Crocheted converse shoes in different colors.

10 Best Crochet Baby Converse Booties | Pattern Ideas + Inspiration

Are you looking for crochet baby booties? If so, then you are in the right place. In Quick Roundup series I share 5-10 best ideas for crochet techniques, projects and patterns that caught my eye, so stay tuned for next parts!

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How to crochet converse baby booties?

First of all, it’s easier than you think. If you’ve never crocheted little shoes, you will be surprised how easy it actually is! What makes them look like original sneakers? It’s all about the style, the use of color and details – such as the lines on the sole, or circular tag on the side.

To make this cute diy use any sneaker-style booties free pattern and adjust the details, or try paid crochet patterns, which I’ve linked throughout my Crochet Roundup section. You can also choose to follow YouTube tutorials.

What do you need to crochet this project?

This project cannot go without the right kind of yarn, and cotton yarn will be great here. To achieve classic look, you will need white yarn for the sole and the color of your choice for the rest of the shoe. I personally love the black details, so I would grab a bunch of leftover black yarn as well.

Every kind of yarn has different qualities, so be sure to know what’s what before you start. Learn more about types of yarn in my Yarn 101 Series!

What size are these baby converse sneakers?

Both free and paid crochet patterns are available in many sizes, mostly for babies from 0 to 18 months. There are even bigger sizes available sometimes, but crocheted shoes are in majority designed for little ones who yet can’t, or are just learning to walk.

Crochet Roundup

Below you will find a selection of crochet converse sneakers pattern ideas that are easy and fun to crochet! I’m sure there’s your next project hiding somewhere, so check them out!

Stylish and Easy Baby Converse Booties

Blue Baby Booties by ltrofa_hobbi

Let your creativity roam free when it comes to choosing the right palette, and start with a theme, because it helps a lot! ltrofa chose a maritime topic and created a fantastic set for a newborn – a whale rattle, starfish softie and blue shoes. See below how meticulous are her stitches!

You can make similar project by using free crochet pattern called Baby Converse by Suzanne Resaul, which is available to download on

Colorful Sneaker Baby Booties by ltrofa_hobbi

The more you crochet, the more professional your works are! Treat it as a challenge for yourself and create as many cute colour combinations as you can. What’s more – you can crochet amigurumi to accompany the shoes, be it a rattle or a crochet lovey.

You can make similar project by using free crochet pattern called Baby Booties by AamraGul, which is available on

Crochet High Top Booties by ChoosyStuff

If you want your kiddo to be super stylish, go for subdued colors and neutral yarn instead of bright white. It will create a very sophisticated look, because it looks much more “adult” than bright hues. Oh, and don’t forget about the details – see how Beth’s look like below.

You can purchase original ChoosyStuff’s crochet patterns through Etsy in sizes for 0-3 months and 3-18 months.

Assorted Converse Baby Booties by Juno Handmade

Once you try crocheting baby shoes, you won’t want to stop! Gather all the leftover cotton yarn you’ve got and crochet a whole bunch. What to do with all of them, you ask? You can give them away to friends and amily, or donate them for a good cause. With some effort you can earn a dollar, too – just sell them, just like Juno Handmade!

You can make similar project by using free crochet pattern called Baby Allstar Sneakers
by Luisa Baccellieri, which is available on

Aurora’s Converse Booties by susansands

Susan chose lovely fuchsia colour for this pair and I must say that it looks adorable. Little white tags with crocheted stars add to the overall classic look. Please take a look below and see how nicely it works in just two colors!

This project is a version of free crochet pattern called Baby Converse by Suzanne Resaul, which is available to download on

Baby Sneakers by JennaJoy

I can imagine stylish kiddo that will wear these shoes by Jenna! I would love to crochet these for the whole family, but I know that it’s not that easy… Adults need proper soles, right? Well, all I can do is to admire these pink sneakers in the photos below.

This project is a version of Baby Sneakers by CrochetSneakers, which you can purchase on

Baby Converse Booties by Paola Dansi

Don’t want to experiment? Try imitating the classic style, just like Paola. Her crocheted items are so lifelike, they will be great for a matchy-matchy mom and daughter look. Take a look at the picture to see that they feature subtle embroidery around the tag!

You can make similar project by using free tutorial called Baby Converse Shoes by Karen Bestwick, which is available on

Classic Sneaker Baby Booties by Te invito a un café

Yet another take on an iconic shape and style results in the stunning pairs that you can see in the pictures below. Crocheter behind Te invito a un café chose red, white and black and combined it in two different ways. What’s best, though? These shoes even have metal eyelets!

Make similar project with free crochet pattern called Baby Converse by Marie Wall, which is available to download on

Colorful Converse Baby Booties by Juno Handmade

Why play by the rules, when you can break them? What you see in the pictures below is a great example of using lots of different hues in the same project. I cannot help but think about all the leftover yarn ends that you can use up and DIY something cute!

Make similar project with Sneakers Baby Booties pattern by Alisa Chernobaeva, which you can purchase through

Crochet Converse Baby Booties by Zorana Popovic

Zorana’s shoes are so adorable, I cannot stop looking at them! Blue and red versions will work both in girls’ and boys’ wardrobes, so don’t worry about using these yarns. If your little one grows out of these shoes, be sure to pass them on, so that other family can cherish them.

Make similar project using free crochet pattern called Baby Converse by Suzanne Resaul, which is available to download on

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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