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Crochet Star Blanket Ideas

Crochet star blanket patterns are a fantastic alternative to regular-shaped ones, such as rectangular, or circular. You can interpret this unique shape in many ways, because you can easily modify the amount of arms your star will have. Baby blankets of this shape will be a great baby shower gifts, especially when paired with other accessories in the same color scheme.

There are many crochet patterns for star blankets, so you can choose any style you like! If you are going to come up with your own pattern, be careful about calculating the right amount of stitches, because you may end up with frills.

Fun alternative for squares

Are crochet star blankets hard to make?

Not at all! To achieve the star shape you will have to work increases in the right places, so that your blanket grows in a predictable way. Of course, we work star blankets in the round, so that’s another thing you should be aware of. Most of the patterns use basic stitches, so I think it’s a great upper-beginner level project.

What do I need to start?

As with any crochet projects, you will need a pattern, some yarn and a crochet hook. In my Crochet Roundup section you will find a selection of the most eye-catching ideas, as well as free and paid patterns to get started!
Remember that your yarn of choice will highly affect the final size of the blanket.
When in doubt, see my Knowledge Base for Beginners!

How to choose the right pattern for me?

Great question! I’ve written an article about it called How to Choose the Right Crochet Project, but for this specific theme I recommend this approach:
  • Think about the size and shape you want to achieve, because stars may differ from one another very much! The more arms, the more circular your blanket will be.
  • Do you want it plain or with sprinkles? I’m joking of course, but what I mean is, how much pizzazz in terms of stitches you’d like to add. Bobbles, granny, or lace? It’s all up to you!
  • When in doubt, choose simplicity, because it’s the best way to ensure you actually finish the project without getting frustrated!

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns have some projects that might interest you, , so if you want to know more about crochet, read my articles on different topics.

Delicate Star Stitch Ideas


Star Shaped Flower Free Crochet Pattern + Video!

Star Shaped Flowers Free Crochet Pattern


crochet roundup!

It was a true challenge to choose just a few of crochet star blanket ideas for this post, because there are so many fantastic versions out there!

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Lovely Pastels

Pastel Star Blankets by Butterfly Crochet

Five point blankets have the cutest star shape, because it’s a classic one! Crocheter behind Butterfly Crochet is a big fan of rainbows, and I decided to show you two most adorable ones – pastel ones! As you can see, it’s sweet and the color flow is on point, so keep it in mind for your next project.

To make a similar project you can use a free crochet pattern called Star Blanket by Bernat Design Studio, which is available on and

Crochet Star Blanket by Valérie

I am a big fan of dividing colors with white, and Valérie’s project in the photos below proves that it works great! Sometimes colors don’t look good when placed one by one, but the simple trick of incorporating white in between works like magic!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called 12 Point Star Blanket by Bella Coco, which you can find on

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket Version by Zeba Mohsin

You don’t have to have any special skills to turn a simple star blanket into a structural one, because all you need are post stitches! Yes, take a look at Zeba’s project in the pictures below and notice that some of her rounds are “sticking out”. How to do it? Just work these rows as back post stitches!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young, which you can download from

Fun and Vibrant

12 Point Star Blanket Version by Yarn Sister

A star with twelve points and gentle spikes looks almost as if it’s a flower, am I right? Nicole chose a beloved pattern by Bella Coco and used a bunch of juicy vibrant colors. Take a look at the photo and see what a difference the edging makes, because it’s the perfect finishing touch!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called 12 Point Star Blanket by Bella Coco, which you can find on Find interesting edging ideas in my article about The Best Crochet Edging and Border Ideas.

Starburst Blankie by Maeketh

Rainbow-colored yarn cakes are a great choice for blankets which you work in the round, because there’s no weaving involved! If you are a lazy crocheter like me, you will know how good this is. Maeketh combined two cakes of Honeydukes colorway from Lion Brand Mandala yarn, so check it out below!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called Starburst Blankie by Teresa Chorzepa, which you can download from, or read more about it on

Sophisticated Darks

Pom-pom Star Blanket by Jill of neverjillian

Remember, there’s always a way to make a project sophisticated and subdued, because it’s all about the colors. Jill went for earthy hues, such as dark greys, dark reds and yellows. I can see this project looking amazing in a modern nursery, but what I love most are the pom-poms!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called 12 Point Star Blanket by Bella Coco, which you can find on Learn how to make pom-poms with a tutorial by Heart Hook Home, available on

Spaced Out Baby Blanket by tachyons22

If you want to combine fun with education, transform your simple blanket into a map of the Milky Way! Crocheter going by the name tachyons22 used the center of the blanket as the Sun and added applique on the arms to show where the planets are. So clever!

This is a version of free crochet pattern called Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young, which you can download from To make your own appliques, get inspired by my article about The Art of Freeform Crochet.

It’s All in the Details

Bobble Star Blanket Version by Cupcake Crochet Crafts

Colorful bobbles? Yes, please! This cute blanket by Cupcake Crochet Crafts uses grey yarn for the background and colorful yarn for the textured rows. I can easily see this blanket in a modern nursery, or used as a rug in kids’ room!

This project used Bobble Star Blanket pattern by Donna Browne, which you can purchase through, or read more about it on Learn more about bobbles in my article about Fun Bobble Stitch Ideas.

Starborn by Johanna Lindahl

While many of the patterns for star blankets use medium weight cotton yarns, Johanna’s project makes the most of light ombre yarn. It’s delicate and drapey, so the final effect has quite a different feel! As you can see, this pattern features both openwork and post stitches, which she balanced in a beautiful way.

You can purchase this pattern through, or read more about it on

Ailsa’s Peacock Delight by Ailsa Crochet

What about mosaic crochet star blanket – isn’t it a crazy idea? This project by Ailsa features truly nordic colors, because they remind me of Northern Lights! Mosaic crochet is quite a challenging technique, so be sure to grasp the basics of it before starting this project.

This is a version of a pattern called Peacock Delight CAL by Crochet Hooks and Magic, which you can purchase through, or read more about it on

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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