Arcade Stitch Ideas

Arcade Stitch Ideas

When I first saw crochet arcade stitch, and I immediately thought “I HAVE TO learn it!”. Some stitches are truly breathtaking, and surprise you with their beauty when you look at them for the first time.

This lovely technique combines geometric, repetitive pattern with lacy structure. Little eyelets are shaped evenly and make the ‘arches’ look sophisticated and bold. It’s a fantastic stitch for those of you, who need a little refreshment, something new and eye-pleasing for your next project.

This stitch requires some skills, but is easy to learn if you know basic techniques. As you can see in the pictures below, it creates nice even edge and looks great in many colors. Excited? Let’s dive in!

Arcade Stitch Crochet Projects

beautiful arches

Arcade stitch is great for home accessories, such as decorative bedspreads, blankets, and pillowcases. It may not be the best option for baby blankets, because openwork can be a trap for little fingers and toes. That said, I know that many crocheters don’t find it problematic, especially if you add a lining or pair the blanket with another light one underneath. Arcade stitch is great for mesh bags, summer garments and scarves.

How do I start?

To make your own arcade stitch project, use any type of yarn and corresponding hook you want. For this tutorial Emma used Caron Simply Soft green yarn with a 5 mm hook.
PSST! Learn more about Yarn Ball Types or Yarn Weights and Ply!
Let’s look at the picture below to see the simplified process of making arcade stitch.

arcade stitch video tutorial

  • stills from YouTube video by Potter and Bloom- source
As you can see, it all starts with slip knot and foundation chain. Each version of this stitch may require different amount of starting stitches, but in this case we chain multiple of 6 + 1, which is our turning chain. First row is already setting up the base for the arches, which are next built up in subsequent rows.
It may look intimidating at first, but in fact this stitch only requires you to know single crochet, double crochet and chain stitches.

Learn more here…

I highly recommend you watching the full video by Potter and Bloom on YouTube here, or checking out written pattern here. Just remember that Emma uses UK terms, which are slightly different than US terms.

talking about stitches…

Our growing website and library of free crochet patterns has some projects that might interest you, too. Maybe you would like to try my Puppy Baby Lovey pattern? 

Yes! Take me to this free pattern! Puppy Baby Lovey Free Crochet Pattern Revised and Updated ft


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crochet roundup!

This part is definitely my favorite, because I absolutely looove writing about colors. The more I research, the more beautiful creations I find. This time it’s all about arcade stitch, and you will see how versatile this technique can be.

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Pastels and Peaches

Arcade Stitch Baby Blanket by Little Gem Makes

Ornamental stitches almost always call for simple borders, and this blanket by Gem is no exception. Use of the same set of colors for the finishing makes the whole project look polished and complete. And how cute is this little scalloped edging? Take a look below and see for yourself!

Gem used Wool and The Gang’s pattern for Armada Sweater, which is available to buy on, but you can use any arcade stitch tutorial to make similar project.

Arcade Stitch by na2kukibg

When you look at the photos below, it’s obvious that arcade stitch is a great choice for this yarn. Author of this lovely project has tried it many times, and this one showcases the colorful nature of the artisan yarn.

Arcade Stitch in pastel colors

To make a similar project use one of the tutorials by Potter & Bloom I linked in the first part of this article. Both written pattern and video tutorial are available for free.

Arcade Stitch Baby Blanket by Ivy + Olive

I mentioned before, that many crocheters avoid lacy stitches for baby blankets, but you must admit that this peachy version by Ivy and Olive is very cute. Take a look at the photos below and see how well it works with greenery – these two colors go perfectly together.

Peachy Arcade Stitch Baby Blanket

To make your own blanket, take a look at Arcade Crochet Stitch Tutorial by Crochet’n’Create, which is available as free pattern.

Arcade Stitch Baby Blanket by Sooky La La Crochet Co.

This design looks fresh and modern, but it’s neutral enough to look great in classic vintage nursery, too. As you can see in the pictures, Sooky La La Crochet Co. chose black and white for the border. It is a fantastic finishing touch – and an easy one!

arcade stitch baby blanket with a border

Didn’t like previous video tutorial? Try this one: How to Crochet: Arcade Stitch by Wool And The Gang – it’s free on YouTube.

Arcade Stitch Blanket by Mummys_Crochet_Boutique

If you have read my previous articles on stitches, you must have already stumbled upon beautiful creations by Mummys Crochet Boutique. Her designs are truly splendid, and you can see one in the pictures below. Soft rosy palette is finished with delicate scalloped edging – romantic and beautiful.

cream and peach Arcade Stitch Blanket

Colorful and Playful

Baby Girl Blankie by Lori LeLacheur McKenna

There’s something about the colors Lori used that makes me unable to stop looking at them! In the bottom photo you can clearly see how she used mirroring to make delicate color changes. The hues slowly transition from cold to hot, to cold again.

To make a similar project use one of the tutorials by Potter & Bloom I linked in the first part of this article. Both written pattern and video tutorial are available for free.

Arcade Stitch by Gilbert Crochet

Speckled artisan yarn is so fun to work with that I’m not surprised so many crocheters are crazy about them! Here you can see Anna’s work in progress where uniform arches become a fantastic background for crazy color changes. Unexpected nature of this colorway works great with geometric nature of the stitches.

To make a similar project use one of the tutorials by Potter & Bloom I linked in the first part of this article. Both written pattern and video tutorial are available for free.

Arcade Waffle Blanket by Lindsey Dale
*free crochet pattern*

I’m totally in love with Lindsay’s project, because it combines two of my favorite stitches – arcade and waffle stitch! As you can see, this uncommon combination works very well, even though both of these techniques are quite ornamental. The best thing? You can use this border in any project you want!

This is a free crochet pattern available on and

Victorian Lady Waffle Afghan with Arcade Trim by marssie
*free crochet pattern*

Lindsey’s pattern has many fans, and one of them is marssie – the author of this stunning version! Victorian colors – purple and gold – create a truly stunning effect. Contrasting border is what makes this design so striking, so keep it in mind when making your own!

Find this free crochet pattern available on and, or see this particular version on

Tangerine Crochet Shawl by Creations Expressions

If you find arcade stitch too busy for your project, consider using it as a detail. As you can see in the photo, it will be a great way to finish off a scarf or a shawl. Why? Because it creates the most elegant scalloped edging! Crocheter behind Creations Expressions combined it with basic stitches and delicate openwork.

Arcade Stitch Blanket by Shimon Designs

Isn’t this blanket beautiful? Colorful stripes create geometric and clean pattern, but it’s still so much fun. Adding border with wide panels at the top and bottom is a great idea, because it looks sleek and nicely finished. See below how it’s done by Shimon Designs.

Rainbow Arcade Stitch Blanket

If you like arcade stitch, you will like Wheatsheaf Stitch, a.k.a Mini Arcade Stitch, too! Take a look at this free video tutorial by Hooked by Robin.

Arcade Stitch Blanket by Crafty Little Rach

Alternating colors is fun, but it’s even more fun if you use multicolored yarn. Choose ombre yarn and pair it with white, just like Crafty Little Rach did. You can see how cool it looks in the photos below.

Rainbow Arcade Stitch Blanket

To make a similar project, take a look at free tutorial for Crochet Arcade Stitch by Naztazia. She uses different color for each row, too.

Crochet Bobble Stitch by MyPicot

If simple arcade stitch is not enough for you, so what would you say to this playful version? Bobbles are added on top of each arch as you go, therefore making structural pattern. Take a look at two beautiful color versions by MyPicot.

Colorful Crochet Bobble Stitch

You can find free step-by-step tutorial for this fun stitch here.

Soft Neutrals

Arcade Stitch by Maddy with a Y and BlackSheepMade

Neutrals are always a great choice. If you are making a gift for someone you don’t know very well, or you simply can’t decide on any color, just go for neutrals. Beige or tan looks great in classic and minimalist interiors, and both Maddy and Alyssarhaye know it well! Take a look below to see their versions of arcade stitch.

Arcade Stitch in beige

To make a similar project use one of the tutorials by Potter & Bloom I linked in the first part of this article. Both written pattern and video tutorial are available for free.

Arcade Stitch by Jeanett Johnsen and Louise Jensen

Greys, oh beautiful greys. Some may think it’s boring, but I think it’s fantastic, and so are Jeanett and Louise, whose creations you can see below. Neutrals are perfect for striking geometric patterns like this one, right?

Arcade Stitch in grey

If you are looking for a project that uses light color of yarn, you may like white version of Happy Monday Arcade Top by jennyandteddy. It’s a free crochet pattern.

Sea Greens and Blues

Arcade Stitch by Fahmi Nazir

Bold solid color? Why not! Fahmi Nazir is not afraid of such decisions, and it’s great, because you can see for yourself that this color is working here. Take a peak below to admire lovely scalloped edge, too!

Arcade Stitch in green

If you’d like to try using this stitch to make a beautiful everyday accessory, check out free crochet pattern for Arcade Bag by Alison Smith.

Arcade Stitch by Steph Lewis

Ombre yarn combined with arcade stitch is one of the best ideas you can use. This stunning scarf by Steph showcases the colorway, is interesting and looks very sohpisticated – just take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself.

greean and grey Arcade Stitch

This free tutorial on How to Crochet Viaduct Stitch by Potter & Bloom gives an interesting twist on classic arcade stitch, and it’s available in both UK and US terminology.

Arcade Stitches by Lottie and Choose Joy

I absolutely love denim blue, especially in the rugged, washed out version. Both Lottie and Choose Joy decided to use these colors, and you can see below that they work beautifully. Everyday accessories in this palette will look chic and timeless, so keep it in mind for future projects.

Blue Arcade Stitch

Use any of the tutorials or written patterns I linked throughout the article to make your own version of these projects.

Arcade Stitch Baby Blanket by Mrs. H

Cuteness overload! If you take a look at the baby blanket below, you will instantly cheer up, because it looks just like blue sky. Mrs. H used electric blue to make stunning nursery addition.

Blue Arcade Stitch Baby Blanket

To create similar blanket, take a look at free pattern for Baby blanket – Cascade Stitch by Helby O. The pattern is archived, but you can still access it through Ravelry page.

Trendy Mesh Tops

Sunny Days Cotton Tee by OTH Crochet Nook

Summer is closer and closer, so you better be prepared! Mesh top like this one is a great solution for hot days at the beach, because it’s light and airy. OTH Crochet Nook’s design you can see below, use speckled white yarn – don’t you think it looks interesting?

White Arcade Stitch Top

This project is called Sunny Days Cotton Tee and you can find it as free crochet pattern here.

Armada Sweater by Wool and the Gang

As I mentioned, arcade stitch looks great in garments, because it’s eye-catching. This sweater use two colors of pink yarn and is a true statement piece – the only one you need in your wardrobe. Take a peak at the photos below, so you can decide for yourself.

Pink Arcade Stitch Sweater

You can purchase crochet kit with this pattern here. If you are looking for a long-sleeved garment that use arcade stitch, you might like Penny Arcade Jacket by Vickie Howell, which is available as free pattern.

Arcade Stitch Top by Imogen Abbot
*free video tutorial*

Arcade stitch creates lovely openwork and it’s a great choice for summer clothing! Imogen used this technique to create delicate and feminine top – with tied straps and ruffled bottom. As you can see, it looks amazing in neutral off-white, but I’m sure stronger colors will look lovely as well.

Find free video tutorial for this top on, or try using free crochet pattern called happy monday arcade top by jennyandteddy – it’s available on

Armada Sweater by Lindsey Newns

I’m not sure if Lindsey finished her sweater, but her work in progress is to die for! Beautiful sheen of the ribbon yarn makes it the perfect choice for showstopper pieces like this. Lindsey works with deep rusty red and off-white cream, but be sure to play with your favorite colors to find the combination you like best.

Lindsey used Wool and The Gang’s Armada Sweater Kit, which is available to buy on, but you can use any arcade stitch tutorial to make similar project.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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