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Today’s theme is the epitome of autumn – Crochet Pumpkin Patterns! They are the ultimate autumnal decor, because they will look great all season long. You can go for big ones that will decorate your porch, or tiny ones, to put in a bowl on the table. Your imagination is the limit, but I hope that these projects will ignite the spark and inspire you to make your own.

Sometimes there are days like today, in which I want to share with you clever ideas, but don’t have much time to spend writing a big post. That’s why I came up with Quick Roundup series, in which I will be sharing 5-10 best ideas for crochet techniques, projects and patterns 🙂

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Crochet Roundup!

In this article you will find my subjective selection of the most eye-catching crochet pumpkin pattern ideas that I’ve found in the depths of the Internet. Some of them are based on free crochet patterns, but some of them are spontaneous creations of their makers. Take a look at the projects below and choose the ones you like the most!

Classic Crochet Pumpkins

Harvest Crochet Pumpkins by Tamzing
*free crochet pattern*

Vibrant yellows and oranges of pumpkins always pop on the background of autumnal landscape, so invite these colors to your home, too! These plump beauties look great in all sizes, so mix and match them to create the perfect decor. Use leftover yarns for this project and get inspired by the beauties you can see below – Tamzing created a lovely bunch!

This project is based on a free crochet pattern Harvest Crochet Pumpkins by Yarnspirations Design Studio – you can find it on yarnspirations.com or read more about it on Ravelry. To see more of the version from the photo, click the link below the picture.

Little Crochet Pumpkins by Magdalena Nowicka

This is definitely the most whimsical seasonal decor I’ve stumbled upon, and it’s because Magdalena styled her photos perfectly! Little crochet pumpkins look so precious arranged on the wood slice, among delicate dry flowers. Take a look at Magdalena’s idea below and get inspired!

This project is available as free crochet pattern, but only in Polish – here on Instagram.

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Harvest Crochet Pumpkins by Annetta Bosakova
*free crochet pattern*

Did you know that pumpkins can be romantic? Oh yes, and this beauty by Annetta proves it right! Subtle crochet decor, like the one you see below, will be the perfect addition to your home. This project is based on a free pattern, which is very easy to make, so you will be able to do it, even if you are a beginner!

  • photos by Annetta Bosakova from Ravelry

This project is based on a free crochet pattern Harvest Crochet Pumpkins by Yarnspirations Design Studio – you can find it on yarnspirations.com or read more about it on Ravelry. To see more of the version from the photo, click the link below the picture.

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Farm Fresh Pumpkin by The Turtle Trunk
*free crochet pattern*

Rustic crochet pumpkins will fit perfectly into minimalist or farmhouse interiors, so go for these structural beauties, if you like this style! Crocheter behind The Turtle Trunk used little pieces of twigs as stems, which ties them even more closely to the natural world. As you can see in the photos below, putting them on a simple tray and adding cones is enough to create a lovely centerpiece for your table.

Find free crochet pattern for these pumpkins on whoshomemade.com.

Tunisian Fall Pumpkins by Arunima Goel
*free crochet pattern*

Are you a fan of tunisian crochet? If you are, these pumpkins are a quick project you can make in no time, but if you’ve never tried this technique before, it’s a great opportunity to learn. Tunisian crochet results in a different texture than regular, so it’s a great choice for decorative pieces. Take a closer look at the photos below and admire the unique surface of each colorful pumpkin by Arunima!

  • photos by Arunima Goel from Ravelry

Find this project by Arunima Goel as a free crochet pattern – on knitterknotter.com or read more about it on Ravelry.

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Rustic Crochet Pumpkins

Country Pumpkins by Ashleigh Kiser
*free crochet pattern*

Handmade decor always have some tiny imperfections and that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful. If you want to go for rustic style, crochet pumpkins will fit right in, because they add ‘farmhouse vibe’ that everyone loves. Go for colors of nature – neutrals, rich rusty reds and oranges, or for speckled yarn. As you can see, Ashley added little cinnamon bark pieces, so you can be sure that it will smell good, too!

This project is available as free crochet pattern on sewrella.com.

Rustic Pumpkin by Lulu Loves
*free crochet pattern*

These fluffy pumpkins work up fast and have adorable frilly moustache! Whether you want to take moody autumnal photos for your Instagram account, or just make your table beautiful for upcoming party, this pattern is for you. In the pictures you can see that Lulu tried out both light and dark yarn – and it looks great in both versions!

This project is available as free crochet pattern on lululoves.co.uk.

Autumn Harvest Pumpkins by My Crochet Shack
*free crochet pattern*

Have you ever thought about making striped pumpkins? This easy trick will make your seasonal decor unique and eye-catching, so take a look below at the fantastic autumnal scene by My Crochet Shack. Experiment with color combinations, so you can find the ones that suit you and your home best.

Original free crochet pattern for Autumn Harvest Pumpkins was designed by Danielle and is available on aknottyhabitsdesign.com.

The Trinity Pumpkins by Simply Made by Erin

Erin came up with a whole bunch of different pumpkin designs, so you are in for a treat! To make your crochet pumpkins even more cute and interesting, decorate them with ribbons, twine and pieces of twigs as stems. Don’t be afraid of unusual colors, too – as you can see below, navy or grey ones look as cute as yellow!

You can find Erin’s collection of crochet patterns on her website – simplymadebyerin.com.

Planet June Pumpkin by Hotwheels00
*free crochet pattern*

If you prefer rustic style, and happen to have a lot of leftover yarn ends, put them to good use and create a bunch of crochet pumpkins! They are different sizes and colors, so each one is unique. You can put them on your porch, or make them sit in a bowl on the table, because it’s all up to you. One thing is certain – your Thanksgiving dinner will be much more stylish this year!

      • photos by Hotwheels00 from Ravelry

This project is based on a free crochet pattern for Pumpkin by June Gilbank – you can find it on planetjune.com or read more about it on Ravelry. To see more of the version from the photo, click the link below the picture.

Original Crochet Pumpkin Ideas

Double Twist Pumpkin by Alex DellAringa
*free crochet pattern*

If you want crochet pumpkins that are a little bit more modern and minimalistic, this project by Alex can be the one you were looking for. As you can see, not only the colors are unusual, but also the combination of a very simple rounded shape and subtle texture.

This project is available as free crochet pattern on youshouldcraft.com.

Striped Pumpkins by K Hook Creations
*free crochet pattern*

Now that’s an unusual approach! These graphic crochet pumpins catched my eye immediately, because they combine classic fall colors with black. The construction of this pumpkin makes it easy to add a little “seam” effect, which you can see in the top photo.

This project is available as free crochet pattern on khookcreations.com.

Pumpkin Appliques by Raffaella Tassoni
*free crochet pattern*

For those of you who already have three-dimensional pumpkin decor, I’ve got this flat one by Raffaella! Big pumpkins can serve as coasters for your table, and small ones will be perfect as an applique, so you can add them to clothes and accessories. Kids will fall in love with them, I am sure – just take a look below and see for yourself.

This project is available as free crochet pattern on raffamusadesigns.com.

Cupcakes Magic Pumpkins by Cupcake Crochet and Crafts

Is imitating nature too plain and boring for you? Because if it is, you should take a look at magical crochet pumpkin pattern by Cupcake Crochet and Crafts! These easy decor pieces are fantastic for using up leftover yarn ends, because one pumpkin uses as many as six colors!

To make a similar project, you can use free crochet pattern for Herringbone Pumpkins by Keke Grace – go for yarnsociety.com, or read more on Ravelry.

Colorful Crochet Pumpkins by Whimsical Rainbow

Multicolored, shiny yarn for crochet pumpkin pattern? Why not? Designer behind Whimsical Rainbow proves that a little bit of flair really adds to seasonal decor. As you can see below, delicate color changes on each pumpkin are perfectly chosen, so that they represent the hues of autumnal leaves. Pair it with other bits and pieces to make your festive table setting truly magical!

To make a similar project, you can use free crochet pattern for Easy Crochet Pumpkins by Gina Michele – go to gina-michele.com, or read more on Ravelry.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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