bobble stitch

Bobble stitch

Bobble stitch

Otherwise known as a pompom stitch.

Similar to the popcorn and puff stitch, but not the same.

This is usually marked by a symbol which is similar to flower bud – as the curves (usually five) symbolize stitches, they have a crosspiece; meaning they are connected at the top by a crosspiece. Some differences do exist in the symbols used.

It’s very popular decorative stitch which allows one to give the piece structure and more interesting volume in a simple way. It’s an easy stitch to master as it’s based on one’s ability to make double crochet stitches. It differs from the popcorn stitch in its way of joining double crochet stitches at the top.

bobble stitch


Bobble stitch is worked on the wrong side of the crochet piece!

We yarn over the hook, insert it into the stitch of the previous row and pull it through, as though we were making double crochet. We have 3 loops on the hook. We pull the yarn only through the first 2 loops, so we have 2 loops on the hook. We do not finish this double crochet. We create a second unfinished double stitch in the same way, and through the same stitch of the row below. We repeat it until we have 5 unfinished double crochet stitches on our hook and 6 loops on the hook in total. All unfinished double crochets should be worked in the same stitch. We yarn over and pull the yarn through all loops, closing the bobble at the top. We finish it by working single crochet in the next stitch, securing the bobble this way and giving it volume – it will stick out on the right side of the piece.

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