Free crochet heart pattern.

15 Minute Heart Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Today I will show you how to make this easy little crochet heart. It works up really fast once you get a hang of it, so don’t wait and try it today. My best is 11 minutes, but I’m sure you can beat me! You can use it as an applique, decoration, or as a cute addition to a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Below you will find video tutorials, a written pattern for this project, and a diagram. Let’s get to it!


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Are you a visual learner?

Video Tutorial for Right-Handed Crocheters

Video Tutorial for Left-Handed Crocheters

And when you’re done…

…be sure to see my video about how I block and stiffen flat crochet pieces:

Few words on the project

This pattern is easy enough for beginners to follow, and it uses various basic stitches, so it’s a great way to practice them. It includes picots, too, so it’s a good way to learn it. I explain how to make it in my video, so head there if you need it!

In the video tutorial, I used Gazzal Giza yarn, which is 100% mercerized cotton, but you can use any yarn you want, and for the photos, I used Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn in five colors:

  • 252 – Watermelon
  • 398 – Colonial Rose
  • 409 – Soft Rose
  • 523 – Peach
  • 520 – Lavender

Learn more about yarn types in my Yarn 101 Series of articles, or check out cool projects in my article about Heart Stitch Ideas.

You can join these hearts with a string and make a garland, or add them to Valentine’s Day gifts.



LEVEL – beginner

TERMS – standard US

  • yarn: any yarn with a corresponding hook will be good! I used Scheepjes Catona
  • crochet hook: size of the hook should be adjusted to the yarn you use! I used 3 mm.
  • scissors
  • crochet heart height: 5 cm (~2″) with Scheepjes Catona yarn + 3 mm crochet hook
  • remember that your yarn weight of choice, hook size and crocheting style can affect the final size of the ornament, as well as blocking and stiffening.

adjustable ring


9 sc into the ring, close with a slip stitch and tighten the ring. 

The place of the slip stitch will be referred to as “the middle”.


chain 3, 1 tr into the same stitch, 2 tr in one st, *2 dc in one st* x2, *1 tr, picot, 1 tr* all in one st, *2 dc in one st* x2, 2 tr in one st, 1 tr, 3 ch, 1 sl st in the middle.


1 sl st in each chain of the turning chain in the previous round, 2 ch. 

Now work between the stitches:

1 dc, *2 dc in one st* x 3, 4 dc, 1 dc in the space between the trebles, 3 sc into the picot loop, 1 dc in the space between the trebles, 4 dc, *2 dc in one st* x 3, 1 dc, 2 ch, 2 sl st in chain stitches (the last chain-3 of round 2), 1 sl st in the middle.

Fasten off, secure the yarn, and block or stiffen your crochet heart if you like! I like to tie the ends of the yarns in the back, but you can weave in the ends using any method you like. 

you are done!

And that’s all – your little crochet heart is ready, so enjoy it! You can use it as an applique, or join a bunch of them together with a piece of string to make a garland. Such decor will be great not only for Valentines’ Day, but also for birthday celebrations or baby showers.

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If you happen to make this project, I would love to see it, so don’t hesitate to contact me! Please feel free to share the results with us in the comments or on social media. Of course, if you find any mistakes in the pattern or find it hard to understand, please let me know, so I can learn and improve!

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  1. Hvala sto dijelite vas talent sa nama koji zelimo da naucimo,meni puno znaci jer imam Parkinsona, a rucni rad mi daje samopouzdanje i volju da pobijedim bolest.🤗🙏

  2. Hi, I have been chocheting for over fifty years. It is my favorite craft, I have taught for Parks and Rec for 20 years, as well as the craft shop that i worked at. I keep seeing this on most patterns. You are done now. Sew in the ends. I have a much better way. It will free up your time. When I make a piece I always leave a tail of about 1 to 2 inches. When joining 2 together I lay my tails next to one of the finished pieces. I Pick up a stitch from one piece , make sure the tails is are in the middle , go to second piece and pick up a stitch. continue into every stich of both pieces until you have finished the article. It takes a little practise, but less time.

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