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Bean Stitch and Elizabeth Stitch (Mini Bean Stitch) Crochet Ideas

Welcome, crocheters – today’s post is all about bean stitch, which happens to have its mini sibling called elizabeth stitch, or mini bean stitch. I’ve decided to write about them both, because the way they’re done is almost identical. In this post you’ll learn the difference between the two, how they are made, and what can you use these techniques for.

As per usual, the second part of the article contains a bunch of examples and inspiring crochet patterns to use.

uniquely textured stitches

How to crochet bean stitch?

If you are familiar with other textured stitches, such as puff stitch, bobble stitch, or popcorn stitch, you won’t have any problems with bean stitch. It’s especially similar to puff stitch, because it too requires multiple yarn-overs to create the “bean”.

Particular way of placing stitches makes the “beans” lean to one side, so after a couple of rows worked back and forth, the overall pattern looks a little bit like basket weave.

To make your own bean stitch pattern, you can use any type of yarn with a corresponding hook.
PSST! Learn more about Yarn Ball Types or Yarn Weights and Ply!
There’s a lot of ways to learn these stitches, but I recommend you these tutorials:

How do Bean Stitch and Elizabeth Stitch differ from one another?

The main difference is in the size of the “bean”, or should I say “puff”, because that’s what it essentially is. While classic bean stitch requires three yarn-overs, mini bean stitch uses two – and it results in a flatter stitches.

What can I use bean stitch for?

Both of these techniques create dense fabric, so it’s perfect for blankets and winter accessories. These stitches are very ornamental, so they look great when paired with basic techniques, too.
Of course, the yarn weight and hook size of your choice will greatly affect both the look of the piece and its density, so don’t forget to swatch before undertaking a big project.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns have some projects that might interest you…

How to Crochet Puffy V-Stitch + Video!


How to Crochet Easy Puff Stitch | Video Tutorial + Written Pattern


crochet roundup!

In this part I share examples of bean stitch and elizabeth stitch to show the variety and creativity in projects. I hope that my finds will bring some inspiration and you’ll be happy to try out these techniques.

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Bean Stitch Blankets

Warm Cool Bean Stitch Blanket by Heather Hamlin
*free crochet pattern*

Heather used not one, but two Caron Cake yarns to make her fantastic blanket. Take a look below and see how nicely balanced it is with stripes of bean stitch and single crochets. The combination of warm and cool colors look truly timeless, especially because both yarns are ombre yarns and consist of other hues as well.

This is a free crochet pattern and it’s available on, or on

Puff Stripes Blanket by Created by Carolien

If you like puff stitch, this blanket by Carolien will be right up your alley! Although this blanket is made a little bit differently than classic bean stitch, the basketweave pattern is visually very similar. As you can see below, the puffs are very prominent and create very dense structure.

You can purchase this pattern through

Bean Stitch Square Ideas

Rainbow Bean Stitch Square by Crochet by Helen

Helen chose colors of the rainbow to make her bean stitch square, and I must admit that it’s very eye-catching! She used Paintbox Cotton DK yarn, which has amazingly vibrant colors – just take a look at the photo! Helen made the square to celebrate Granny Square Day 2021. What will she make this year? I’m curious!

To make similar project, use one of the tutorials mentioned in the first part of the article, or use free crochet pattern called Bean Blanket by Jessica Cooper, available on

Bean Stitch Square by Lulee’s Crochet

Did I mention that I love neutrals? If not, here it is, because I cannot get over the beautiful afghan block that’s in the photos below. Lulee used simple grey yarn for her project, but she introduced black dots in some of the “beans”. In the bottom photo you can see it among the other pieces that will together make a blanket.

To make similar project, use one of the tutorials mentioned in the first part of the article, or use free crochet tutorial available on

Elizabeth Stitch (Mini Bean Stitch) Ideas

Elizabeth Stitch Blanket by Karin

Irregular stripes make the blankets look very unpretentious, but absolutely not sloppy – there’s something magical in the organic imperfections. Karin made her blanket with Stylecraft Special DK yarn, which is highly recommended by many crocheters, especially because it’s good quality and affordable. Take a look at the photos – isn’t this pom-pom edging cute?

To make similar project, use one of the tutorials mentioned in the first part of the article, or use free crochet pattern called MiniBean Blanket by Saba Azmath, available on For a similar pom-pom edging pattern, see tutorial on

Baby Bean Baby Blanket Version by jamylyn
*free crochet pattern*

If you are not yet convinced that you can make a stunning blanket with as little as white and grey, be sure to take a look below! Crocheter behind the name jamylyn decided to make a very simple blanket based on free pattern. As you can see, simple crab stitch border is enough to make it look very neat.

This is a version of free crochet pattern by Megan Meyer called Baby Bean Baby Blanket, which is available on her blog, or you can read more about it on

Mini Bean Stitch Blanket by Anako Dekor

Striped baby blanket by Anako Dekor features two things I like the most: impeccable color palette and balanced stitch combination. In the top photo you can see that each stripe is finished off with a row of single crochet stitches, and that’s because the rows of bean stitches would be very irregular. To make a straight line you need to add a row of basic stitches – clever, right?

Bean Stitch Variations

Spill the Beans Baby Blanket by Esther Thompson
*free crochet pattern*

If with every new stitch you’re asking “can I work it in the round?”, the answer with bean stitch is – you can, and let this amazing blanket by Esther be the proof. Not only do I love the structure in the square, but I’m also amazed by this yarn! All of the colors work sooooo well with the black, or do you disagree?

This is a free crochet pattern and it’s available on, or on

Beans and Bobbles Afghan Version by OohWhatsThatYarn
*free crochet pattern*

Hey, all chevron lovers, you can now zig-zag your way though with bean stitch! Crocheter behind OohWhatsThatYarn made their own version of this classic pattern using Caron Big Cakes yarn in a stunning Honey Glazed colorway. Take a look below and see for yourself, because it’s just lovely!

This is a version of free crochet pattern by Beans & Bobbles Chevron Afghan by Jeanne Steinhilber, which is available on her blog, or you can read more about it on

Bean Ripple Blanket by Nai Nai Makes
*free crochet pattern*

I’m a big fan of Naomi’s projects, and this blanket is no exception. Regular stripes in a ripple pattern look interesting on their own, but the additon of bean stitch makes it truly spectacular! It’s easily customizable in terms of colors and style, so be sure to try it.

This is a free crochet pattern available on, so check it out!

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see, and stay tuned!

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