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6 Day Kid Blanket Ideas

As you may know, I love exploring new ideas in crochet, so I’m not constricting myself to any rules! My stitch series are growing and growing, but it’s good to stir things up a little now and then. Today’s hero is one of the most popular crochet baby blanket designs with almost 1500 versions on its Ravelry page! That’s huge, but I’m not surprised – this design is easy, versatile and interesting. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, because it’s available as free pattern!

6-Day Kid Blanket by Betty McKnit, because that’s what we are talking about, was published in 2008 and since then has won the hearts of crocheters all around the world. Want to know why? 🙂 Let’s find out!

6 Day Kid Blankets

simple combinations

This crochet baby blanket proves that the strength of the most popular designs lies in their simplicity. Playful zig-zag pattern is made with two kinds of stitches – granny stitch and double crochet. That’s all! Smallest version should take 6 days to finish, but we all know that it depends heavily on your crocheting speed and other factors.

How do I start?

To make your own 6 Day Kid Blanket, you can use any type of yarn and corresponding hook you want, although most versions are made with DK or Bulky yarn. You can learn more about yarn weights in my article – Yarn Weights and Ply!
PSST! Learn more about Yarn Ball Types or Yarn Types!
There are many resources you can use when tackling this project, because there was a big demand over the years, since the pattern has been published. Betty wrote articles, tips, tricks, as well as made step-by-step videos that will help you follow through. Below you can see a simplified version of her tutorial – be sure to check it out in its entirety by following the links!

6 Day Kid Blanket Crochet Tutorial

  • stills from YouTube videos by Betty McKnit – source
As always, you need to start with a slip knot and a foundation chain, and it’s a very important part, because it will determine the width of your project. Finished size of 122 chain blanket is 36″ by 33”, so if it’s too small for you, consider calculating the base for your desired size.
Once you get how to create zig-zags with granny stitch and double crochet, you will work up this project in no time!

Learn more here…

You can find the full playlist of tutorials by Betty McKnit on YouTube here, or check out a post about this crochet baby blanket here on her blog. Ravelry page for this project is here.

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crochet roundup!

I’ve gathered the most beautiful versions of this crochet baby blanket to show you how versatile it can be. This blanket can transform depending on the colors you choose or the sequence in which they are arranged. You will see abundance of ideas for color palettes, edgings and little tricks that can make the project unique. Let’s dive in!

Read carefully for free crochet patterns and tutorials.

Pretty Contrasts

6 Day Kid Blanket Version by Melanie Crochet

This beautiful version by Melanie incorporates different hues of pink, which flow nicely in gentle waves. As you can see below, such color scheme works pretty well, because the colors come from the same family. If you are ever in doubt how to combine colors, go for gentle compositions with white to add a pop!

The main pattern for this blanket is available for free here.

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6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Hanan Hannaway

The fantastic color scheme you can see above is quite simple, but creates a strong effect. That’s because shades of green were organized in a way, which makes white stand next to the darkest hue. Dramatic juxtaposition like this looks great! Go for monochrome palettes if you are not sure how to combine different colors.

green and white 6 Day Kid Blanket

  • photos by Hanan Hannaway on Ravelry

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Hanan Hannaway

I love this crochet baby blanket by Hanan for a couple of reasons. First of all, the palette she uses remind me of sea and sand, so it brings back the best memories! Secondly, the edges of the blanket are nicely squared, which is a cool way to add a little bit of elegance to the design. Lastly, neat edging finishes the blanket off quite beautifully.

blue and beige 6-Day Kid Blanket

      • photos by Hanan Hannaway on Ravelry

As all projects presented in this article, these made by Hanan were based on free crochet pattern that is available here. If you want to square off your zig-zag edges, check out this tutorial.

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Milly’s Makes

Mustard tones and dark grey go very well together, and you can see it clearly in this creation by Milly. She used two tones of yellow and tan hues, and combined it with white and grey. Each module of the pattern is nicely visible, so if you want to create similar effect, go for this color scheme!

beige and grey 6-Day Kid Blanket

Free pattern for this blanket is available here.

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6-Day Kid Blanket Version by kayel62

Can you see that this crochet baby blanket was made with multicolored yarn? Hardly, right? Color changes are so nicely incorporated with the pattern, that it looks as if the author was changing colors section by section. Look closely, though, and you will see that it’s not the case 🙂

orange and beige 6-Day Kid Blanket

Subdued Color Stories

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Jessica McLean

There are no rules to color changes or color schemes, and this beautiful blanket by Jessica proves it right. If you don’t like symmetry, don’t go there! Stir the hues up, make one half of the blanket fully white, and let the colors mix in the other half. Works fine in black and white palettes, too!

grey and white Six Day Kid Blanket

      • photos by Jessica McLean on Ravelry

Try it for yourself and start your own journey with this project today – it’s available as free crochet pattern here.

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by NinjaFrogTales

Creating color scheme by choosing lightest and darkest color first is a good idea, because then it’s much easier to add another two medium colors to it. This lovely version by NinjaFrogTales is feminine, but deep green adds a lot of character.

colorful 6-Day Kid Blanket

Free pattern for this blanket is available here, of course.

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6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Kim Stewart Jackson

Are you a sucker for pastels? Me too! What’s more spring-inspired than pink and green combo? These colors together always remind me of delicate buds and fresh leaves, so go for it if you need a romantic palette. Squared edges and simple granny stripe edging look impressive despite its easiness.

green and pink 6-Day Kid Blanket

To square off your edges, check out this tutorial. The main pattern for this blanket is available for free here.

6 Day Kid Blanket Version by monet.crochet

Rosy, dusty pinks give a kind of vintage feeling, so if you are a fan of such style, this colorway can be perfect for you. Crocheter behind monet.crochet chose two shades of pink and combined it with white, because it’s a classic and stylish combo. Take a look at the photos below and see what you can conjure up with just three colors of yarn.

The main pattern for this blanket is available for free here.

6 Day Kid Blanket Version by Tilly Wood

When coming up with a new color palette, it’s good to consider the overall feeling you want to achieve. In this amazing version by Tilly, which you can see in the pictures below, each color plays its own role, but together they create interesting and surprising palette. This is a great color scheme for a vintage nursery, and it’s gender-neutral, so go for it no matter if you are expecting boy or a girl.

The main pattern for this blanket is available for free here.

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6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Milly’s Makes

Got a lot of leftover yarn? Great, because this project may be a way to use it up! Playing with more than 4 colors in one design can be tricky, but I’m sure you will find a way. Milly chose the most delicate color combos and added a surprises in each of them – in the top one it’s dark brown, and in the bottom one – vibrant yellow.

colorfu; 6-Day Kid Blanket

You can find this free crochet pattern here.

Cheerful Ideas for Baby Blankets

6 Day Kid Blanket Version by Sian Eirwen Baldwin

Rainbow palette is always a good idea, especially if you want to create an eye-catching blanket for a baby. Sian knew that this cheerful color scheme will look great in this pattern, so she decided to play with the order of colors, too! Take a closer look at the pictures below and notice, that she decided to introduce a new color every two rows.

The main pattern for this blanket is available for free here.

6 Day Kid Blanket Version by Suchetha K Narayan

If you are not afraid to use vibrant, bold colors, take a look at this cheerful version by Suchetha. This fun baby blanket will be a much needed pop of color in a minimalist nursery, or a treasured handmade childhood item. At this point it should be pretty obvious, but I will remind you – it’s quite easy to make, too!

The main pattern for this blanket is available for free here.

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6-Day Kid Blanket Versions by Bekki from Quirky Mama Creations

This lovely cherry blanket is one of my favorite versions of 6 Day Kid Blanket. Rows of granny stitches and double crochets are visibly divided, thanks to three shades of pink and delicate cream, but colors are not the only thing that caught my attention – just look at this elephant!

pink and white 6-Day Kid Blanket

  • photos by Bekki from Quirky Mama Creations on Ravelry

Adding applique to baby blankets is a great idea, and Bekki definitely knows how to do it. Her creations are beautiful examples of how to combine colors and shapes together.

In case you were wondering, this cute elephant can be found in Zoo Animals Collection by Jen Mitchell – Nella’s Cottage. You can purchase it for a small fee.

Another two examples of Bekki’s great usage of applique feature a skunk and a unicorn. In the top photo you can see a fun way of changing colors, which users called “a snowflake effect”. If you change the colors between the rows of granny stitches, you achieve a fun scalloped look!

 colorful Skunk 6-Day Kid Blanket

  • photos by Bekki from Quirky Mama Creations on Ravelry: top, bottom

Free crochet pattern for the blanket is here. If you want to use the applique presented above, purchase it here: Boho Skunk and Wild Boho Unicorn – both designed by Jen Mitchell of Nella’s Cottage.

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Marfanical (Abbey)

A fun way to create really unexpected color flow is to alternate two multicolored yarns. It works really beautifully if you want to achieve complex color changes. Another way to achieve that is to choose a colorway that is like a rainbow – this version by Abbey is a great example.

 colorful 6-Day Kid Blanket

You can find this free crochet pattern here.

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6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Alison Hayton

“Snowflake effect” that I mentioned earlier, is nicely visible in this project. One stripe of color begins and ends in granny stitch row, creating fun patterns. Alison chose simple red edging, and I must say that it works great with these cheerful colors.

colorful 6-Day Kid Blanket

Pattern for the blanket is available for free here.

Pom-pom edgings? Yes, please!

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by Umm Ilyas

Edging is the last step on the way to creating lovely baby blanket, and it’s one of the most important steps! This blanket combines simple stitches with openwork of granny, so pom-pom edging fits here naturally. It mimics the clusters of granny stitch and looks great.

colorful 6-Day Kid Blanket

To create your own pom-pom edging, check out free pattern for Pom Pom Edge by Robin Sanchez. Free blanket pattern is here.

6-Day Kid Blanket Version by May’s Handmade Crochet

Fun popcorn edging is a cute and easy way to add playfulness to your baby blanket. In this case pastel pink works great when combined with the outermost colors. This palette works great for baby girls, but also for elegant women’s bedroom.

burgundy and pink 6-Day Kid Blanket

This free pattern for Snowball Throw by Rohn Strong has an interesting pom-pom edging you can use. 6 Day Kid Blanket pattern is available for free here.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hello….I am looking for the 6 day kids blanket pattern that was made by Kim Stewart Jackson. When I click on the picture, I am shown every blanket BUT this one! I particularly like the edging and was wondering how I can get it. All the ads and patterns are just confusing to me! Thank you! Felicia!

    1. hi Felicia! All versions presented in this article are based on the same original pattern by Betty McKnit. Kim Stewart Jackson’s version has a beautiful edging, but I don’t have a pattern for it – each version presented here is slightly different from the original. Under the photo of Kim’s blanket you will find a link to her Instagram page, as well as links to the exact photos shown in my article. Please contact her directly for more info 🙂

    2. Hi Felicia,

      I too was looking for this blanket because I wanted to do the same edging. Kim’s instagram page has some pictures but no instructions. Were you able to contact Kim for information on how she did the edging?


  2. Thank you so very much for allowing us to use your patterns! I love the displays of various color combinations, which makes it much easier for me to decide which colors to use. I am just getting my yarn together to make this beautiful blanket for a baby. Thank you again for sharing.

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