Three crocheted ornaments with the text free pattern.

Christmas Crochet Baubles | Free Pattern + Video!

Crochet Baubles are great, because they are fun to make and can be a true game-changer when it comes to Christmas decor. Think about it as an eco-friendly project, so instead of buying plastic ornaments, just make your own.

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These crochet baubles are soft – it means, that they have a stuffing inside. You can find patterns that work over the existing plastic or glass bauble, but not this one.

If you have crazy home animals, who like to destroy shiny things, or a small baby, who can’t resist touching your decor, these baubles are a great solution!

Psst… This project is fun, too. I promise!

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Yes! Take me to this free pattern!

Get to work!

It’s a fantastic project to use up any leftover yarn ends that you have laying around. That’s what I did – I mixed and matched the colors!

You may want to know how to change colors, too – check out my article on How to Change Colors in Crochet for more info. If you like, use Standing Stitch to start out each new row, instead of turning chain!

Let’s start!

Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern


LEVEL – upper beginner

TERMS – standard US

  • yarn: I used YarnArt Jeans and Gazzal Baby Cotton in various colors (in fact you can use any yarn and corresponding hook you want, just stick to one kind of yarn for one bauble)
  • crochet hook 2,5 mm
  • toy filling
  • scissors

Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern

before you start

  • sc blo = single crochet in the back loop only
  • hdc blo = half double crochet in the back loop only
  • sc inc = 2 single crochet stitches in one stitch (increase)
  • hdc inc = 2 half double crochet stitches in one stitch (increase)
  • sc dec = 2 single crochet stitches joined at the top (decrease)
  • hdc dec = 2 half double crochet stitches joined at the top (decrease)

The final shape of the baubles depends highly on the way you stuff them, so be sure that they are nice and pulp!

I recommend using at least two colors for these baubles, because otherwise the spikes and details will not be visible.

Let’s begin!

Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern

christmas baubles

  • change the color each row in the sequence you see in the photos, or choose your own colors!
  • numbers in the brackets indicate the overall number of stitches in each row. 1 chain stitch at the beginning of the row DOES NOT add to the overall number, because it’s a turning chain.
  • instructions between *asterisks* should be repeated as many times as it’s indicated right after it.

START: magic ring


1 chain, 7 hdc, sl st (7)


1 chain, *1 hdc inc* x8, sl st (16) – NOTE: the first decrease is worked in the stitch as close to the beginning chain as possible. This ensures that there are no holes in the circle, but you end up with an even number of stitches.


1 chain,*1 hdc inc, 1 hdc blo* x8, sl st (24)


1 chain, *1 sc inc, 1 sc blo* x12, sl st (36)


1 chain, *2 hdc blo, 1 hdc* x12, sl st (36)


1 chain, 36 hdc blo, sl st (36)


1 chain, *1 hdc blo, 1 hdc* x18, sl st (36)


continue as round 7 (36)


1 chain, 36 hdc blo, sl st (36)


1 chain, *1 hdc dec blo, 1 hdc* x12, sl st (24)


1 chain, *1 sc blo, 1 sc* x12, sl st (24)


1 chain, *1 hdc dec blo, 1 hdc* x8, sl st (16)

  • at this stage fill the bauble with filler.

1 chain, 1 sc blo in each st, sl st (16)


1 chain, sc dec until closed, sl st

Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern

almost done!

If you want, you can make a LOOP, so that your crochet baubles hang nicely on the tree. How to do it?

Don’t cut the yarn, and instead make 20 chain stitches. Attach them to the bauble with slip stitch forming a loop, then secure the knot and hide the thread.

Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Pattern

you are done!


While I work hard to make sure the projects I publish are the highest quality, this pattern is untested and may contain errors. If you notice one, please let me know – I’m going to revise it and correct as soon as possible.

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