A crocheted ball of pink yarn next to a crochet hook.

Curly cue

Also known as spiral or corkscrew stitch.

This is often used as a decorative stitch – as an icicle for hanging on a Christmas tree, as a finishing element for lace curtains, bows or in amigurumi (most often for crochet figures with many legs, such as jellyfish or octopuses).

The type and amount of crochet stitches applied to one chain stitch can vary, and each combination will give you different results. Below you will find basic formula for one type of curly cue, but the differences in looks are quite big, so be sure to find the perfect spiral for your project.


We first make a foundation chain (for example, 20 stitches – the more chain stitches, the longer our spiral will be). In the fourth chain stitch (counting from the hook), we make two double crochet stitches. The first three stitches which we leave make up a turning chain, taking the place of our first double crochet stitch. We continue making the piece, crocheting three stitches in each chain stitch right up to the end – the crochet piece will begin to twist by itself. We now have a spiral. 

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