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Crochet Snowflakes Mini CAL 2023

It’s this time of year again – time to start making crochet ornaments! Just like a couple of years ago, I’m here with a new Crochet Snowflakes Mini-CAL.

Why mini CAL? Because we’re not working on one big project, but instead on one free pattern each week. This time, I’ve got seven unique snowflake patterns for you. They are slightly more complex than the last time, but they will beautifully complement your current collection of handmade ornaments. Let’s get to it!

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What is it all about?

This CAL is a series of patterns for crochet snowflakes, which will be perfect as Christmas tree ornaments, coasters, wall decor, or more.

One free crochet snowflake pattern will be published every Wednesday in November and December 2023. There will be 7 parts, in which you will find 7 written patterns for crochet snowflakes.

Is this CAL free?

Yes, this CAL is and will always remain free on this website.

I’m a beginner – will I be able to make these crochet snowflakes?

Yes! These patterns use basic stitches, tall stitches, and many, many chains 🙂

They are a little bit more complex than my other snowflake patterns, but you will most definitely be able to make them if you’re patient enough. For optimal results, you should be comfortable with working in the round and managing a small crochet hook with light crochet thread.

What do I need to make these snowflakes?

You need a crochet thread, a small size of crochet hook, some scissors, and a bit of patience. You will always find the exact specifications in the pattern notes of each snowflake.

How do you make the snowflakes keep their shape?

By blocking and stiffening, honey! Learn all about it by clicking the links – there’s even a video tutorial included.

Have more questions about crochet snowflakes? Ask in the comment section below!


Free crochet patterns crochet snowflakes.

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