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15 Best Crochet Crop Top Patterns and Inspiration

The fashion world went crazy for crochet crop tops and all things handmade. Luckily, we don’t have to spend a fortune on designer pieces – we can make them!

In this article, I share a bunch of free crochet crop top patterns, as well as some paid ones. Each is special and beginner-friendly, so you can easily add a crochet top to your wardrobe this summer.

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The Beautiful World of Crochet Crop Top Patterns

If you are into summer crochet clothes, you may have noticed that there are many types of crochet tops.

Crop Top

The term “crop” simply refers to the shortened length of the top. Crop tops can have straps, sleeves (even long sleeves); can be boxy or fitted. Such fit reveals belly area and looks best when worn with high-waisted pants or skirts.

Halter Top

This type of top features straps that we tie on the back of our neck, instead of regular ones. Such construction leaves the back of the top open, revealing shoulders. Halter tops are often cropped, which makes them perfect for hot summer weather.


We call the smallest type of crochet top a bralette because it is very similar to a bra. You may also find it under the name “festival top”, as it became popularized during summer festivals such as Coachella. Bralettes are very short and revealing but often feature beautiful lacework.

Looking for more patterns?

Free crochet flower applique pattern.

Free Crochet Crop Top Patterns

Galilean Moon Crop Top by Lori Carson

Lori’s crochet bralette is the epitome of summer and a perfect choice for a music festival. Slim spaghetti straps create lovely lines on the body, and the scalloped edge adds boho vibes. As you can see in the top photo, you can finish off the cups with various stitches to make them more unique.

free crochet bralette pattern
photos by Lori Carson from

Find this free crochet pattern on, or

Spring Speckle Bralette Festival Top Version by Vchiu

The crocheter going by the name Vchiu created her version of Carrie’s crochet bralette design. She used delicately speckled yarn, which is eye-catching, but not overly busy. The subtle bow at the front not only keeps the cups together but also adds a feminine touch.

free crochet boho crop top pattern
photos by Vchiu from

Find this free crochet pattern by Carrie Chambers on, or read more on For more info about this version, click the link in the photo caption.

Mya Crop Top by Grace Forthefrills

Crocheters all around the world fell in love with Grace’s simple but charming top designs. One of my favorites, Mya Crop Top, features a clever detail. As you can see in the photos, by weaving a simple string, you can adjust the top to your body.

free crochet crop top pattern
photos by Grace Forthefrills from

Find this free crochet pattern on, or

Summer Flower Top by Heini Pääsky

Is your granny square blanket project going along? If not, turn it into a lovely summer top with a flick of a crochet hook. Heini’s design uses granny squares’ natural shape to construct a simple summer top.

free crochet granny square top pattern
photos by Heini Pääsky from

Find this free crochet pattern on, or

The Jasmine Bralette by Samantha Casale

Samantha’s design is a marriage between a boho bralette and a feminine halter top. I’m a big fan of the racerback detail because it’s more common in tank tops. A dramatic ruffled finishing is definitely a showstopper, but totally skippable if you’re into simpler designs.

free crochet bralette pattern
photos by Samantha Casale from

Find this free crochet pattern on, or

Pura Vida Halter Top by Amanda Love Santos

Amanda’s halter top pattern may look simple, but it’s meticulously designed. Starting with a stunning combination of colors, eye-catching spike stitch, to the inverted V-shape. It’s simplicity goes hand in hand with perfection.

spike stitch crochet halter top
photos by Amanda Love Santos from

Find a free tutorial on, or

Woodstock Weekend Version by Ghene

There is no simpler way to ‘build’ a top than to stack some granny squares. Play with colors inside the squares, choosing as vivid or subdued hues as you like. However, make sure their outer round is the same color to tie the whole project together.

crochet granny square crop top pattern
photos by Ghene from

Find the original free crochet pattern by DROPS Design on, or read more on For more info about this version, click the link in the photo caption.

Crop Top Maya by Fountoulaki Ioanna

If you dream about a top that will turn you into a mermaid, this might be the one. Not only does it feature dreamy pastels, but also decorative shell stitches. Make this crop top as long or short as you like and experiment with colors to make it uniquely yours.

crochet halter top pattern with shell stitch
photos by Fountoulaki Ioanna from

Find this free crochet pattern on, or through

Caged Halter Top by Brittany Jaxon

This is a true chameleon among crochet tops, and it changes depending on the colors you use. Do you prefer a rainbow palette or elegant greens and browns? Follow Brittany’s free video tutorial and make your favorite version for the season.

crochet halter top pattern with lacy details
photos by @brittanyjaxon on Instagram: source

Find the free video tutorial on

Crochet Ruffle Crop Top by Chenda DIY

This crochet top is one of the sweetest and most feminine of all. The best thing, though, is that it’s actually a beginner-friendly pattern. Turn a simple bandeau shape into a fitted beauty by adding a drawstring at the front.

pink crop top with ruffled straps
photos by @chenda_diy on Instagram: source

Find a free video tutorial on

Easy Crochet Bralette by Chenda DIY

The secret of Chenda’s stunning crochet bralette is hidden on the wrong side of the work. You guessed it – this top has sewn-in foam cups! They help with the fit and eliminate the problem of see-through crochet.

yellow crochet crop top
photos by @chenda_diy on Instagram: top, bottom

Find a free video tutorial on

Premium Crop Top Patterns and Inspiration

Cosmos Crop Top by Kayla Raymakers

Kayla’s crochet top uses floral granny squares to build the midriff part of the torso. I love her choice of simple white cotton yarn, as it adds a vintage feel. If you look closely at the photos, you will notice that she used a part of the granny square to create leaves for the flowers.

floral granny square crop top
photos by @kaycustom on Instagram: source

Purchase this pattern on

Granny Crochet Crop Top by Cassandra

I can’t get enough of granny square top patterns, because they are so simple! This project by Cassandra doesn’t even require making straps – the ribbons keep the top in place. You can do the same with any crochet square, but remember to join them in a fun way.

granny square crop top with ribbon straps
photos by @sunshine.grind on Instagram: source

The author doesn’t mention any specific pattern she used, but you can easily make a similar crochet top by making a bunch of Sunburst Granny Squares.

Summer Crop Top by I Feel So Cool

If you’re not into boho style, simplify the pattern! Remove any frills and ruffles, change lacy stitches to basic ones, and you will end up with a minimalist piece. Although this lovely top has no crochet pattern, I still wanted to include it. So simple and inspiring!

minimalist crochet crop top
photos by @shopifeelsocool on Instagram: source

Flower Bikini by Madame Chada

Madame Chada’s crochet bikini tops are unique, both in terms of shape and style. First, these tops consist of two octagons and a string – easy, right? Crochet octagons are much less popular than hexagons, but their shape works perfectly for this project. Second, crochet the flowers as you go or add some on top.

floral crochet bikini
photos by @madamechada.official on Instagram: top, bottom

There’s no pattern available for this project, but you can make a similar item by crocheting a solid pentagon and attaching a flower on top.


As you can see, there are many types of crochet crop tops. Shorter, longer, halter, or boho – you choose which style works best for you. Using mostly basic crochet stitches, these crochet patterns allow beginners to create their own summery garments.


What is the best yarn for crochet crop tops?

Usually, we use cotton to crochet a crop top, but there are other options. Lightweight linen yarns, cotton blends, or special swimsuit yarns will be great, too. The yarn must be soft to touch on bare skin and keep the shape. The crochet pattern will tell you exactly what yarn weights to choose from.

What crochet stitch is best for tops?

Crochet designers use various stitches to make crochet tops, so it depends on the project. However, common practice is to use tightly packed single crochet stitches to create the cups. This way, they hold the shape better and are not see-through.

How long does it take to crochet a crop top for beginners?

The time spent on the project is always related to its complexity, but also to the crocheter’s skills. Crocheting a top may take from 4-5 hours to 20 or more, depending on the crop top crochet pattern.

If the pattern uses only basic techniques, such as double crochet stitches or slip stitch, it will work quite fast.

What do you need to crochet a crop top?

As with any other crochet project, you need the skeins of yarn and a corresponding crochet hook size. Scissors and a yarn needle will come in handy, too. If you are following a specific pattern, print it out or prepare a piece of paper to write down any notes as you work.

Can I wear a crop top as a bra?

Yes, it will be a good choice to wear under sheer oversized blouses or cardigans. You can also wear it as it is in warm weather.

What to wear under a crochet crop top?

Usually, crochet crop tops reveal a lot, so wearing nothing is the best idea. However, some designs allow for a bra underneath or have sewn-in foam cups. Others are so oversized you can wear them on top of fitted tops.

Do crochet tops stretch?

The amount of stretch depends heavily on the type of yarn and stitch used for a project. However, most tops use cotton yarn, which is quite sturdy. The more lacy the design, the more stretchy it will be.

How to crochet halter top straps?

Many halter tops have simple chain string straps, but it may not be enough for some of us. You can use basic stitches, such as single crochet, to make a strap of the desired width.


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