girly design, go for little hearts! Wendi used crab stitch as edging and it looks really cute.

Heart Stitch Blanket by Wendi Chong aka wendicrocheter

This project can be made using tutorial from the beginning of this article.

Heart Blanket by Kwamsuk Designs

Pastel blue and colorful rows of hearts create a really lovely design. Here you can see how different colors of yarns can be used in every row, but I’m sure that using colorful ombre yarn for hearts would look stunning as well! See more of Kwamsuk Designs on their Instagram.

Heart Blanket by kwamsuk-designs

To make similar project, use free pattern for Puffy Hearts Blanket by Jerica Tompkins, available on

Flat Crochet Heart Stitch Ideas

Sweetheart Blanket and All Loved Up Baby Blanket by Butterfly Crochet

Filet crochet is a great technique for beginners, because it uses basic stitches to create fun patterns. As you can see below, little hearts emerge thanks to strategically placed stitches and holes. Crocheter behind Butterfly Crochet even combined it with many different stitches to create a truly unique baby blanket.

For the filet part of these projects, you can use similar free pattern called Baby Heart Beats Blanket by Mona El Deeb, which you’ll find on The rest of the blanket uses granny stitch, bobble stitch, v-stitch and basic stitches.

Graphic Heart Stitch Ideas

Heart Granny Blanket by the_crofters

Granny squares are so versatile not only because they are easy to make, but also because you can change them completely with the right use of colors. In this case crocheter behind the_crofters decided to go with heart-motif in the center and build up the rest of the blanket with simple granny stripe.

This blanket is based on Emma’s Hearts Blanket by Anita Gibney, which you can purchase on However, I linked lots of resources as well as a free pattern for heart granny square in my article called Granny Square Crochet Ideas.

Tune My Heart Blanket by Magdalene Lee
*free crochet pattern*

This project is a great example of a totally different approach to design. If you want your crochet heart to be bigger, go for this amazing idea! Making simple granny squares can be perfect opportunity to arrange them into something much more interesting.

Tune My Heart Blanket by Magdalene Lee

Find this free pattern on

Crochet Modern Hearts Baby Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts
*free crochet pattern*

Tapestry crochet is a topic for another article, but I just couldn’t resist showing you this adorable mint blanket. I can imagine this modern design changing its character completely when made with more contrasting colors – for example white and navy. It’s so versatile!

Crochet Modern Hearts Baby Blanket Free Pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

This is free crochet pattern and you’ll find it on

3D Heart Stitch Ideas

Crochet Heart Stitch by MyPicot
*free crochet pattern*

My journey with crochet actually started with me finding MyPicot’s designs and drooling over my laptop. As all of their patterns, this heart stitch is just heavenly! Structural, three-dimensional hearts look like applique, but are made as you go.

Crochet Heart Stitch Free Pattern by MyPicot

Find this free pattern with lovely photo-tutorial on

Frozen Hearts Baby Blanket by Crafting Happiness
*free crochet pattern*

Have you ever heard abour crocodile stitch? Well, if you look at it from the right perspective, the scales turn into cute hearts! As you can see, Ariana went for wintry palette, featuring white and two shades of blue. Simple moss stitch border is a great choice here, because this original stitch doesn’t need any more decoration.

Find this free pattern on


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