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I’ve had ombre cotton rope for a long time in my stash, not really knowing what to do with it. When summertime came, however, it dawned on me – of course! I need a small drawstring bag that will keep all of my essentials! As it turned out, one cake of ombre macrame yarn was exactly what I needed to make it happen.


I’m very happy how it turned out, and I hope that you like it, too! It was an easy project, which looks amazing in ombre yarn, because it’s worked in spirals and showcases the color changes beautifully. It’s made exclusively with single crochet stitches, so it’s great for beginners. Sandy hues make it a perfect beach bag!

sand drawstring bag

Psst… This project is fun, too. I promise!

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Easy and versatile crochet drawstring bag

I like working with macrame yarn, because it works up pretty fast, and creates dense and sturdy material. There are lots of beautiful colors available, and more fantastic colorways in ombre section. This drawstring bag requires no sewing, and it’s big enough for running everyday errands.

crochet bag


LEVEL – upper beginner

TERMS – standard US



  • yarn: one cake (225 m = 246,06 yds) of YarnArt Macrame Cotton col. 753 for the bag, and a little bit of rope for the string, I used the same kind of yarn in solid beige color.
  • crochet hook 4 mm
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • stitch marker (optional)


  • circular bottom of the bag is 22 cm wide (8.66 in)
  • the bag itself is 30 cm tall (11.8 in)
  • string is 140 cm long (~55 in)

Remember, that your crocheting style can affect the final size of this drawstring bag.

before you start

Before you start, a couple of important things:

  • we start from the center of the bottom and work our way up spirally, so the bigger you want your bottom to be, the shorter your bag would be. Measurements I’ve provided here work great to make this size of a bag out of one cake of yarn.
  • we are working in spirals, which means that you don’t end your row with slip stitch – instead, you go right to the next row. Stitch markers can be very useful here, so that you can see where one row ends and the next row starts.

Let’s begin!

 side view of the bag


We start in the center of the bottom, working spirally.

START: magic loop

ROW 1: 4 sc into the loop (4)

ROW 2: 4 inc (8) (increase = you work 2 sc in one st)

ROW 3: 8 inc (16)

ROW 4: *1 sc, 1 inc* all around (24)

ROW 5: *1 sc, 1 inc* all around (36)

ROW 6: 1 sc in each st all around (36)

ROW 7: *1 sc, 1 inc* all around (54)

ROW 8: 1 sc in each st all around (54)

ROW 9: 1 sc in each st all around (54)

ROW 10: 1 sc in each st all around (54)

ROW 11: *2 sc, 1 inc* all around (72)

ROW 12: 1 sc in each st all around (72)

ROW 13: 1 sc in each st all around (72)

ROW 14: *4 sc, 1 inc* all around (86)

ROW 15: 1 sc in each st all around (86)

bottom of the bag and side view

Make an edge of the base:

ROW 16: 1 back post sc in each st

Continue on body of the bag:

ROWS 17-60 (for about 30 cm / ~12 in): 1 sc in each st

Now to the holes in the bottom part:

ROW 61: *9 sc, 3 ch, skip 3* all around

ROW 62-64: 1 sc in each st

ROW 65: finish with 1 back post sc in each st.

Use tapestry needle or crochet hook to weave in the end of the yarn and secure it.

weaving in the string


Chain 4 and join with slip stitch. Work 1 sc in each stitch spirally until you get the desired length. 

Weave the string in the holes you have in the top part of your bag and make a knot near the ends. 

crochet string in the bag

you are done!

Hey, you’ve made it! Hope you enjoyed making this project as much as I’ve been designing it. This bag can become your newest accessory for summer season, or a beautiful gift for someone you love.

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If you happen to make this bag, I would love to see it! Please feel free to share the results with us in the comments or on social media. Of course, if you find any mistakes in the pattern or find it hard to understand, please let me know, so I can learn and improve!

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