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Today’s theme is Block Stitch! I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but it’s definitely not as popular as granny stitch. Similarity between the two is unmistakable, because both techniques use triads of double crochet. Block stitch has a lot to offer, though!

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cute alternative to granny

This stitch is in some ways very similar to granny stitch, but, of course, looks quite different. It’s simple enough, though, that beginners should find it very fun and easy to use in their projects.


You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you want, but remember that yarn weight will highly impact the final effect. You can find these informations on the yarn label, so be sure that you know how to find them! To make sure the stitch looks exactly like you want it to, I recommend you making a crochet swatch first.

As you can see in the picture, this stitch looks best when made with two or more colors, because its beauty lies in the nicely stacked blocks and little “dots” that divide them. Olivia chose pink, mint and white for her swatch – what colors will you choose?

How to make Block Stitch?

This technique uses only basic stitches, such as chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. That’s all!

To learn how to make it, check out Hopeful Honey’s free video tutorial on, or check out Meladora’s photo-tutorial and written pattern on her website

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talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. On top of that, my list of Stitch Tutorials is still growing! For example, check out my tutorial on How to Crochet V-Stitch Two Ways!

Yes! Take me to this tutorial!


Learn How to Crochet Granny Stripe Stitch with me!

Yes! Take me to this tutorial!

crochet roundup!

Whether it’s just a small swatch, or big blanket, block stitch always catches my eye. Today’s selection is full of inspiring color choices, so I hope that you will find something that sparks a light in you!

Read closely to find free crochet patterns and other useful resources, and don’t forget to check out and follow talented crocheters I featured today.

Graphic Experiments

White and Teal Blanket by Blue Sky Crochet

This color combination reminds me of the ocean, but in particular clear teal lagoons and foamy waves. Crocheter behind Blue Sky Crochet decided to use the colors in a simple single crochet border and I must admit that it was a great idea. As you can see below, this blanket would look great in many interiors, because it’s quite neutral. Maybe you’d go for a king-sized bedspread for your summer house?

Block Stitch Swatch by hook_and_chains

Creative endeavors of Laura led her to making this cute swatch, which is visible in the picture. Not only does she chose two beautiful tones of blue, but also added a pop of bright colors – yellow and pink. The “in-between” row of chains and single crochet is a great place to add contrasting yarn, because it results in this stunning dotted pattern.

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Orange and Blue Block Stitch Blanket by Yay Retro

Sometimes simple designs in fact require a bit of planning – I don’t know if that was the case with this blanket from Yay Retro, but it’s a very interesting piece! Just take a closer look at the photos below and see for yourself – there are sections where orange is used in “dots”, but after some rows it’s used as “blocks”, with blue dots between. Clever!

To make similar blanket, you can use free crochet pattern for Block Stitch Lap Blanket by See Love Share, available on

Delicate and Classic

Coffee and Cream Block Stitch Blanket by the_crofters

Delicate neutral colors are always a good idea, especially if you are not sure about your gift-receivers’ preferences. Color palette that you can see in the picture below was carefully chosen by Hazel and works great as a gender-neutral baby blanket. It looks much more interesting than classic granny stripe, right?

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Neutral Block Stitch Blankets by Blanket and the Bee

Don’t go for bright white if you want to achieve natural look, but choose off-white or beige instead. Take a look at the photos below – you will see that it is neutral and sophisticated even in combination with rainbow colors! I am in love with this concept, so if you feel inspired too, be sure to try it. Crocheter behind Blanket and the Bee created true masterpieces.

Subtle Rose Block Stitch Blanket by Rita Trafford

Romantic rosy palettes never fail to amaze me, because I feel like I rediscover them with each new project. This project by Rita feel light and lacy, so take a look at the photos and compare it with some of the other projects. Neutral base looks like grey or beige, but it’s a perfect background for the delicate colors that appear in the ‘dots’.

Vintage Rainbow Blanket by sj.crochet_

When I think about spring and summer, I gravitate towards colors of fresh flowers, such as pinks, yellows and bright greens. You can find all of these hues in Sajeda’s work presented below – organized in a lovely striped pattern. She used grey for the ‘dots’, which makes them disappear, so it’s a good idea if you don’t want to showcase them too much.

This blanket is based on Vintage Rainbow Blanket by Blue Ammonite Designs, which you can purchase on


Midnight Rainbow Block Stitch Blanket by David Abel

Now this is a true showstopper! Just take a look at this lovely rainbow blanket in the photos and try not to smile. David chose the richest color palette and turned it into fantastic blanket. What’s more, black ‘dots’ highlight the stain-glass effect and make the ‘blocks’ look very prominent. To finish his project off, David chose moss stitch for a border – lovely!

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Vintage Rainbow Blanket by misty.blue1

For those of you who prefer blankets made in the round, this square block stitch project is a way to go! You can still achieve delicate rainbow look, but this time the colors will be going out in concentric squares. Take a peek below and notice lovely scalloped edging – isn’t it cute? It looks like each scallop stands on its own chubby legs!

To make similar blanket, use free crochet pattern for Prism Block Stitch Blanket by Jess Coppom available on

Striped Rainbow Baby Blanket by Sigoni Macaroni

Now for the lovers of color here, just take a look at this juicy design by Sigoni. It’s simple – use colors for the main part of the block stitch, and leave the ‘dots’ white! As you can see, it makes wonders. I know what you are thinking, looking at the bottom photo… but hey, weaving in ends is not THAT bad, right? 😉

Rainbow Block Stitch Baby Blanket by i_totally_made_it_myself

I don’t think I’ve ever seen pastel rainbow that didn’t look good, so go for this color palette when in doubt. Crocheter behind I_totally_made_it_myself Instagram account has a lot of stunning pieces to show, but this one stole my heart! Juicy blocks are divided with white dots of single crochet stitches. Cute, but don’t forget about blocking!

To make a similar project, you can use Strawberry Shortcake Blanket pattern by Shannon Holding, because it’s available for free! You will find it on (with instructions on how to add beautiful crab stitch border!)

Rainbow Block Stitch Blanket by made_by_gina

I’ve already told you that block stitch makes it pretty easy to experiment, but this piece is a great example of that. As you can see in the photos, Gina decided to go for white blocks and introduce rainbow colors in the in-between rows, so it resulted in an inverted effect. Little colorful dots look just lovely, and plain white will fit almost every interior.

This easy stitch looks great in blankets, so consider making Block Stitch Blanket by Jo Janes, which is available as free crochet pattern on

Creative Variations on Block Stitch

Ripple Block Stitch by Sharon Murphy

We’ve got granny ripple stitch, so why not make a block stitch ripple? Sharon came up with a way to turn this clever technique into zig-zags, but that’s not all. As you can see in the photos, this stitch changes depending on the color choices for each row, so it can be plain or dotted! Possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!

This pattern is available for free on

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Doll Blanket in Block Stitch by Ally Joy

Many of us have dreamed of making colorful graphic designs that corner-to-corner (C2C) technique offers, but found it too hard to learn. Fret no more! This stunning doll blanket by Ally Joy proves that block stitch can easily replace C2C in the realm of graphgans. Who is all for it? I know I am!

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