Crochet chevron afghan patterns.

Chevron Stitch Ideas

Today’s article is all about chevron stitch! In design, you can find motifs so obvious, that we don’t even think about them. Simple geometric shapes, such as squares, triangles or circles can become invisible to us, observers, because they are employed to create bigger structures. These structures, organized in intricate patterns and color stories, create something much bigger than themselves.

One of such structures is chevron pattern, known widely as zig-zag or V-shaped motif. The word chevron is used also in reference to military insignia – badges with V-shape indicating rank or length of service. In crochet, knitting, surface and interior design, we use it to name everything that is zig-zaggy!

This basic idea is very popular and you will find it in many designs, and some of them you can see in the picture below. Actually, how to make chevron patterns is one of the first things you should learn, if you are an aspiring crocheter, so let’s start!

Chevron Stitch Ideas

simple idea – endless possibilities!

Basic premise of chevron is to increase and decrease stitches regularly throughout one row. This way we create top points and valleys, which direct the stitches up and down. Depending on your repetition, you can make your chevron bigger or smaller. It’s a very simple idea, and you can employ it with all basic stitches and most crochet techniques.

How do I start?

To make your own chevron pattern, you can use any type of yarn and corresponding hook you want.
PSST! Learn more about Yarn Ball Types or Yarn Weights and Ply!
In the photos below you can find simplified process of creating chevron pattern. This one, as well as many other interesting tutorials can be found on Claudetta Crochet YouTube channel. As you can see, we start with slip knot and foundation chain.

Chevron Stitch Crochet Tutorial

  • stills from YouTube video by Claudetta Crochet – source
By adding stitches in one place and decreasing in another, the rows start to create zig-zag pattern. That’s exactly what you need to make your own chevron! Remember, that you can use any stitch to make it – single crochet, double crochet, half double… as well as many other fantastic techniques, such as granny stitch.
Be sure not to confuse this technique with V-stitch, because it’s very different. V-stitch creates dense zig-zag by making v-shape out of individual two stitches. Chevron, on the other hand, creates big V-shapes that include multiple stitches on each side of the V.

Learn more here…

I truly recommend you seeing the full video by Claudetta Crochet on YouTube here.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns have some projects that might interest you…

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crochet roundup!

To see exactly how versatile crochet chevron can be, I chose for you many examples from talented crocheters. You will see how color changes can affect your pattern, and how you can tweak this incredibly simple technique, so that it looks rich and unique.

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Color Statement

Color can be a statement. The way it flows, the emotions it evokes – you are the one who writes the story. The examples below have a lot to say!

Rio Waves by Katya Novikova

Now that’s something different! Katya designed a skirt that looks like a high-end piece, don’t you think? The colors, graphic elements and structural details – they all add to the overall effect, which is simply stunning. You can easily use this sequence to make a blanket if you want, so keep it in mind!

You can purchase this pattern through

Chevron Blanket by Crochet by Krystle

Do you like color blocking? I’m sure I do! This structural blanket by Krystle features wide zig-zags of bright colors, but located in the outer edge of the piece! Bottom photo shows beautifully how the colors frame grey blanket. In addition, take a look at the tassels – aren’t they cute?

To make similar project, use Crochet Chevron Blanket free crochet pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts, available on

Blue Chevron Baby Blanket by Hanan Hannaway

Another beautiful crochet creation by Hanan employs four different shades of blue. They start with black and gradually turn into white, just to come back to black again. The juxtaposition of black and white is, once again, a dramatic accent that makes it look like roaring sea waves.

blue chevron blanket

This is a version of crochet pattern for Bold & Bright Chevron Baby Blanket
by Stephanie Jessica Lau, which is available for free.

Chevron Blankets by Kerryandtheboys

When going for stripy chevron, it’s good to find out what color story you are going to tell, first. Kerry chose two main colors – vibrant mustardy yellow and deep minty green, and divided them with neutrals – two shades of grey and white.

yellow, green and grey chevron blanket

If you want to make your own version of this crisp blanket, try this free crochet tutorial by Sarah Jayne Fragola on

Another fantastic blanket by Kerry is, as she called it, a “speedy one”. That’s true, because once you grasp the basic premise of your chevron pattern, you can go on with your eyes closed 🙂 This version you can see below uses interesting mix of pinks and grey.

berry and grey chevron blanket

This blanket was based on free crochet tutorial by Sarah Jayne Fragola – you can find it on

Clean and Simple

The projects you will see below use single crochet stitches and crisp chevron to create very clean look.

Chevron Baby Blanket by Crochet by Caitlyn

Sweet and subtle – these words pop up in my brain when I look at Caitlyn’s blanket. Simple stitches are an elegant way to achieve great effect, but it then focuses on the colors and the pattern. As you can see in the photo, neutrals such as white, greys and charcoal come to life with a tiny pop of yellow.

This project is based on free crochet pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts called Crochet Gold Front Loop Chevron Blanket, available on

Green Chevron Baby Blanket by Hanan Hannaway

Below you can see three fantastic versions of a popular pattern by Stephanie Jessica Lau, which were created by Hanan – very well known to my readers 😉 I love her color choices, and this one is no exception. Shades of green, grey and white create a palette soft and dramatic at the same time.

 green and grey chevron blanket

This blanket was based on free crochet pattern for Bold & Bright Chevron Baby Blanket
by Stephanie Jessica Lau. Try it out if you want to make similar project!

Blue-Brown Chevron Baby Blanket by Hanan Hannaway

Uniqueness of handmade gift can be enchanted in favorite colors of the receiver or special dedication. If you want to create a present that will be cherished for life, try adding embroidered name or initials to it, just like the one you can see in Hanan’s version below.

You may also notice, that the chevron is nicely squared on the edges – it’s a great idea for a cleaner look!

beige and blue chevron blanket

Once again, this blanket was based on free crochet pattern for Bold & Bright Chevron Baby Blanket by Stephanie Jessica Lau. It’s an easy pattern, perfect for beginners.

Let’s Spice it up!

Chevron in itself is a very regular pattern, so it’s a great idea to spice it up a little when it comes to color choices. You don’t have to go for bold and vibrant, but alternate the colors in an unexpected way!

100% Cotton Blanket by Emkat Crochet

Zig-zags AND bobbles? Yes, please! This cute pattern by Emkat Crochet is a great proposition for beginners, because it’s fun and easy to follow. I recommend you choosing at least two colors for this project, so that bobbles and stripes are nicely visible on the background.

This free crochet pattern is available on, but you must find it on the list – it’s called “100% Cotton Bobble Blanket”.

Front loop chevron blanket Version by Hanmade_crochet

Graphic patterns are one of my favorites! Whenever I see bold contrasts like the one in the pictures, I’m immediately drawn to it, because it looks so interesting! Hannah chose vibrant mustard yellow as her main color, but went for original thin stripes that beautifully showcase the zig-zaggy nature of the chevron pattern.

This project is based on free crochet pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts called Crochet Gold Front Loop Chevron Blanket, available on

Chevron Blanket by Made By Madeline

This beautiful and elegant blanket by Madeline can find itself in the most sophisticated nursery! As you can see in the picture below, she decided to introduce white only in some places, creating eye-catching pattern. Addition of white tassels is a great idea, too!

grey chevron blanket

To make a similar project, take a look at Crochet Pink Chevron Throw by Daisy Farm Crafts, which is available as free pattern on

Drops of Heaven Blanket by Made By Madeline

As I’ve mentioned before, you can add anything to your chevron and it will work! You must know what you are doing, of course, but the project by Madeline you can see below proves that chevron and bobbles go very well together.

white, yellow and grey chevron blanket

To make your own version, try this free crochet pattern for Drops of Heaven Chevron
by Madeline Kemmis.

In these versions of Drops of Heaven Blanket you can see below, Madeline explores different color choices. Row of bobbles is nicely accompanied by rows of the third color. Both pink-grey and blue versions look fantastic on plain white background.

white chevron blanket

You can find this free crochet pattern on

Gentle Zig-Zag

Depending on the style of increase and decrease, you can control how dramatic your chevron will be. Take a look at examples below, where I explored versions that use much more delicate wave.

Chevron Blanket by Sara Ratola

Oh how I love unusual color combinations! Is this one unusual? I’m not sure, but I instantly fell in love with it. Deep rusty hue is the focus point, but dusty blue-green and pink create amazing background. Sara went for delicate zig-zag pattern with ornamental openwork.

Stitched Up Chevron by Kylie Moleta

This blanket by Kylie combines two strong features – texture and color, so don’t underestimate the power of this pair! Achieving structural ripples is quite easy, but choosing the right colors is another story. Here in the pictrue you can see how nicely the hues of red and yellow look together, divided with soft creamy off-white.

You can purchase this pattern through

Serape-Style Chevron Blanket by Dear To My Art Creations

What strikes me in the photos below is not only bold color choice, but also delicate flow in which the zig-zag is creating the pattern. Subtle ‘eyelets’ in the ‘valleys’ are created on purpose by talented designer and each color is in its place.

colorful chevron blankets

To make a similar project, take a look at project by Vicki Roberts, which is available as free pattern on

Chunky Zig Zag by Made By Madeline

This delicate pastel proposition by Madeline is a great idea for a baby shower gift. Color choices are subtle enough to be gender-neutral, and pom-poms add playfulness to the project. Take a look and get inspired!

beige and green chevron blanket

You can find this crochet pattern by Sophie Minoughan on

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

When in doubt, go for rainbow – that’s an old crocheters’ proverb. The examples below explore possibilities in this vast category.

Ripple Rainbow Blanket by Stephanie van der Linden

Stephanie is a master of color, and I prove it every time, by presenting her creations. Each row of this stunning blanket is made with different color of yarn, straight from mini-skeins! If you want to make similar project, go for a color pack – many yarn producers sell them.

rainbow chevron blanket

To make a similar project, take a look at Chevron Crochet Pattern by Sarah Jayne Fragola, which is available as free pattern on

Stitched Up Chevron by Kerryandtheboys

Rainbow doesn’t have to go color by color, so take a look at this amazing blanket made by Kerry. She alternates colors in such a way, that neighboring hues are mixed up. Isn’t it cool?

rainbow chevron blanket

You can find this crochet pattern by Kylie Moleta on

Rainbow Baby Wrap by Hobbii Design

This sweet rainbow blanket you see below is actually on the border with being a wavy design. Chevron pattern is so delicate here, that you can argue if it’s not a ripple. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because this lovely rainbow couldn’t be more cute!

rainbow chevron baby blanket

You can find this free crochet pattern on

Striped Chevron Baby Blanket by Jocelyn (jocieknits)

If you are not a fan of bold designs, but want to use up leftover yarn ends, try this combination – choose one color that is the background, and introduce colorful stripes in between. Take a look at this lovely version below, which was made by Jocelyn.

colorful chevron baby blanket

You can find this free crochet pattern by RachelC. Creations on

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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  1. I love your Chevron afghans, but I need help on figuring out how to make a twin size, like 46″ by 90″. My yarn choice is I love this yarn, 252 yards, will be using size H hook. How many chains to start with, 12 up, 12 down.
    And how many skiens of yard, using 3 colors

    1. hi Virginia, I can’t tell you exact amounts, because calculating it is a little bit more complicated. I’d recommend making a gauge swatch first, so that you can see what your tension is in combination with this particular yarn and stitch. Take a look at my article about crochet swatches, and use the swatch to calculate how much yarn you need to achieve the size you want. Hope it helps!

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