A free crochet pattern for a baby blanket.

Blank Canvas Baby Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern

You don’t need much to make a lovely baby blanket, because its small size makes it easy to spice it up. What was I thinking when I was making it all white? Border is where I introduced colors, so that it truly looks like a blank canvas with a frame!


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This easy baby blanket is worked in its entirety with wide v-stitch, which is a variation on classic v-stitch. The eyelets make it light and breezy, but the yarn has a certain fluff and weight to it, so it’s going to be perfectly cozy for a baby.

white crochet blanket with cotton flower

Easy and quick to make

This blanket is just perfect for beginners, because you use simple stitches only. Once you get a hang of it, you will be able to go on while watching your favorite TV show! If you’ve never tried adding a border, this one is a nice place to start too.

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LEVEL – upper beginner

TERMS – standard US



  • yarn: Himalaya Everyday (100% acrylic anti-pilling) in 3 colors: white, blue and beige. The whole blanket weights around 475 g (16.75 ounces), so I used around 5 skeins of Himalaya Everyday yarn in total – one 100 g (3.53 ounces) skein has 250 meters (273 yards) of yarn in it. When looking for a substitute, go for any Aran weight yarn with similar gauge.
  • crochet hook 3 mm
  • scissors


Measurement taken after the blocking:
– without the border: 74 cm x 94 cm (29” x 37”)
– with the border: 80 cm x 100 cm (31,5” x 39,5”)

Gauge in PATTERN: 28 sts x 14 rows (in 10×10 cm = 4×4 inches with 3 mm hook)

PATTERN: *”1 hdc, 1 ch, 1 hdc” all in one stitch, skip 1* – all 3 stitches counted in the gauge.

I recommend you making a swatch first, if you want to aim for suggested measurement, so that you can check your gauge.

 detail of white baby blanket

Blank Canvas Baby Blanket


chain 105 (multiple of 2+1)

ROW 1:

chain 1, 1 sc in each stitch (105)

ROW 2:

chain 2, *skip 1, “1 hdc, 1 ch, 1 hdc” all in one stitch* x 52, 1 hdc. (105 – you don’t count 1 chain in between the hdc)


chain 2, *skip 1, ”1 hdc, 1 ch, 1 hdc” all in chain space* x 52, 1 hdc. (105 – you don’t count 1 chain in between the hdc)

Repeat row 3 until you reach the desired size, or 122 more times – that’s how many rows it took to make my version of the blanket. You can end the blanket on 1 row of single crochet stitches for the sake of symmetry.

close-up of white baby blanket

I adore the structure of this blanket, because it’s not too lacy and not too dense.

corner of a blanket with visible edging



  • the border is 3 cm (1,2”) wide. 
  • this border results in delicate rounded edges, but remember that if you want your edges to be sharp and angular, you can follow a different tutorial.

Let’s get to the pattern…

Start with the yarn color of the blanket: attach the yarn in the first stitch of short edge, but not to the corner stitch. You can start wherever you want, but be sure to keep the number of stitches right on each side.

ROW 1 – with white (Color 1)

chain 2, make 1 hdc in each stitch all around, adding 3 hdc in each corner stitch (working them all in one stitch). You should have 104 stitches in each shorter side and 122 stitches in each longer one. 

IMPORTANT! When working the top edge of your blanket, you will see that the amount of stitches is bigger than in the bottom. That’s because we were adding 1 additional stitch in between the arms of the V-stitch! To keep the right amount of stitches, you need to work it like this: 1 hdc in the stitch, 1 hdc in between the arms of the V. This way you should end up with the right amount of stitches.

Calculation goes like this:

104 hdc (short side), 3 hdc in one st (corner), 122 hdc (long side), 3 hdc in one st (corner), 104 hdc (short side), 3 hdc in one st (corner), 122 hdc (long side), 3 hdc in one st (corner). That’s 464 stitches in total.

Close with a slip stitch.

right and wrong side of blanket

ROW 2 – with blue (Color 2)

chain 1, 1 back post sc in each stitch; do not add any stitches in the corners, close with a slip stitch.

ROW 3 – with blue (Color 2)

chain 1, 1 sc in each stitch, on each corner add 2 sc in one stitch. Continue all around, close with a slip stitch.

ROW 4 – with beige (Color 3)

chain 1, 1 back loop only sc in each stitch, on each corner add 2 sc in one stitch, close with a slip stitch.

ROW 5 – with beige (Color 3)

repeat row 4.

ROW 6 – with white (Color 1)

repeat row 4.

ROW 7 – with blue (Color 2)

repeat row 4.

white blanket and cotton flower

Fasten off and secure the yarn. You’re done!

you are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now weave in all end and give your blanket a nice blocking session. You can additionally adorn it with applique, or think about other color combinations to try.


While I work hard to make sure the projects I publish are the highest quality, this pattern is untested and may contain errors. If you notice one, please let me know – I’m going to revise it and correct as soon as possible.

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